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Thank you for taking the time to read my story, true, and changed my life for ever. My father and I were, and are, part of a divorced parents group that would take part in activities on the weekends. Softball, bowling, but most of all, camping. We were scheduled to visit Three Links campground located in WiMuk California. This campground, being known for a nice weekend getaway, is also known for it's rich history of the MiWuk Native Americans that lived in the area many years before.

I was 15 or 16 years old when my experience took place, I am in my early 30's now.

My father and I arrived on a Friday morning and had set up our tents, cooked lunch and went our separate ways for the day, to reunite that evening and have a gathering around the fire with the rest of the campers.

I had met up with a couple other kids my age and hiked south to an area of the campground that was completely flat and and devoid of any foliage or vegetation. It was bizarre to see for a split second, but soon turned to the perfect football field. Thinking nothing more of it we finished up our play near dusk and were headed back to the main camp.

As the sun fell, dark clouds rolled in. Before we knew it, all of us were trying to salvage our food and keep the pouring rain out of our tents.

One of our more outgoing members, an adult, had spoken with the camp director who allowed us as a group to spend the remainder of the night in the group meeting facility located on premises.

Having now been assured a decent night of dry sleep, we had all settled in (on the floor) to sleep for the night. We weren't in the meeting facility more than a couple of hours before a woman in the group started whispering about a "feeling" she was getting. She was talking about a benevolent presence. Apparently she was picking up something. I was a staunch skeptic even at the age of 15. The woman stood up and walked to the front door of the room and opened the door. She stood there for a minute, mouth agape, as we all started to make our way to where she was standing to see for ourselves.

At this point we were all standing on the wrap around deck to the large wood building. Looking far onto the dirt walk below, the woman began describing a figure moving toward us on the walk. After a minute of looking through the downpour I saw what looked like a silhouette of a tall man walking up the path. I could not see a face or any defining features, just as what I can best describe as a slight distortion in the falling rain. There was a large flood light that illuminated from about fifty yards across the way, attached high in a tree. This did not seem to make it any easier to see the apparition.

The figure eventually stopped just before the front stoop of the meeting room deck and just stood there for what seemed like for ever, but was more than likely a minute or so before becoming completely unseen.

After the experience, the group retreated to the warmth of the big hall and silently went to sleep. Nobody really talked about it for a while, I can only assume that it may have been fear of divulging what may have been a group psychosis. After a little time had passed and a couple of camping trips later, the group that was there talked about the experience a little more. The woman who had claimed that she had the "feeling" had apparently, in the subsequent months, done more research into the history of the area and found that there was a burial ground near by. Whether this has anything to do with our experience is still unknown to me, as I have done a little research of my own to no avail. There are not very many resources to historical information in the area.

Currently, I have become consumed with the study of, and attempt to capture evidence of the world beyond. Even as far as to purchase the laptop I am writing on now, EVP recorders, cameras and sound software.

I have had a couple strange experiences since that night, but none as personal or vivid in my memory.

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Katona1700s (8 stories) (168 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-18)
Dear Jason,

I have had experiences with Indians since I was little. I always have some sort of feeling when the spirit of Natives are near. Including that I am an Indian myself I've also sensed my dead relatives. Being thirteen will bring more and more experience with the Paranormal wether my family likes it or not.
Abby (710 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-12)
Dear Jason,

It is quite possible you may have had your first paranormal experience and ghost or spirit visitor. If what you say of the history of the area being a Native American burial grounds, it is quite possible that your visitor could have been Native American. The United States did belong to the Native Americans who once walked this great mother earth in greater numbers than today. There are many places that could be known or unknown Native American burial grounds or once their living and hunting grounds. Any land can hold the imprint of human beings who came before, lived and died on the beautiful land.

Thank you for submitting your story, and I appreciated reading it.--Abby

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