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Spooky Incidences In My College


I had never been one of those people who believed in ghosts and spirits. I remain a skeptic. But I will be impartial that whatever weird and creepy incidences had happened with me, they were indeed precise. For all one knows my imagination merely encouraged the invisible entity which was around me at that time.

The first incidence happened more than a decade ago in 2010. I was barely starting my Bachelors in Hospitality Administration in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The college was pretty much new in the sense that only a couple of batches had passed out before me. Allow me to clarify one thing. The institute and its surroundings are not haunted. But some unusual things happened to me.

At this time due to conveyance issues from my home to the college and changing multiple buses, I ended up accommodating the on-campus hostel. I used to come back to my home every weekend. But I used to come back Monday morning. Also, in this hostel beside me and another batchmate of mine, there was another senior from the 2nd year of her course. So only three of us girls lived in the hostel. The previous hostellers graduated the year I arrived here in 2010. I am providing all these details because these trivial things matter the further I go ahead with my experiences.

Now the first incidence happened around somewhere during Diwali in 2010. I had a habit of wandering down the corridor of the hostel on the 1st floor right outside my room. My room was just a few meters away from the washrooms on that floor. I used to listen to music on my phone until 1 AM or sometimes even 2 AM. Every so often I used to walk close to the small kitchenette which was right opposite my room. We had rooms on both sides of the corridor so my friend's room was just opposite my room right beside the kitchenette. Her room was the first room on the left wing of our L-shaped interiors of the hostel, where it was exactly perpendicular to the right-wing. The 3rd girl used to live in the room right at the end of this right-wing. So on one of these nights, I was listening to my music, and I walked right up to the end of the left wing. Now let me remind you that there were no windows on the ends of the corridors. The windows were either inside the washroom beside the sinks and in our respective rooms. So I feel this soft gush of air right behind my neck, and I felt my hair rising at its roots. It felt as if someone barely walked by me and blown air softly right at the neck closer to one of my ears as a prank. I turned back and saw nothing.

I just thought it was my imagination and kept listening to my music. 11 PM struck, 11:30 PM, and then midnight came. I realized one thing, that everyone is sleeping. Even my senior is in her room, and my friend had slept off. So where do I keep hearing this gentle hum? Even the female guard had left for her day shift. The warden is also in her room. As I again take a walk down the corridor and now it's right towards the right-wing, I again experience this sudden change of air around me. I felt someone is walking alongside me just a few centimeters away from me. I stopped my music right there and went to my room. I slept it off that night owing to my stress. I stopped listening to music late at night for few days.

Then on another night, when even our senior wasn't there in the hostel, and went on leave to visit her hometown for Diwali. My friend was also supposed to leave in a day or two for Diwali Break. At around 11 AM my friend Knocked on my door. I opened the door and she tells me that to keep the humming down. She tells me that she is trying to sleep and there is a humming noise outside her room which is right out my room as well! I told her I was on my mobile and was not humming at all. She looked at me for a second and then just went to her room and telling me off for lying which I wasn't!

After Diwali break got over and we came back to the hostel, after our first day at college, we were pretty exhausted. I went to bed that night pretty early to sleep. The next morning, while we were getting to our class from the hostel, my friend told me that even though she doesn't mind me singing like a fool at night, I should keep humming. That soft hum sometimes helps her fall asleep sooner. I told her that I never hummed when I listen to music. I only croon to myself when the music is off as I love to practice my ragas. She asked me then that I was humming last night as she heard me crooning to it. I told her it is not possible as I fell asleep early even before 11 PM. She got a bit spooked and after that incident, started to even bring the joss stick in my room as well every morning and evening. It brought a calmness to my room. For few days, it was all good.

Then one afternoon, my friend comes to my room and wakes me up asking me how I was feeling. I said I was okay and then she tells me that I was laughing like a loon the entire morning and kept talking about this dream where I saw her and two more friends, and kept telling them what will happen in the next few hours. Everything happened the way I described it. I do not have any recollection of that entire morning and had this strong migraine where I could even see an aura around my friend. This rattled me because of the dream she is talking about, I had seen this dream when I was in 12th. I never saw the distinct figure of my friends, but I remember looking at myself sitting on the ground with three figures around me and I was surrounded by a red brick building. I clearly recalled the dream so it was shocking for me to see that my friend was telling me about a dream I saw a year ago!

After this incident, I stopped listening to music at night and roaming around the corridor for a long time. For a semester I was completely into studying or just following YouTube videos on weekends. I slept on time. One fine evening, something happened. This still frightens me to the bone. I don't like to talk about it as I feel that if I tell someone, people would make fun of me and judge me as well.

This evening, India won some matches and I still remember the yells, the jeers, the celebrating and joyous mood of those guys in the boys' hostel. I still remember that it was raining that evening, and we ordered a pizza combo from Dominoes. The pizza came late by 1.5 hours and we got that free. I remember walking back to the hostel and some guys coming out of the hostel and telling me to give the pizza to them. It smells heavenly! All of them were in the heavens. I smiled to myself and went back to the TV room telling my friend that pizza came. We had our food right there in the TV room which was on the ground floor right beside the student lounge. One can see the pool table, the dartboard in the lounge and after crossing that space, you get the TV room at the end with two soft couches. After pizza and hanging around the room for few minutes, my friend went upstairs to sleep. I was there in the TV room at almost midnight.

I came upstairs and saw my senior taking out instant noodles from the microwave in the kitchenette. I grabbed my pillow and hidden stash of chocolate and while going back, saw her and she smiled at me and bade me goodbye. I saw her going towards the room, and I was behind her going towards the stairs. With my pillow and chocolate, I went downstairs and entered the students' lounge. The light was turned down and even the TV room lights were off. It was a bit odd for me as I clearly remembered not flipping off the lights of the TV room. I never had the habit of turning off lights since childhood, so I was not going to develop the habit of doing so overnight. I remember that I felt a bit dizzy out of nowhere and this time I suddenly knew that someone was right behind me breathing down my neck literally. I felt that soft gush of air being blown right at one of the sides of my forehead. I turned around very quietly behind me chanting the Buddhist chants I learned from my childhood. I saw only pitch darkness in the lounge and pool table beside me. I was relieved and turned around to get into the TV room which was also dark. I went to the room and was about to turn on the switch when I saw this proper black entity sitting in the room in pitch darkness watching TV. I said black entity because the lights coming from the TV were reflecting on the couch and I could see a proper human figure watching the TV in a still posture without even moving an inch. I first thought it was the warden but then I thought she doesn't need to use the TV. She had her own LED TV in her room. It could not be the guard since the person sitting in the room didn't look that thin and frail like that guard. It couldn't have been my friend or senior as both of them are upstairs. While having all these thoughts in my mind, I clearly remember seeing a sliver of moonlight coming into the room from the window which was just behind the TV. I saw the figure watching the TV intently and the person turning her head towards my direction looking upwards to see who it is. So I turned on the switch thinking that how dare! Someone enters the girls' hostel just like that breaking the rules like that! When the light came, I saw no one!

There was no one in the room, and I stood there for a good ten or fifteen seconds gathering my senses that what just happened. At that point, I felt that soft hum near me. Even though the window was closed and the rain stopped long back time, there was not even a slight rustle of anything. I felt someone standing beside me looking right at me. You know the feeling right if someone is in a room and you are doing something, although you don't turn around, you know someone is inside there along with you and you barely bother. This was the same feeling, just multiply the feeling by a thousand fold because in this case, you cannot see the person and you just detect their presence at some corner of the room. I got frozen and got so terrified that my eyes turned red and the tears were not even falling. I suddenly gathered my senses and ran to my room like a bunny. When I came back to my room, I took my golden necklace out of my study table. It had a small image of Buddha in the gold pendant attached to it. I tried to sleep and because of such an incident, ended up having a fever. My friend had to accompany me to the doctor the next morning. I couldn't go to my classes for the next few days and ended up with a severe fever, chills all the time, and puking out just watery stuff when I used to feel nauseous. I never told my friends nor my family about this incident.

I always felt something around me for the first two years of my time in the hostel. It happened randomly and, not every day. There used to be times when my friend used to tell me that you keep on crooning to music at night. I can hear you humming softly. Now my senior also used to tease me for the same. But I always told them I didn't hum at night and had even stopped listening to music late at night. Even my warden used to tell me the same, as she got to know I used to listen to music until quite late at night. I told her I did in the initial days of our 1st semester but not anymore. She believed me and knew I wasn't the one.

This is how the spooky incidences began in my life in 2010 and continued in 2011 as well. But it didn't happen in this hostel. It happened in another place. But that's for another day! Thank you so much for this platform where I can share it with others!

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TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-23)
Hey Lady-glow.Dont worry. On the contrary I just enjoyed your sharp reply to Ryanlenser111... 😜 Even I wanted to do it but it wouldn't have been such an intelligent response like yours. For some reason I felt it is a troll that's why I didn't gave too much attention to him.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-23)
OOps... Not Ryanlaser111... It's Ryanlesner111... Blame autocorrect for the confusion!
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-23)

Would you be able to provide any bibliography or any other material of reference backing up the subject of "these shadows are made of decaying bio energy", and "you can use a laser pointer as a weapon
Against a ghost"?

Also, what makes you think that it would be a good idea to pass a haunted object to "a sexually frustrated teenager", as a solution to someone's problem? Wouldn't it be better to, at least, try to banish whatever negative energy instead of making it someone else's problem?

After reading all your comments, I cannot help but to think that you are a teenager looking for attention in this forum.

...the time around Halloween never fails to attract some trolls to the site...

TSD23. My apologies for using this thread of comments to address Ryanlaser111.
TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-23)
Hi Ryanlesner111. Interesting, very interesting. As for research, I cannot do that anymore as the college is shut down as it ran into lots of problems. But thanks for your insight. I will keep your pointers in my mind 😊
Ryanlesner111 (9 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-23)
You live in a college of course this is happening.
Humans emit a bio energy when they are alive.
If you got you doctorate at that college and
Spent every spare hour watching television.
A massive amount of you bio energy would be left behind.
So of course it would be viewable given the correct conditions.
So given the age of the building and many different people
Who spent years of their youth there. It isn't shocking that
The building has soaked up all that prime of life energy
And has most likely created a time loop for someone who
Died after spending a ton of time on the grounds.
But a large amount of community colleges are placed
In repurposed remodeled buildings.
My community college use to be currency storage bank.
You see all the un useable currency would be stored in
Five bank vaults until the treasury hulled it away.
In 1985 six men were killed trying to rob the exchange.
Maybe your college is built on the remains of a hospital
Or a hospital for the criminally insane?
Simply do so research on the building.
How do you deal with the shadows?
Yell at them.
You see these shadows are made of decaying bio energy.
Ghost are made of a unique electromagnetic field.
So they draw energy from anything that has a speaker in it.
Because speakers contain magnets.
So of course an overpowering bio energy such as emotional energy
Or if you don't want to be annoying to you room mates.
Try a laser pointer.
You said that turning on the light made the shadow
Vanish right.
Light energy is a kind of kinetic energy capable of
allowing various forms of lights visible to the human eyes.
Light is known as a type of electromagnetic
Radiation produced by hot objects such as lasers, bulbs and sunlight.
Plus if ghost are made of decaying unique electromagnetic field
And the laser creates electromagnetic radiation.
Then a laser pointer would be like dropping a
Slush filled water balloon onto a normal water balloon.
Both objects are made out of nearly the same matter.
So a laser pointer is pretty much like a slap in the face for a ghost.
pratanubanerjee (3 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-01)
This is really amazing ghost story. Thank you for sharing the lovely story.
TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-01)
at RogueDawg
Thank you for reading my story. I always thought something got attached to me in those two years.

At The_Lost_Voyage_11
I never thought of it in that way! A good point of residual energy being around there. I had published my 2nd encounter. Thank you for reading my story.

At TheSweetDevil23
Wow... That's another way to look at it. I guess pretty much everyone pointed out the same in the comments. I always thought there was an energy around me.
RogueDawg (2 stories) (13 posts)
3 years ago (2021-07-29)
[at] TheSweetDevil23

I liked the detailed description of the incidents. You should try writing professionally, if you're not already. You have a good hand.

I'm glad that you managed to escape with mere scratches (pun intended). Some people are prone to attract these energies towards themselves and it seems you are one those people. Please don't take me in a wrong sense. Hope you always stay hale and hearty. Thank you.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
3 years ago (2021-07-27)
Hi TheSweetDevil23, great story and fascinating encounter, thanks for sharing! I'm curious, you state that the institute and it's surroundings are not haunted, how are you so sure? I know you said this facility is rather new, but the land itself could hold some kind of residual energy or something could have happened on it prior to this school being there. I'd be curious to hear about your other encounters, you mention that they don't take place at this same hostel, but if it all started here, perhaps something has attached itself to you. I'm hoping this isn't the case but anything is possible. You may be just quite sensitive to these kinds of things, despite your skepticism. Good luck!
Rajine (14 stories) (831 posts)
3 years ago (2021-07-26)
Hi TheSweetDevil23

That's a very baffling and creepy experience you had, do you think maybe it was a random spirit or something?

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