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I didn't mention this event in my first post because I'd completely forgotten, which is strange considering this is the very incident that encouraged me to start posting about all the strange things that have happened. This happened sometime at the start of this year around February.

My School is quite close to where I live and I'm in the higher years now so our class and some of the students from other classes in our year hang out in our form room at break and lunch. It's an all-girls school and we don't mess each other around when it comes to these unexplained happenings as some of us can get ridiculously freaked out.

I was sat with my three friends in the form room at lunch and there weren't many people in the room at that time, there were only about nine of us including the teacher sat at her desk in the corner of the room on her computer. One of my friends had literally just left to go to the toilet and we all sat on the tables talking. I remember seeing my friend leave the classroom as we were talking and seeing some others walk in at the same time.

My two friends and I were sat on tables by the lockers, me facing the door and them facing the lockers and everyone else was nearer the door and the middle of the room. The people that had just walked in stood a couple of tables behind my two friends so no one was by me on the locker side of the room. Then one of them walked closer to us and walked slowly past us. I looked at them sideways and thought nothing of it as the lockers were right there, they could be one of my classmates getting her books as they looked as though they were in uniform (we have green jumpers, blazers and skirts with yellow shirts so I definitely recognised this uniform) but the figure looked like my friend who had just left the classroom. This was weird because she would have had to have flown over all the people now blocking the way just to be in that area.

Anyway, this person who had arrived with the new group had walked past to the lockers but had stopped and stood behind me. I didn't see them stop because I didn't follow them with my eyes as they passed but the lockers weren't being opened and I could feel their presence halt and turn to me.

Simultaneously all three of us looked at this figure behind me (my two friends sat up and looked over me and I turned around to obviously ask what the person wanted) but there was no one there. We all slowly looked at each other and the hysteria started as we'd all seen them and looked to see what they wanted at the same time without communicating with each other.

None of us can explain why we all saw it and where they went because there was no one else on that side of the room with us and the group that had just entered all said they were all together. We all felt it was our friend who had left the classroom but obviously she couldn't have come back that quickly. The teacher in the room denied ever seeing a student or anyone near us, although I doubt she was paying much attention at the time.

Thanks for your time and feel free to suggest any theories! I think my friends are very curious and we all shudder thinking about it so we would appreciate anything! (:

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Eya96 (guest)
12 years ago (2012-04-29)
Thanks for the suggestions (: We were all so confused because we were sure it was my friend! The 'recorded' theory is really interesting, I've never heard about it before but the whole idea is believeable in my opinion 😁
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-25)
Taz is right about what it could have been. Here's an explanation of the difference between a "residual" and a "living residual" (which is what I believe you saw).
Residual Haunting:
The general opinion that an event, person, or animal has been 'recorded' and
Saved into the environment in which it took place. This would have been either a
Traumatic event or a repetitive action that took place in that particular area.
At some point this recorded event will then go into a 'playback' mode, similar
To a video clip. This is known as a 'residual' type haunting. It does not
Interact with anyone. You cannot get it to converse with you. It simply repeats
The same actions or events each time. It doesn't think, it doesn't change. It's
Just there and gone. That is your typical residual event.
Living Residual:
Take the same residual event and send it into the 'playback' mode a little
Earlier than expected. What is there to keep this event from going into the
'playback' mode at any point in the future. How would the environment 'know'
That it was time to start that playback? What changes need to occur to then send
The signal that a person has passed on, thereby spurring the residual image into
Motion? Could it merely be the absence of a persons energy that the environment
Has become accustomed to that triggers the playback we refer to as a residual
Say the event recorded was a repetitive action done by one person. And this
Person was entering the kitchen at the same time each day and brewing a pot of
Coffee. That person's energy is in that space and time frame, performing the
Same motions day after day. Now, let's say this person goes out of town for a
Few days, while other residents of the house stay home. Someone else has the
Coffee brewing task. This person enters the same area, not at the same time as
The one who normally performs this task, maybe 10 minutes later. As this person
Reaches the kitchen area they are stunned to see the person who went out of
Town, walking out of the area with a steaming cup of coffee in their hand.
Thinking perhaps that person returned early and has already brewed the coffee,
They go over to pour a cup for themselves, only to realize there is no fresh
Brew waiting for them. The pot hasn't been touched. The sink is dry. And the cup
They saw in the person's hand a moment ago still sits in it's usual spot.
These sightings are often attributed to the Doppelganger theory. I say it is
More likely to have been a "Living Residual". The name speaks for itself. The
Theory rests on the overall timing of the 'playback' mode. It would have been
Spurred into action simply because the energy normally filling that certain time
And space was no longer there and the 'playback' was filling in the blanks.

Thank you for sharing!
Jav ❤
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-25)
eya96 very interesting post thanks for adding😊
Like lsandhu said it could have been a doppelganger but it could also have just been a "recorded" even replaying its self, a bit like a residual haunting that does not react to anyone or anything that is "new" to the area but just does at it always has done. Just a thought.
[at] ghostraiser what are you on? There is no need for such idiotic comments, do us all a favor and go play else where! (if the comments are removed and this don't make sence then ignore it)
lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-24)
Doppelganger. There are a million theories about what they are and what they mean, but it sounds like that's what you saw.

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