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Dead Man With A Warning!


This happened when I was 18, in 2004. All these years, I have had multiple unexplained happenings around my life and I for some reason feel that the spirit world is true. I have seen spirits, some unexplained possessions and some heart warming send off before death. But nevertheless, the fear of coming face to face with a spirit has always eluded me and thus a few friends and myself (young blood back then), decided to disturb the peace of the other side of the world.

As teens, we never leave any opportunity to earn a little more cash than your standard pocket money. So, we friends often used to bet on something impossible to make the person in need fall bait for it. I know its sick of us to do it, but then, its worth the thrill. So, once when I was in dire need of additional cash, a few of my friends dared me to smoke a cigarette, sitting on top of a tomb in a cemetery. The deal was that, I should not sweat, panic or shout until the time I finish my cigarette. I should go there alone while my friends waited in the car outside the cemetery. Well, even though I was scared, I often felt, I could just get over with it.

So, we went to Maple Grove Cemetery in Wichita, KS. My friends gave me a CIGAR instead of a Cigarette. (Cigar usually takes very long to get over). I initially hesitated to take the cigar, but when I saw a $50 bill add to the initial bet, I immediately accepted. I walked to the cemetery, lit up the cigar, sat on top of a tomb. Was a bit shaky in the beginning, but then nothing happened. I was all normal. It took around 20 minutes to finish the cigar, but then, managed to finish it and when I was about to get up, I felt a mild touch on my shoulder. I was scared to turn back, but when I turned, I did not see anything. So, I walked towards my friends. Thats when I started hearing footsteps behind me. But I brushed aside thinking that it was my footsteps echoing and reached the car. I got my $125 and was happy.

Went home, took shower, went into my bedroom. I smelt something really bad in my bedroom. Like it was stinking like puke. I searched everywhere in my bedroom but was unlucky and then finally decided to go to bed. The moment, I lied down at the corner of my eye, I thought I saw someone move. I immediately turned and found nothing again. I found it hard to sleep in my room that night.

The next morning, I woke up pretty late and I was very tired. When I went to shower, I found some fingerprints on my shoulder. Now, I am not very white, but pretty fair for an Indian, and the fingerprints were very clear and that gave me goosebumps immediately. I was quite scared but did not tell my mum anything about it. At that moment, I felt it is better to face the wrath of the spirit than my mother's. I called my friends and narrated the incident and they were shocked. None of them experienced anything like that. A worried me, went to my kitchen to have something for brunch. Now, I am all alone in my apartment, and suddenly I hear my bedroom door close. Though a bit scared, I thought it was the wind that shut the door. And then when I was about to make a smoothie, I heard someone grunt. Like angrily. I turned back and this time I caught a shadow slide through the kitchen door and out.

That's it. I lost it there. I was getting paranoid. I ran out of the house and waited until my mum came back. The moment I saw her car turn to the pathway, I ran to my mother and narrated everything that happened. She was visibly very unhappy with my behavior but as always, she was there for my rescue. She did not scold me for that. But she immediately took the money that I got from my friends and burnt it. And then, My mum went to her room and got her Tarot card kit (not sure how you call it, but she got all her equipment). She made me sit in between a few candles and started murmuring something, the candles started to go off one by one. And finally after all the candles were off, my mum said I should never do that again.

She said, I brought along the spirit of a old man from the cemetery. The old man was upset that I disrespected and was just here to warn me against doing these activities. I was told by mum that, I could attract a lot of negative energy when I do things like these and sometimes, my acts might be irreversible. Nevertheless, I took some flowers to the Cemetery and placed it on the tomb and apologized. Out of fear I even dropped a few tears and swore that I will never repeat it again. I never saw the shadow or felt any strange things around me after that until my next stupid adventure with friends. I will save the story for a different day.

Now, I have a few question that my mum has always refused to answer.

1) Do you really attract negativity by just straying around Cemeteries at odd hours? If yes, Why is the negativity strong during these hours compared to day time.

2) Is fear a major factor in letting a spirit come near you? If we are mentally strong and not scared, will that drive away the spirit or at least not let it bother you?.

I have my own reservations and answers for these, but would like to seek some answers to learn more about it.

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Comments about this paranormal experience

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nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-07)
Interesting aspect to look at it. Brought back a smoke from the cemetery:) ... Quiet dramatic exit for not just the money but also to my habit of smoking. I think that was the last I smoked a cigarette (Very rare occasional cigars with scotch after that) :).

Thanks for your comments. Great deal of information.:)
And yes, I have submitted a detailed version of Al's sufferings in a new story. I think it will be published sometime early next week.

shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-05)
When I read your smoking account I figured the ghost (who may or may not have been from the stone you were sitting on) once upon a time smoked a similar brand. Most folks were pretty heavy smokers in the olden days, and s/he may have been a fan of cigars, so followed you home.

Guilt over the smoking/sitting probably amplified things for you, along with your 'dirty' money. Quite the dramatic exit for said money! Thanks mom, ha!

I think they've found the earth's magnetic field alters and thins during the night, since the sun's gravity is pulling it (similar to the tides) so interesting things tend to happen when the energy is waning during these 'witching' hours. Humans' primary information sensors are the eyes, if we can't see something, or see things out of the norm, it's pretty upsetting.

I don't know about the negative stuff, may be something to ask your mom about. I think generally anything that disrupts what is normal, can be seen as negative, although Al's experience certainly gave some background for everyone being on high alert for potential possession.
nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-04)
Hi Rook,

I have submitted a new story with a more detailed explanation on what had happened along with some response to your questions. I hope that will give a much broader outlook into the incident.

Looking forward to having the story published and the discussion.:)

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-03)

Um thanks... I could have waited for you to submit this as an experience but thank you for the details...

However I must ask a couple of questions... Did Al's parents belong to a Faith that did not 'believe' or 'use' modern medicine? Did they only go to the Hospital if an injury was to sever to take care of at home?

I ask because the symptoms you describe sound like it could have been a mental illness rather than a possession... Again I would request you submit this as an experience... Include all the 'wall-crawling' details and if you could keep it as a timeline so the progression of condition can be followed. (Wow I sound so Clinical)

Self-wounding, hearing voices and 'seeing' things no one else does can be caused by many things... One of them being 'spirits' however the other 'natural', 'physical' and 'mental' causes HAVE to be ruled out first.

The information you just provided does not allow for that...

Again, Thank you but this merits submission as a detailed experience and not a 'side note' in the comments section.


nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-03)
Hi Rook,

Hope you are doing good.

Wanted to save the story for a submission. But since you have asked, I have typed it in the comment.

There was an unique suicide case at my neighborhood in Wichita, KS back in 1997. The story was making rounds in Wichita during that time. I hope my friends from Kansas can relate to this. The case was closed by saying that the girl was suffering from an emotional breakdown and she committed suicide by inflicting self made injuries and there is 'Not enough evidence of possession'. Now, we know about this girl (Al). She used to play with us when we were kids. A lively, happy girl that loved to be around people. The family were very close to each other and were welcoming and friendly.

One evening we heard Al scream non stop through a night. We, infact, called the cops sensing something was wrong. The cops came, checked if things were alright. The ambulance came a while later, she was take to hospital. She was never the same again.

She came back from the hospital after a month and never came out to play. We once invited her family to a small christmas gathering where her mom and dad accompanied her to the party. We were praying before our meal when she suddenly ripped the christmas tree and started groaning. Her mom and dad said she is ill and they apologized for the mess and took her back home.

She was again heard screaming and growling an entire night. After a month, We went to her house on her birthday to give her some gifts and check on her if she was doing alright. My mum, as soon as she entering the house, said she wanted to talk to her parents. So, she asked me to go talk to Al.

She sounded very dull. She said she hasnt slept for months in the night because she is scared. She said someone is constantly talking into her ears. She also said she is seeing many people and unable to differentiate living and the dead. She was getting me scared as well. When I walked out of the room, I felt that she probably needed more help than what she currently gets.
My mum did not say anything to me about what went wrong with her, but asked me not to go to their apartment without her knowledge.

After a month's struggle, Al died in her bed with a fractured skull bone and ankle. She was pretty well built for her age. She used to weigh around 150 lbs. But I hear she weighed just around 70 lbs when she died. I heard her mum cry out loud during her cremation that Al couldn't take it anymore and she is in good hands now.
The cops did their round of examining at her house and confirmed that there doesn't seem to be any other person involved in the death of Al and said as confirmed by doctors, Al had the problem of inflicting wounds on herself when she was at the hospital earlier. She was discharged only after she was not depicting any violent behavior for a while.

Very recently did my mum tell me that, she was possessed. Al was trying to fight the possession herself initially and was put under immense stress and trauma because of that. When my mum and myself entered the house on her birthday, My mum said she felt a strong negative force in the apartment. She went and spoke to Al#s mother and Al's mother said that Al has been seeing things that nobody in the house can see and often said she cannot handle it anymore. The family were also scared to take spiritual help at that time and my mum said she couldn't help as well.

So going to your question. Of course, the spirit would not want to kill the host as the spirit uses the host as a medium...
I meant to say that possession/negative attachment might lead to being fatal (at times), if proper help is not offered. In this scenario, I feel that, the spirit is not behind killing Al. But after draining out the individual completely, Al tried to kill herself (maybe because she felt that's her only way out and eventually killed herself).

Now let me clear some questions that might pop up reading the above comment.
1. I do not have information on how Al was possessed. Her family were very reluctant in talking about it after Al's death
2. I myself have more questions than answers on this case. I wish Al was alive. I wish her family was able to find the correct help for her. I wish to believe it was not possession.
3. I believe Al was scared of something. I cannot confirm if she was possessed or not, but knowing her, I can confirm that she was very very scared to be there.


Thank you so much for your detailed response to my questions from my post.
They are very informative and help me understand certain unknown details better. I do believe that staying mentally strong in these situations will help us tackle the issue and help take control of the situation.

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-03)
First I must reply to this statement from nalchen...

"I too believe that most attachments related to the paranormal are negative..."

It's great that you have an opinion about this, however to go on and finish that statement by saying...

"...and sometimes prove fatal." Could you please explain and/or site examples? I am curious because in my experience attachments can drain your energy but do not prove to be lethal because the attached spirit 'thrives' off the energy it is receiving from it's 'host'...there is no benefit in causing it's host to pass away.

Anyway back to these questions (from the same individual ie: the O/P)...

1) Do you really attract negativity by just straying around Cemeteries at odd hours? If yes, Why is the negativity strong during these hours compared to day time.

2) Is fear a major factor in letting a spirit come near you? If we are mentally strong and not scared, will that drive away the spirit or at least not let it bother you?.


Question number one: Spirits DO NOT hang around cemeteries UNLESS they happened to attach to an object that was buried with the individual whom had passed... So for me 'Ghost Hunting' in a cemetery is a 'moot point'. However Cemeteries do seem to have a Guardian or Two that watch over the grounds a scare the disrespectful off. Another situation is that an individual that has crossed over, but has/had strong feelings about their bodies final resting place may, JUST MAY, be keeping an eye out and if they 'see' something they do not like the 'defend themselves' so to speak.

As far as the 'timing' goes. It's been my experience that there is no such thing as a 'witching' hour. However once darkness falls and we as humans begin to rely on more of our senses rather than just sight/sound we notice 'more' things, possibly from the spirit world. The later at night, the less distractions, and the darker it is the more heightened our other senses become which leads people to 'say' spirits are MORE active 'late at night' because they are noticed more then than at any other time.

Question number two:

Controlling your fear and remaining 'Mentally Strong' can help or hinder contact with spirits. Strong, Powerful energy/control can attract some spirits... Just think of a medium when they reach out and contact the spirit world... And at the same time push others away... Again a medium does this with a strong mental state and controlling their fear.

Negative Spirits/Entities thrive in an environment full of negative energy... For many its just general negativity that is enough for them, some however 'prefer' certain types of negative energy and will try to influence individuals in certain ways so that type of energy is always 'high'. So if you are afraid and you let that control you a spirit or entity that 'likes' that type of energy will keep doing whatever is scaring you.

Remember this basic saying...

Like attracts Like...

Feel like I am rambling... Please ask any questions you may have.


nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-03)
Hi JamesF,

Welcome to YGS. Thanks for your inputs and feedback. Yes indeed! I too believe that most attachments related to the paranormal are negative and sometimes prove fatal. I think the best is to not knowingly disturb them when you are not experienced enough to handle the wrath of the unseen.

JamesF (2 stories) (7 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-02)
I have been sensitive since I was four after a near death experience. Living in a religious household, I was dismissed by my parents and siblings for my stories of seeing spirits and other experiences as an overactive imagination. I believe there is a dark side out there and I have no desire in dealing with it. Cemetaries can creap me out in the daytime but I steer clear during the night.
I have friends who are psychics, mediums, and Ghosthunters. I never go on their hunts but I will listen to their stories. One night a group entered a cemetery with their camera and EVP meters for a ghost hung. They were about 100 feet into the cemetery when a dark pretense enveloped the group. They all stopped dead in their tracks and were afraid to move. They saw nothing clear but the psychic of the group picked up a communication from a very angry spirit who admonished him for coming to the cemetery at night and disturbing the spirits of the dead. The angry spirit also said, "we are not here your paranormal entertainment, now leave" The group left and headed to the nearest bar to calm down.
I believe in spirit attachment and it is usually negative. Sometimes I sense attachments on people and when talking to them, I believe the attachments are the results of reckless behavior with the spirit world. All I can say is be careful.
I am new to this site and have several stories to share which I would be interested in the member's feedback.
nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-30)
Hi L_Melb,

Thanks for the comment. Yes of course. That is something I keep pondering over.

Was it my belief in these things made me see it, was it my fear of the unknown, or was it my earlier experiences that paved way for something like this to happen? A lot of questions unanswered.

But nevertheless, one point is clear. Respect the dead, else they come to taunt and haunt. 😜
nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-30)
Hi Melda,

Thanks for your nice words. I am indeed fortunate to have my mum around. There have been days I wondered what I would have done if she was not there. Phew! Just can't imagine.

Burning the money was not just to induce fear in me that money earned from these bets are bad, but just to let me know BETTING as such is bad and I should never do it.

Pixie88 (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-30)
Great story and a bit spooky. I believe we attract spirits in some way.
L_Melb (220 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-29)
Hey nalchen,
Thanks for the information!
Hope I never come across one as it would scare me to death 😭
Very strange and yes, I wonder what part your fear, guilt and any other emotions may have played in what happened
Thanks, L
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-29)
nalchen - You are fortunate that your mother is such a gifted lady and knew how to assist you and was not angry with you.

My mother would have been furious with me for disrespecting the dead and probably told me that whatever I was seeing or hearing was my very vivid imagination. She would probably have made me return the money to my friends and given them a piece of her mind as well 😊 By burning the money she was certainly making sure that you got the message loud and clear.

You're obviously a good guy and I'm sure you were forgiven, especially when you left the flowers!

I have never had any scary experiences in cemeteries but I know that some people do, even when they don't taunt the spirits but I think that it often depends on your state of mind.

Lesson well learned 😊

Regards, Melda
nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-29)
Thanks for your comments.

Goggzy - I was indeed up during that time. I would have reached my house well past midnight and yes I have heard that 1 to 3 is supposed to be the hour of the devil.
But its always been surprising to understand how fear has played an important part in attracting negativity at the wee hours.

[at] Bastet - Of course. My mum has always had that gift. She was able to see things that I couldnt. She has always been my guardian angel.

[at] L_Melb - Of course I was guilty. But not sure if I would have had that guilt if it werent for the haunting. It was more like a see through mass of cloth. I just could still see my walls through it. And still remember, it just sailed through the Kitchen door. And for the cash... Ya, my mum gave me a different $125. But she did not want me to keep the money I earned from betting. So, lesson learnt for me. My last time with betting though.

[at] radish54 - Wow. THis is news to me. Groundskeeper at cemeteries!. I am really lucky to have been just left with a warning. My goodness, I would never venture into any cemeteries again for a fact knowing that there is someone safeguarding the place.
And for the flowers, I did that out of intention to seek forgiveness because I was very scared. Very very scared.
radish54 (1 stories) (51 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-29)
I've heard that there is often a spirit that acts as the groundskeeper in cemeteries, there to protect the tombs of the buried. I would imagine that whatever the time of the clock, one would run afoul of this entity if your intent was not to honor or remember those buried there.
I'm glad you got off with a warning. You're also lucky to have such a wise and discerning mother. To your further credit, going back with the flowers and true contrition was a remarkable thing to arrive at for an eighteen year old. I believe I've been under the sway of "young blood" and stupid peer-pressure a time or two back in my salad days, and I don't know that I would have taken those good steps at making things right (until the next time!).
L_Melb (220 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-28)
Hi nalchen,
I can't help getting the feeling that you had a lot of guilt about what you did at the cemetery and until your mum gave you a sense of having made up for it - you were really jumpy. What was the shadow like?
I think you could have really worked yourself into a state!
I'm sure it was unpleasent either way
Oh and burning the cash? There is a lesson against betting! 😁
Bastet (2 stories) (25 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-28)
Thank you for sharing- I loved your story! I guess that some people are more prone to get into any contact with the spirit world; they are more open to experience such manifestations.
Goggzy (2 stories) (62 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-28)

There is a set of few hours which are supposed to be "spirit hours", I personally don't believe in them but said hours are between 0100-0500 hours. If you were there between these hours then there is a chance he could have been more powerful.

As for attracting negative entities I know myself this can happen at any point of time and you can be doing nothing to anger them they prey on the weak.

From your he wasn't negative just didn't like being disrespected like anyone living would aswell.

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