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The Bright Light


I was living in a small apt building with 4 units on Bernice ST in Saginaw Michigan when this event happened to me. I have had other "experiences" often in the past but this particular one I cannot explain.

I was sleeping on the second floor bedroom and awoke suddenly in the middle of the night; I am a fairly light sleeper. If you were looking around the room from where my bed was there was a wardrobe directly across from the bed; to the left was a sliding glass window; and to the right there was the door to leave the bedroom. Like I said I suddenly awoke - When I awoke there was a bright light coming from the corner of the wardrobe, nearest to the window. At first because the light was nearest to the window I thought it was just coming from the window, and the parking lot was in the rear of the house by that window; but when I looked over at the window the blinds were closed and there was no light coming through. At this point I got scared and I tried to quietly wake up my husband; I was whispering his name, and shaking him and finally I was squeezing his arm so hard he had marks in the morning, but nothing I was doing was waking him. When I realized I could not wake him and that the light was not coming from the window or any place from inside the room I gasped out loud - when I gasped whatever it was turned around and looked at me. I could not see any definitive shape (no figures in the light) or anything like that but I could tell that whatever it was turned around, and I instantly fell back asleep.

Now I was really scared so I do not know how I fell asleep I really do not even remember anything after it turning around - only waking up the next morning, I honestly feel like it made me go back to sleep. I told my husband what happened to me and I tried to rationalize that it was a dream until I saw the marks I left on his arm. Very creepy - but I have not seen it again - let me know if anyone has had something similar happen - thanks!

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rasc25 (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-26)

I was searching this sight for anything to do with bright lights because I had similar experience at my dads house. I was in my laundry room when I noticed the room getting brighter until a flash of light that felt like energy in the room was to my right side. I ran out scared breathless. I made a mistake playing with a Ouija board in my house with a friend and invited a ghost man into our house, I saw him three times. Once standing next to my bed, I thought I was dreaming, second time, one night my pager was vibrating on my head board to my bed and a dark figured opened my door and told me to be quite, third time my friend and I went for a glass of water and both saw a man sitting in a chair looking at us. The light got really bright in my room a few times. Finally we had the house blessed and everything stopped. I hope you are okay and don't be afraid. Have you & your home blessed.
Bbrave (1 stories) (131 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-11)
I for one believe you I mean you know the difference between being awake and dreaming so there's no need to question if you are sure you were awake or not.

Then there's the fact that people often dream of things they experienced while awake. So unless you saw this being while awake that rules out it being a dream.

What it does not rule out is your husband traveling the astral plane. Or maybe a kind spirit was present I'm leaning more towards the first exlpanation.

Finally it would not be easy to return to sleep but it would not be that hard either. Specially if the being made no attempts to harm you.

Now I haven't heard of any entities that can make some one fall asleep just by looking at them but that doesn't mean there are none that can. When the human body needs sleep it gets it one way or another maybe you passed out. Which is common when some people are overwhelmed by emotions like fear
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-24)
RainLilly has an interesting point you may have reached out in your sleep and grabbed your husbands arm, just like in your 'dream'.

Are you 100% sure you 'fell asleep/ it made you fall asleep' or could you have fainted from fear/shock? It is possible that something like that can happen.

There is a chance... If this entire experience was not a 'realistic dream' that you saw your husbands 'astral body'...this could account for his unresponsiveness as he slept next to you. If he was unconsciously 'projecting' then he would neither be responsive to your grip or for that matter remember doing it.

Just a thought or two. Thanks for sharing.


aamo_29 (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-24)
I don't understand the story please explain your story I really want to understand the story... 😁 😁 😁
RainLilly (36 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-23)
I think it's very likely this event was a dream. A very realistic dream, but a dream.
In my opinion, if something had been there and scared you to that extent, it would have been next to impossible to fall back asleep. I haven't heard of any entities that can make a person fall instantly asleep, it just seems more likely that you were asleep and dreaming the entire time. Finding marks that you left on your husband's arm don't prove that you were awake, sometimes if a dream is frightening enough people act out even in their sleep. The marks only prove he was in a deep sleep.

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