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A Warning?


Last year, around Late October and/or Early November 2011, I started feeling ill. I had trouble breathing; I couldn't sleep lying flat on my bed for fear of being suffocated. I had a terrible cough, and severe hot flashes. I am a 38 year old male. I had this ominous feeling of impending doom. I did not want to go to the doctor since I figured that he would just tell me I'm just fine.

So one night, trying to sleep, propped up with several pillows in my bed I suddenly awake. I look over to the corner of my room where there is a garbage can a few feet from the door and really nothing else there. I saw a rather large orange glowing object that was so bright it lit up the wall and door that was closed. I was feeling so panicked and did not know what to do. Honestly I was not afraid. I thought my gosh could this be my mother? Well I dare not try to communicate to it and by the time I wanted to lay back down it vanished. I knew right then that this was some kind of message related to how ill I was feeling.

The next day or so I asked my dad what I should do, that I needed to see a doctor but my current doctor (at the time) leaves much to be desired. So he said see if the doctor that he and mother used to have would see me. So I made a new patient appointment and I saw her. Of course I could have gone to the clinic and seen some random doctor sooner, but I was so afraid that they would send me to the hospital. Well, I was right. My new doctor (which is great) confirmed my fears and sent me directly to the hospital.

I had a slew of tests and finally was properly checked up - something my old doctor never has done. Mind you I am morbidly obese. I saw a slew of doctors and had many tests in the hospital. The main things that came from this are that I have right-side heart failure and also that I have severe, I mean severe sleep apnea. If I hadn't had this wakeup call and got checked out I know I would have had something bad happen by now. The other good news is since my "wake up call" my doctor referred me for bariatric surgery, and I have started a diet and exercise regimen. I am on my way to having a "normal" life which brings me to my next encounter which scares me nearly as bad as seeing the orb.

I was playing a video game late one night, Call of Duty to be exact. I had my headphones on and after one of the rounds completed I hear a man's voice. My room is completely dark except for the computer and my father is fast asleep in the next room. And it was not his voice. I clearly hear this voice, from my headphones, he or it takes a sigh, and says in a rather sad tone, "You're dying." At this point I am extremely spooked. I shut the computer off and get in bed. I don't know if it could have been someone on the game voice over IP saying that, but why? It did not sound like that. It felt as if there was someone in my room talking to me. I even felt a presence.

Why would a spirit or angel tell me that? A friend told me she thinks it is an evil spirit trying to trick me or make me ill. I did not get a feeling of evil from this encounter; rather the entity seemed genuinely sad for me. Then I started thinking, ok perhaps I am in danger or sick. A few days pass and I start to feel light headed and almost drunk, but without the drink - an almost dizzy feeling but without all of the sensations. It's hard to explain.

I think back to when I was eating fresh vegetables as part of my diet, that perhaps I was being poisoned since there may have been a few times that I didn't wash off some of the tomatoes and such and I know they say to wash/rinse before eating. So I immediately start washing and rinsing thoroughly and since I normally do not drink enough water, I begin drinking more water in hopes to flush my body. So, having taken these steps I am feeling better. Perhaps the voice was a warning that I was being poisoned? I hope that is all it is. I would like to hear this voice assure me of what it was trying to say, and if I am out of danger now.

I am not ready to die, I want to get married again and have a family (I have been divorced nearly 8 years with no kids). I pray to the lord that I am not ready and please come in to my life and help me do his will. I pray that he help me and I am not ready to die yet, and I know once I get this weight off and take better care of myself I can do something important.

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H2olily (5 stories) (158 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-25)
Don't worry, a few dusty veggies won't have caused you too much harm! Be well.
RainLilly (36 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-25)
It's great that you started talking better care of yourself, that orange orb could have been a wake up call so taking it seriously was wise.
The voice you heard while playing CoD tho, it seems most likely that it was just some guy trying to mess with your head. Alot of gamers have odd senses of humor. I've heard some pretty random crap coming over earphones, most of it stupid or rude, some of it a bit more unpleasant. Personally, I would write that voice of as Random Gamer Syndrome. The symptoms you describe experiencing after hearing the voice could easily be psychosomatic.
That's just an opinion from someone who wasn't there. You were there, and if you truly believe the voice was something more, schedule an appointment with your doctor.

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