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Name Written In The Paint


My Daughter is opening a nursery in Surrey and we have been busy painting and decorating for the last 3 months.

When in the hall I always feel that someone is watching me from the top of the staircase and even though I have a T shirt, hoody, fleece and bodywarmer on I feel icy cold and it feels as if some is pouring something really cold down my back.

The other Sunday myself and my husband had to leave early and I left my daughter painting the toilets. When she turned round it looked liked someone had scratched a line in the paint so she painted over it thinking she has scratched the wall and she carried on painting the opposite wall, again she turned round to find this time lines and circles on the wall. By this time she was begining to feel very uneasy. She painted over this again and asked her friend to stay in there with her for a while. After 30 minutes her friend left to carry on with other jobs and my daughter carried on painting, this time when she turned around my name was written in the paint on the wall.

I spent an hour on my own in the hall yesterday and I felt very uneasy, the noises I could hear were not the normal creaks that you hear but bangs and if someone was moving about.

I have seen ghost before on quite a few occassions, and have experienced things being moved in front of me and I have actually been pushed by a ghost while doing a cleaning job but I have never experienced writing on a wall before. I am also sure that I have a ghost in my house.

Is the writing on the wall a warning?

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hurtlove (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-07-07)
u should geta a parnomarl them or something down their because I knwo when I was in 5 grade and in the school bathroom my name keep being craved into the wall and later afher that I got thouch and stuff in the schools locker room so it could be warning or just nothing 🤔
aman_yooo (17 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-27)
This is seriously creepy, you should have the house blessed. If this is a nusery for your kids then I hope they are safe now and there is nothing evil or paranormal there which can scare them.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-26)
Buttercup, that wouldve been a sight to see and no doubt it would have been unnerving at the same time. I feel it would be wise to keep a close eye on things in the near future within the new nursery. Something there has got your daughters attention now and no doubt would like to keep it that way. I'm not saying that whatever it is is negative I just think it would be very wise to keep an eye on what transpires over the course of the renovating!
A look in to the history of the place wouldn't hurt either, may shed some light on it. Please keep us updated.

Thank you for sharing.

Buttercup49 (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-24)
I have never experimented with a spirit board as I have been led to believe these are evil spirits. I have now been informed that their is a male spirit who stands at the top of the stair case. We have been looking at the photos that have been taken at the Nursery while decorating (Babies & Toddlers) and I have loads of orbs around me.

If I do have the gift I would really like to be able to use it. 😊
Argette (guest)
10 years ago (2012-03-22)
Yikes! Writing on the wall makes me think of the Borley Rectory ghost, which you are probably familiar with. I would find this as scary as noises and sights!

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roseinbloom (4 stories) (117 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-22)
Hello Buttercup. Thank you for sharing your story, with us. As for why this may have happened, I think that you may be somewhat of a medium, and be unaware of this gift. The way you've said that you've seen ghost in the past, and had various experiences with the paranormal, could be proof of your untried powers.
However, I have a question. Have you experimented with a spirit board? Sometimes that will open a door, to the spirit world and start these type of occurances with the experimenter. (is that a word?) lol
In any event, for some reason, spirits now feel that you are, "open" for communication with them. Hence, maybe, why your name was written on the wall. There may be a spirit that resides in the nursery, and wants to let you know it's there.
It's probably the reason, you've had prior paranormal experiences. If this is true, you may want to learn how to harness this gift and use it. If not, well maybe others on this site may have some good ideas.
In any event, I hope things go well with you and your loved ones.
❤ ❤ ❤
nyuboom (1 stories) (28 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-22)
I think that any ghost can pick up a name if it hears it. I also believe that this ghost is just trying to freak you out. Ignore the signs and don't talk about it much because that's what it wants. Be cautious because if you let it know you fear it, it'll become worse.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3326 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-03-21)
Buttercup: The term "writing on the wall" comes from the Bible, the Book of Daniel, in which the story is told of how Belshazzar (king of Babylon) witnessed a supernatural hand writing on the wall... No one could interpret the writing except Daniel (the writing foretold the downfall of Babylon and the king's demise)...Through the many translations of the text, the term "see the HAND writing on the wall" has become "see the handwriting on the wall"...Belshazzar was more fearful of the vision of the hand WRITING than he was of what the hand wrote 😆...

Okay, but I don't think the appearance of your name on the wall is anything to worry about... It may just be a spirit letting you know they know who you are, and perhaps need help from you...Also, is this a nursery for plants kind of nursery or for babies?...Dumb question I know! 😆

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