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The Questionable CA Case: Demon, Poltergeist or Mental Instability?


I have always been a curious creature. I joined the Ordo Rosae Crucis (AMORC) aka the Rosicrucians to better understand secret societies. When I was going to college, I did a book report on cults like the Hare Krishna, Peoples' Temple, Church of Scientology and even the Church of Satan, by actually visiting these cults and talking with the members of these cults. Of course, I got an A in Sociology for actually doing my own personal investigations of these cults. The funny thing is that the Church of Scientology and the Church of Satan actually asked me to leave, because I was counteracting everything they were saying and it angered them. As a ghost writer and paranormal investigator for P.I.T. (Paranormal Investigation Team). I want to better understand ghosts, spirits, poltergeist activity, demons, residual hauntings. How can I do this? Easy, by learning firsthand though a professional outfit like PIT. Today, I will learn a lot. Tonight Johnny Walker, who will lead this investigation gathered the team of Michelle Leonard, Technical Operator/Paranormal Investigator/Spiritual Guide; Florence Kawamoto, President/Team Leader and of course yours truly Apaullo Adalere Robertson, Writer/Paranormal Investigator. The day is April 26, 2007, Friday. The location is: California. Residence will remain confidential and the occupants of the home will only be referred to as Male Occupant 1 and Female Occupant 2. Let's get on with this bizarre story, as you will find out as you continue with this article.

Johnny Walker interviewed Female Occupant 2. Age 18. She makes the following claims, that late at night she saw a full body apparition, a dark figure in her kitchen. The entity played with her hair. The entity scratched her leg in two different areas of her legs and she showed us the scratches. One of the scratches looked like it read "V1". She claims that the entity has been felt in the computer room and in the bathroom, where it is being remodeled. She even said that when she saw the entity that it disappeared in her bathroom and went into a hole into the basement. She says that last Saturday in the morning, she saw a child ghostly figure, that had no face, but she was able to distinguish a main outline of what appeared to be a child. Another night, she woke up in a cold sweat and felt something hovering over her. Last Wednesday around 8pm she saw a huge black shadow and the shadowy entity gave off the presence of evil. When she saw this entity, she ran outside to the car where her boyfriend (Male Occupant 1) was and she was scared to death. Two different times she saw a shadowy outline of a man peering out of the bedroom window. The outline of the peering window entity had a glowing outline, but was solid black. When the entity played with her hair by pulling it, she received up to 3 scratches right afterwards. She even received scratches on her back. Once she had a mysterious black line on her leg, that later disappeared. She also has received pain on the back of her legs. When she almost called a preacher to bless the house, the entity grabbed her arm as if trying to stop her. She says that at one time she was heavily involved with the Wicca culture, dabbled in black magic, did incantations and played with Ouija Boards. Right now, she is not involved in the Wicca culture. She said that she had a miscarriage and it occurred in this house.

Male Occupant 1. Age 40. Has (OCD) obsessive compulsive disorder for abnormal collecting. In layman terms, he is a pack rat. All throughout the house, there were newspapers and magazines piled up almost to the ceiling, tons of video games piled up, garbage, rotten meat, half eaten cookies, carefully collected and wrapped Snicker bar wrappers and other garbage that anyone in their right mind would throw away. The house is a safety hazard. The home belongs to Male Occupant 1 and he has been living in filth for quite a long time. I was absolutely appalled when I stepped into the home. We could barely walk through the house, because there was so much garbage all over. Female Occupant 2 is 18 years old, but has the mentality of a 12 year old. The PIT team thought since she dabbled with black magic and once played with an Ouija Board, that she could have brought a demon into her home. Michelle, playing the role of a demonologist (something she is not fond of) threw out holy water on all corners of each room and on all entrances. While doing this she said prayers out loud attempting to dispel any demon entity. I walked around with either a video camera or temperature gauge, some areas I would point to, would go up as high as 106, then back to normal 64. When the occupants left the home for 30 minutes, Michelle blessed the house, she was equipped with crucifixes, holy water and sage. During our investigation, we had the following experiences. Florence and I smelled the distinct smell of smoke in the computer room and later the front doorway. As fast as the smell came, it went away. Michelle felt like someone touched her hair. We were trying to determine if a bag in the kitchen area moved on its own accord, we were undetermined if this actually occurred. What is odd about this home, is that there is no toilet, the occupants have to leave their home to utilize a public bathroom. As we continued doing out investigation, books fell over. Our solutions to the smell of smoke, was that perhaps we were smelling the garbage around the house. Florence and I both agree it was the smell of smoke, but then again... You never know. Since there is so much garbage in this home, could it be that Female Occupant 2 scratched her leg due to bumping into the garbage around her home? Could Female Occupant 2 subconsciously be wanting to leave this home, because her boyfriend has a pack rat syndrome and she can't live in these filthy conditions? Perhaps the books fell to the floor on their own accord, due to the vibrations received when we walked by?

Johnny theorized that perhaps Female Occupant 2 at the border age of 18, could be experiencing poltergeist activity that her own person is projecting. Poltergeist activity usually occurs when a young child is going through puberty and the energy that is bottled up inside their persona is released causing tapping & knocking sounds on walls, books flying off shelves, cabinets opening and closing. Female Occupant 2 showed no signs of maturity and talked as if she was a little girl. She claims only 4 years ago, she would witness objects flying around.

As Johnny briefed the couple on what the possibilities were, Female Occupant 2 became quite emotional, she became defensive in her words towards Johnny. She felt that we were blaming her for the activity and that we thought it was her imagination. The PIT team left the residence feeling sadness, that this house is in such a disarray and that these two live under these conditions and seem unconcerned about it. How sad, that when they need to utilize the restroom, they must actually get in their car and go somewhere. When I looked into the basement hole in the bathroom, I saw a big black rat with a long tail. When seeing this, it depressed me. Michele did a 'hedge of protection' prayer around Female Occupant 2. We held hands and said the prayer with Michele leading, just in case there is demonic activity. When we left we noticed that this whole neighborhood has black rabbits roaming the neighborhood yards. Someone long ago released some pet rabbits and the rabbits have multiplied and roam from house to house. The neighborhood has accepted the rabbits as part of their neighborhood family.

As we drove back to home, we talked about the investigation and how we were all horrified about the experience. We were all saddened and we struggled to find other source of humor to bring our spirits back up. Before long, we discussed on how another investigation that Kathy, leading a group came across a big white stuffed rabbit and let out a blood curdling scream, because she thought the maniacal stuffed rabbit was some sort of entity. We had a good laugh. Then we discussed on investigating UFO sighting claims near and around Mt. Shasta. We are not limited to ghosts, spirits and whatnot. We are PIT investigators. We investigate anything paranormal. I explained to the group my experiences at Mt. Shasta. They were game. As we drove by a sign that read "Lake Berryessa", we discussed the Zodiac killings and how Zodiac terrorized the couple at Lake Berryessa, stabbing both of them and how the girl died. When we got to the toll booth, we left the money in the trunk, causing the drivers behind us some irritation that lead to some horn honking and one driver flipping us off. We made a pit stop at a gas station only to see a man being slapped up to 16 times by his drunk girlfriend and he took it like a man. We got in the car and busted up laughing, because it was such a comical sight. We were back in good spirits. Hey, we're PIT! Now at this point, I am going to let ----- take over the article, she can explain if there are any findings and the conclusion to this strange and bizarre investigation. An investigation into madness.

PIT- Zero findings.

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Flutterofwings (13 stories) (428 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-06)
It sounds like there was a lot of energy being used by the demonds or what ever was in there. As demonds feed on fear. And sounded like the female may of wanted to get out of there, and the male kept her like a prisoner or something... Did you ever go back there to see again anything?
FinanceMajor (1 stories) (64 posts)
16 years ago (2007-12-31)
This is a very difficult situation because there are so many variables. Did you feel uneasy? I noticed you said temperatures ranged from 64 to 106 there is something going on in this picture. From what I understand Evil that are stronger than ghosts or spirits give off heat and high temperatures. The instability in this household could be giving more energy to the spirits than normal, then in fact you would need to do another Investigation, perhaps with Clergy-men.
Abby (710 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-12)
Dear Apaullo Adalere Robertson,

Thank you for reporting and sharing your group's investigation. This story made my stomach do a flip flop. I don't know if they just need to remove a demon or have social services and a psychiatrist come in, as well as Merry Maids (a cleaning service with a bulldozer and backhoe). This place and the residents sounded like all had reached their most chaotic, depressing and lowest level and point in their lives. I don't foresee things changing until there is more active help, and the residents really want to take responsibility and make active changes for themselves. I'll send prayers their way.

Please continue to keep myself and others here on this site posted about more of your group's investigations. May you and yours be save and always protected.--Abby
Lexiluca (8 stories) (78 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-11)
This is strange. I look forward to hearing more from you. Reading, I mean.

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