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My parents, my brother, my husband, our two children and I were staying in a holiday cottage in North Wales - it was a 16th Century Drovers Inn that had been converted to a holiday let. We arrived and I took my then 14-month-old daughter upstairs to change her.

The building looked very old and the floors were all uneven and doorways were low and it had lots of old beams. So many of the original features of the building were still in place. The upstairs was divided into 3 rooms. In the middle was a large room with 3 single beds in. I laid my daughter on one of the beds and put her shoes on the dresser to the side of me. I then felt something hit the back of my leg and turned around to find one of her shoes behind me! It couldn't have fallen off the dresser as it was to the side of me about 3 feet away and would have had to fall diagonally to hit me.

I didn't really feel scared so carried on and went downstairs. My family was still going in and out from the cars, unpacking our luggage and nobody had gone upstairs yet apart from me and my daughter. I explained what had happened to my family and they all dismissed it and tried to think of logical explanations for what had happened. But I can't see one myself.

The room did have the feeling of being watched about it, but it didn't feel uneasy or scary in any way.

Later in the evening I was reading the guest books filled out by previous holiday makers who stayed there -- and quite often ghosts were mentioned having moved things around the house.

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Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4998 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-03-31)
TinyTinker - thanks for sharing your story with us. I enjoyed it. Are you comfortable sharing some of the things other guests mentioned happened to them, if you remember?
Argette (guest)
10 years ago (2012-03-30)
Wow. I've always wanted to rent an old cottage in the UK, but I've never counted on getting ghosts in the bargain.

Disconcerting incident, certainly. Perhaps former residents don't like all the comings and goings and want to make sure short-term tenants know who is really in charge?

Thank you for posting.

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