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Late Night Ordeal At Spooky Spot


I had previously shared a story about my colleague Hemant and his ghostly encounter with a phantom apparition. This story does not relate to that and is my first-hand experience, but Hemant was involved here as well.

As mentioned previously Hemant stays in Kalyan, which is a far-flung suburb of Mumbai. It is not a city, but a town and there are several villages at short distances from this place. We frequently go to a farm-house in one of these villages called "Dahagaon" on weekends to unwind and relax. Since we go there directly from our workplace on Saturday evenings and have a brief stop-over at Hemant's house, it is quite late by the time we reach the farmhouse.

During one such visit, we had made arrangements for things such as liquor, snacks and food from Kalyan and set out to reach the farmhouse at 9 PM. We were a group of 9 guys on 5 motorcycles and by the time we reached the outskirts of Kalyan, it had started raining heavily. It was a sudden downpour, which caught us unawares as the monsoon season had ended some days ago.

We took refuge at a sweetmeat shop and had a few glasses of lassi (sweetened & flavoured yogurt) to buoy our flagging spirits. Though we were thoroughly drenched, we were also carrying a change of clothes each and were looking forward to reaching the guest-house, drying off, changing into dry clothes and indulging our ravenous appetites.

After raining heavily for the better part of an hour, it changed into a light drizzle and we decided to continue on. The roads were slick with running rain water and we had to drive slowly to keep our balance.

Once we left the town, the number of electric poles illuminating our way decreased considerably and the terrain became uneven, because it is a hilly place. The road, though quite broad and well-paved, was slippery with dips and inclines as it led further in the hills towards the villages. One of our friends, Meghnath who was riding alone, was an inexperienced biker and was having problems keeping his bike steady at such a slow pace, so every now and then we would stop for him to catch up.

It was almost 11 PM now and the road was pitch dark though there were few vehicles coming and going in both directions. For a city-bred person, it is difficult to describe the experience when you go to such rural places, where there is little or no illumination on the road. To both sides of us stretched fields as far as the eyes could make out. The road ahead of us was well-illuminated by the headlights of our bikes. But to get the true feel of the situation you had only to look back as sheer darkness reclaimed the space where you had just passed and it is enough to give you goose-bumps!

Finally we came across a bridge over a river which we had to cross to get to the other side. Now the river banks just below the bridge are said to be an ideal place for people practicing black magic and aghoris (wandering ascetics). My friend Hemant had narrated his own experiences of black magic at this very spot (that is a separate story) and it is said that vehicles frequently break down for no reason, while crossing the bridge. So naturally we were in a hurry to cross this spot quickly.

Two of the bikes, with four of my friends, had gone ahead of us and I was on the third bike riding pillion with a friend. When we were approximately 50 paces from the bridge, we had to stop as Meghnath who was riding well behind us was again facing problems. The fourth bike containing two of my friends, including Hemant stopped to help him and they were 50 feet behind us.

I was chatting with my friend and we were frequently glancing back, where we could see the headlights of the two bikes at some distance away. Then we stopped looking back and were engaged in some discussion for 4-5 minutes. Then we looked back again to see what our friends were doing and our hearts jumped into our throats, at what we saw - there was no sign of those two bikes and our three friends!

We were flabbergasted and blinked our eyes several times to convince us that our friends had not just disappeared in thin air with their bikes. Then slowly we turned around and reached the spot where they were standing a few minutes ago, but found no indication as to where they had gone.

We were scared now and were considering going back to the town to get some help in searching for our friends, when we remembered that four of our friends had crossed the bridge and we should also inform them about the disappearance. So we decided to continue ahead though we were spooked out completely.

We crossed the bridge safely without any incident and were astounded to see all four bikes with our friends waiting for us on the other side. Our surprise increased when Hemant told us that he and Meghnath had passed us and waved us on, but somehow we seemed to have failed to notice them. Nevertheless, we were relieved and continued our journey reaching the guest-house at about 12:30 in the night.

When I returned back the next day, I narrated the whole incident to my extremely superstitious wife, who told me that it definitely was a paranormal experience and we did the right thing by not returning back at that time. She said that you are supposed to proceed ahead quickly in case of such events and not linger at that place or turn back OR some evil will befall you.

A more rational explanation would be that we were engrossed in our discussion and did not notice our friends due to the rain and darkness when they passed us. But it is difficult to believe this explanation as two bikes make a lot of noise and Hemant was wearing a bright yellow shirt which would have been clearly visible when he passed so near by us. Was there really some evil at that spot which tried to trick us into believing that our friends had disappeared and what would have been our fate if we had turned back that day?

In my experience very few incidents are so blatantly supernatural that we have no choice but to accept the existence of other worldly spirits. Most paranormal incidents also have a rational aspect to it and it is up to each individual which explanation he or she wants to believe. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me.

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WiniPu4 (207 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-20)
Hi, D:
I know your story has been up a while, but I just read it.
I have read so many similar stories from your country (and some others) about how turning back or even turning your face around to look can expose one to dangerous entities. After reading so many independent stories, I have come to believe that this can happen. It seems they somehow lure one in.
I'm assuming your story "Encounter With Jinns" is the black magic story that you were referring to in the comments. I enjoy your stories very much and would love to read more if you have some.
I think you should write your book. You don't have to make it a big deal; just write a little now & then adding to it when you can. Just be sure to save it to the original document each time. You don't have to be a professional writer; that's what editors are for. There may be a journalism student who is willing to do it inexpensively for you when you're done.
coolbewafa (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-03)
The bridge you mentioned is may be the one after the huge cattle shed (nr. Panjrapol something). Even I have heard that place is unsafe at due to such paranormal encounters and robberies. My dad has forbidden to use that road after nightfall (our farmhouse is also on the same route, but far-off). You were really lucky. I have friends from nearby village and they have said that many have lost their lives at bridge when it floods during monsoon, excluding suicides. I used to just read stories from this site on my mobile, but because of your story I registered so that I can comment. Excuse me for the absurd username 😁
ghosthunter9876 (67 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-24)
Since you have said that your wife said it was good you never went back. I too will tell you what it means, Any evil entity is weaker than humans and helpless before God so what the entity does is try to confuse you or tempt you so that in a state of confusion or temptation you fall prey to it's tricks. But always remember that every aspect of human beings life including death is in God's hands. It is God who is our Master and Protector. As long as we believe and trust in God these evil entities are mere useless things before us.
discerninguser (6 stories) (82 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-11)
Javelina...sure I read your story even before you mentioned it... Very surreal and fascinating account... When I was reading it, I imagined you have entered another plane or dimension, but in the end the explanation that you have given was mind-blowing!

Tried posting another true story about black magic at the same spot (bridge), but my story was rejected without giving any reason... Maybe it was too well written, the editor thought it was fiction (but it was real) lol...
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-09)
Well, I gave it my best hun. Now that it's been looked at from all sides, I have to say that it was a very creepy stretch of road you guys were traveling. Whatever caused it to happen is a complete mystery to me.
However, I do know how you feel. Have you read my experience "Spiritual Hitch Hiker"? It has nothing to do with cars. But sometimes the roads can really mess with your head.

Jav 😊
discerninguser (6 stories) (82 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-09)
Thanks for the compliments friends... Am happy that I was able to create such a vivid picture in your minds... Which was my objective...

Have always wanted to be the author of a book... But lack the confidence to undertake such a huge task... Your remarks has given me confidence and someday I just might... 😁

Javelina, thanks for the very detailed explanation about air pressure and its effect on the hearing ability. What you are saying is very plausible. However the terrain levels off about couple of kilometer before that particular spot, still it is an intriguing possibility.
Mannerizms (10 stories) (172 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-09)
Very Scary! But thank you for sharing, I think it could have been a mix of both, trick of the eye and interesting conversation.

Stay Safe ❤
Morticia1 (6 stories) (162 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-07)
discerninguser another well written account, felt like I was there with you 😊
Wyvern_ruthless (guest)
12 years ago (2012-04-06)
Awesome, am from eastern india (shillong) and loved your story.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-06)
Nicely written account. I was feeling as though I too was riding along the road with all of you. And this does seem like a very spooky ride for anyone not used to the terrain.
There is one thing that I can think of that may have had an effect on your hearing the other bike if it had passed by you the way they claimed it had. The terrain was hilly and you were passing through dips and curves, correct? This was also a very wet evening, which means the air pressure was heavier than normal. So, rising and falling with the dips and rises in the road could have had the effect on your eardrums similar to what occurs if you drive up a high mountain and your ears 'pop'. Before the 'pop' your hearing is a bit muffled. The heavier air, dips and turns, and paying close attention to the road because of the slick surface. All this combined, may have just been enough to make the phenomenon occur in such a way that they may have gone past you as they claimed to have gone. You not seeing the yellow shirt he was wearing may not be so strange if you had not heard them approach either. You would have no reason to glance over at all, and they simply went on past. The road's twists and/or dips could be a cause. Not to mention the darkness was so encompassing that you could see it close in on the area behind you as you looked back.
I grew up in the mountains and now live in the desert. These conditions exist here as well. However, I was not there. I am simply offering up an alternative to the paranormal.
I enjoyed reading your account, you have a nice style that takes the reader into the experience with you. I look forward to reading more of your experiences in the future.

Jav 😊
adsouza (guest)
12 years ago (2012-04-05)
Well traveled and knowledgeable? I doubt that about myself. I just pick up tidbits of information wherever I go.
And I read a lot about the history of the place I go to in addition to chatting up with the locals. More often than not, it is the locals who provide the real information. One just needs to figure out what part of it is rumour and what is the fact.
discerninguser (6 stories) (82 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-05)
Thanks for the compliment adsouza... You seem to be very well-travelled & knowledgeable... I do not know most of the places that you talk about... Waiting to read about your experience soon!
adsouza (guest)
12 years ago (2012-04-05)
This is a well written account again! I had a similar experience while trekking to Rajmachi fort via Kondana caves. I will share it soon.
discerninguser (6 stories) (82 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-05)
Crescentblue03...maybe it was some negative entities... Maybe it was a natural trick of the light and rain... I am still undecided!

However I am not a person who likes to tempt faith especially as I am married now with a kid... When I was a bachelor, I used to be a dare-devil...
crecentblue03 (151 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-04)
That is Creepy! I agree with your wife its a good thing you didn't turn back!. I'm glad you all reached your destination. There are a type of spirit called Jinn and they just love to mess with people and they were most likely enjoying your fear greatly you guys were great entertainment for them. Glad you guys did the right thing and kept going. Thanks for sharing!.

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