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I'm almost 30 years old and my story takes place about 9 years ago or so, I don't remember exactly. I remember an old friend of mine and I had been talking about paranormal things what we believed in, how many people we knew who believed, that sort of thing. We had been sitting at his house and got restless so we decided to take a drive in his car. It was a very cloudy night and they were calling for heavy amounts of rain (It was probably around 7 or 8pm by the time we started our ride). We get maybe 30 minutes from his house and the rain starts pouring, we had been just making small talk and listening to the radio up to this point.

A short while we round a curve and to my right is a giant open field and about that time a bright stream of lightning lit up the sky over this field and I happened to look over and I see not ONE but MANY, what I believe are spirits of some sort, standing in this field. Some are doing everyday type things. Some were just standing there while others were walking around looking lost, one thing I noticed is that while we were driving past every single one of these "Spirits" stopped and stared directly at me as we drove by. I thought maybe after we had driven past and I looked back I would have found that it was just my imagination, but as I looked back and the sky lit up again I could still see them all there, just no longer focusing on me.

I also remember that night after I got home rather shaken and definitely afraid, I was having a dream about something attacking me. It was an evil presence I remember that and I remember it bit me in my dream and about that time I woke up (I felt the pain on my arm NOT in my dream) and I looked down and there were bite marks on my arm where this presence had bitten me. I am still not sure what to make of either of these experiences. The bite was NOT caused by an animal as my dad would not allow me to have pets, and all doors and windows were closed. Just curious as to what everyone's ideas may be on these two subjects.

By the way I'm new to this site, I've been reading some of the stories on here for about an hour now and I have been impressed with it.

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Emma_girl (1 stories) (6 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-31)
Hi curious believer 12. I am very interested in the bite aspect of your account. Could you please tell me more about that? Particularly what they looked like ie, did they resemble human bites? Do you recall how big they were? Just one bite or more?

Also, have you had any other sort of physical contact that you believe may have come from a paranormal entity?

Sorry for all the questions, I am trying to find out all I can.

Lots and lots of love,

CuriousBeliever12 (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-20)
I apologize for the delay in response just got back from my fiance's uncle's funeral. To everyone who thinks it was workers, if it was it wasn't from this day and age, as I don't know anyone who would be meandering around in terrible weather just to stare at someone driving by LOL!

Pjod no he didn't go back to look I think it scared the panties off of him lol. I've always been a bit more curious about things like that than he is or was. Unless I get the feeling I should be leaving I won't 😉. As they say curiosity killed the cat tee hee.

Taz890 Yes is was lightning. I watched it ripple across the sky! It was rather bright, but I'm glad it was as it was a really neat thing to be able to see.

Zzsgranny it wasn't a field with anything planted in it, it was a field like someone who owns a lot of property and keeps certain parts trimmed down to just grass. It was near the road, so I think whomever owned the property wanted it kept neatly trimmed. Perhaps they were planning to plant something there at some point but it was just regular grass!

To everyone in regards to the bite marks, I still to this day have NO idea what it was. I guess the main reason I think it could be more is that I've had a traumatic childhood in many ways and I guess maybe it could be something that latched on at some point and made rare appearances to harass me. It seemed like it happened the most when I would be reliving my past. Just my speculation though! Thank you all for the comments it's been a pleasure to read them all and turn things over in my mind!
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-04-19)
CB12: Well, I would go along with the assumption that it was field workers but for a few points: this was beyond the time of day when workers would be out, and the weather being what was, I don't think they would be expected to be out by whoever the owner of such field was...

I do have a question though, and that is do you know, or could you tell, what was planted in the field or was it just a plain, old, ordinary field full of wild grasses/weeds?...
DannyBaby (3 stories) (44 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-18)
[at] curious Rook maybe right about the bite marks. As for the vamparic bites, that might be it also. I wouldn't know how they looked, but yeah. What Shellzy said with the lightning, it has electric plus to manifest hundreds of spirits. But I'm quite baffled about how they can see you as the car pasted them.
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-18)
wow great first post curious, thanks for sharing.
With the sighting in the field, the flash you saw was it lightning? Only ask as with lightning being pure energy the spirits you saw could have used it for you to see them, who knows how long they have been there waiting for one person to see them and with the right elements, lightning and the timing of you passing was just right!

As for the dream and bite have to agree with rook, I thought the same thing as he did.
Anyway welcome to the sight and hope you enjoy it
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-18)
Really enjoyed reading this. Strange that you and your friend happened to be discussing the subject just before the drive. Did your friend turn the car around for a look see after you told him? The curiousity would have made me turn around and do another drive by.
JakeL (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-18)
WOW that does sound scary:O I know what you mean by the whole starring thing... I think that's all they do:) I see ghosts and have for a very long time ever since I was born and I'm 17 this year, but every ghost I have seen has been curious of what I was doing... Or just plain watching me, be it at work, home and school:P I think they just miss being alive really... And with the bites, an evil or bad spirit may have followed you knowing that your energy would help it come about, its happened to me many times I just pray and it goes away:) I know some people don't like this and I never used to but your God is the most protective and banashes any evil spirits:)
khutch (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-17)
Hi Curious,

This story is interesting but I could see the possibility. I am no expert but my own thoughts are that the lightning worked as a energy transfer allowing them to mainfest. I am surprised to hear they all looked at you. I agree that you should research to see if there was some sort of tragedy in that field. Maybe it was real people, maybe not.
I once saw a man walking down the middle of an old road and I passed him slow staring. I stopped and in my rearview mirror he stopped and slowly turned to look. I was 16 at the time so it scared me to death I took off. I always wonder what I really saw that night.

Happy Hauntings 😁
CuriousBeliever12 (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-17)
Shellzy, it was a really interesting experience I can't lie. At the time I wasn't really sure how to feel. I was a bit scared as nothing THAT obvious had ever really happened before. It was definitely neat at the same time though. I hadn't really even thought much of it until I found this site and got curious as to what others thought it could be. I'm more interested than ever with the ideas already presented:).

Rookdygin, I wish I could do some research on it, but I'm not sure if I would even find anything as it was just a field in the country. I will try and find out if there were any plantation type farms in my hometown area, as that may at the very least explain why I saw a field full of "spirits". As for my dream it was VERY real, but I have had other encounters in which I've been fighting off something evil in my sleep and have woken up with bruises and scratches in places that these evil "presences" had left in my dream. I would shrug it off to restless sleeping but I'm kind of weird, I'm aware of myself even when I sleep. I know when I move as I'm a very light sleeper 90% of the time. So when the bruises and scratches showed up I had done anything but roll over, no thrashing. Thank you all for the input this has become quite fascinating:D
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-17)
Interesting, very interesting indeed.

The workers in the field... May have been just that but somehow on that stormy night the lightning 'discharge' caused a 'window' to open and allowed both 'parties', you driving past and the field workers, to see across a 'window in time'...You may want to check local folklore and see if there are any stories of field workers seeing a strange horseless carriage.

As far as your nightmare is concerned... How 'real' did the dream seem. It is possible the bite marks were 'psychosomatic'...In other words your 'brain' was convinced you had been bitten so your body 'manifested' the bite marks.

Thanks for sharing this experience with us.


shellzy (8 stories) (218 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-16)
This is a really interesting story! I'm not sure how correct I am here but my theory is that the lightning flashes created some sort of spiritual energy that allowed you to see a replay back in time of workers in the field. Although this theory doesn't really explain how the spirits could actually see you if it was 'resdidual' energy... Hmmm I am interested to read what other theories people may have! Thanks for sharing!
CuriousBeliever12 (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-16)
Shamby, He did not see them as he was driving and not paying attention. I did think to ask him after we had passed the field. I can't think of any one time in particular as far as similar experiences like this, but I have had the occasional peripheral vision sightings or strong feelings of being watched. When I feel like I'm being watched I become that little kid that has to run into the bedroom, jump into bed and cover myself from head to toe LOL!

DannyBaby, I would say it was a field of workers but it was far past the time to be working, and there were HUNDREDS out there. I come from a small town and this was just outside. There was/is nothing big enough to warrant a few hundred people standing around staring at me as we drove through a terrible rain storm:). As for the bite mark, it wasn't all that bad, but it did hurt. Didn't look like my teeth marks though, looked more like a human set of teeth with some seriously long k-9's (sounds a bit vampiric, but not so much the case, there was more than the 2 puncture wounds and they didn't go very deep. Enough to break the skin and go down a bit farther).
shamby (15 stories) (100 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-16)

This story is really unique and I've never heard anything like it. Did your friend who was in the car also see the 'people' or spirits in the field? Did anything else ever happen that was related to this?
DannyBaby (3 stories) (44 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-16)
Heyy curious,

This story is quite interesting, and as for the driving and seeing spirits. Do you think it was actual people just working in the field.?

And for the bite marks. When you were having this dream and the presence, would it be possible that you bit your own arm.? I am asking this because mean spirits or demons can control people if they wanted to. Just a thought. It was great hearing your story.
Please keep posting if you have anymore experiances.

Spirited wishes,
DannyBaby. (:

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