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First of I want to start with thanking everyone for reading my story. I have been contemplating about submitting this story for a long time. I do not know for sure if these these occurrences are all paranormal but put together just can't make me put it aside as just being weird.

My story is about a short period during my puberty when I was about fourteen years old, maybe a little older. My first part of this story is when I was waking up shortly after I fell asleep. I woke up with a feeling of pressure on my chest and pressure on my neck. It felt as if someone is sitting on my chest facing towards me and having "his" (it felt as a mans presence) hands choking me. During this time my legs were apart with the blanket still covering me. While I was lying there I could not move but I did feel that the blankets between my legs were pressed on my legs, before this they were just lying upon me soft. I've known about sleep paralysis for a while and I do believe that it is very likely that this was a case of sleep paralysis but the hands on my neck and the moving of movements is still making me doubt.

My second experience is also in bed when is was laying down listening to some music. While I was laying there I had the urge to use the bathroom but I was stalling this because I was too comfortable. Suddenly I felt that someone was sitting on the side of my bed, I felt the bed going down like someone sat down. I also felt that someone was stroking the side of my face and hair. I felt at peace and loved by this figure. I got a mental image of a woman covered in white light. After a while this feeling and image left and I became aware of the fact that during this presence the urge of having to use the bathroom was gone and only came back when "she" left.

My last experience is the most meaningful to me because I could connect it to an experience from my mother. At one time I was upstairs, we slept downstairs, and brushing my teeth when I was looking in the hall. I got a mental image of a young girl wearing a cream colored dress, blond curling heir and a doll or bear tucked under her arm. Because I am a very skeptical person I just said to myself that I was tired and had to go to bed. A few moments later I had the feeling that the girl got up close to me and was standing by my side. I still only had a mental image but now it was combined with an urging feeling from her to be hugged. I still dismissed this as being tired and went to bed.

About a year later I was talking to my mother about our house and the feeling that even though we were comfortable and nothing big happened in our house something was feeling strange about our house. My mother was talking about a period when I was younger, I guess around four years old, when she would wake up from noises coming from my play room. This was a big room in the basement where all the other rooms would come together with the stairs. In this room my toys where stored so I had space to play with them because my room was very small. The noises she heard were from a little girl playing with my toys. My mother always thought that this would be me and that I had crawled out of bed to secretly play with my toys. But every time she found me in bed sleeping and the playroom entry. During our conversation she told me she thought it was a young girl with a cream colored dress and a doll tucked under her arm.

The first two stories I can believe that it was a coincidence but the third makes me doubt. I was hoping that someone can help me explain what I have been experiencing these years ago. Since this nothing has happened to me and I have moved.

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Reading_learning (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-04)
Hello everyone, Thank you all for coming to my story.
I have tried to look in to the history of the place I used to live but it is very difficult to find anything because the area was only really build on after the second world war. Before that it was a canal which was filled with debris from the war. After that they build a lot of apartment buildings.
I have not tried to reach these entities at the time because it did not feel natural. The first one made me very scared. Since these incidents I have moved, so about 5/6 years ago.
The possibility that these three incidents are connected somehow sounds very interesting and is making me think why they chose me to come forward.
Again thank you for reading.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-04)

I do not mean to be rude, but I would like to ask a question concerning your comment...

You said...

"First of all there is no such thing as human soul wondering. They are other creatures like demons and other Jin."

Then at the end you say this about these 'Spirits/Entities'...

"They are more than us because they lived 2000 years on earth before the creation of Adam our father. Some are Jews, Muslim, Christians, atheist..."

I do agree that 'Demons' are 'Evil'... Or as you put it..."and some are demons they are the worse kind." They are indeed the 'Worst Kind'...

But how do the other Spirits/Entities/Jin have a 'Faith' unless they have experienced a 'Physical Life'? If they have been around sense before Adam (Of Adam and Eve/Garden of Eden Fame) they would have 'No Faith... No 'Religion', they would not be Jew, Muslim, Christians, or Atheist, wouldn't they?

I hope my question makes some kind of sense and I'm not coming off as offensive as that is not my intent.


LovelyCinderella (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-04)
First of all there is no such thing as human soul wondering. They are other creatures like demons and other Jin. Some live in every house the peaceful ones whom share the house but eat our food others the evil ones are the ones whom occupy your place and try to freak you out. They mess with us most are evil the good ones never they mind their own business. They neither scare you or harm you. Our profit Mohammed was a massager sent to human and Jin to guide us to the truth he told us many things on how to protect our self from demons and how to live in harmony with the good spirits he ask us to always say our prayers before bed after bed and before using washrooms or eating. And before poring hot water we say in the name of god to aware our brothers from the other diminution spirits that we are about to poor hot water in sink or bath... If you didn't harm them they won't harm you. But if they were demons they will always harm you no mater what. Demons are liars they would pretend to be any died been to trick, manipulate, and to make fun of you. You can't trust them.
But with your prayers nothing can harm you I am talking about Islamic prayers.
Our house was hunted but because of our islamic living style we never got harmed cause we are protected 24/7
Prayers are very important and being clean specially after sex because your body would be unsafe.
Don't walk around naked and listening to music all the time is not a good idea it's like an open invitation.
Statue and pics are a perfect hide out for demons.
Open windows for long time like days you don't know who can get in. And always shake your blankets before jumping on bed you don't know who was laying there.
They are weak cause we can burn them with words of holy books.
The good ones have kids too some times they play with ours. Bad ones kids are so evil because they were brought up to be this way.
They don't look alike god help who has the ability to see them.
They are more than us because they lived 2000 years on earth before the creation of Adam our father. Some are Jews, Muslim, Christians, atheist...,,,and some are demons they are the worse kind.
mhalditah (9 stories) (36 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-04)
Hallo,hoe gaat het met u? I like your story! Why d0n't you try to c0mmunicate with them? They might want to tell you s0mething or ask help fr0m you. Some of them have unfinished business that's why they're still here. Thanks for sharing! Btw, I'm n0t dutch lol. My fiance just taught me few basic w0rds,he's fr0m Zwolle:)
EpicSpiritz (2 stories) (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-03)

The first thing you should do is get some history on the house, see if anybody died there or if it built over something.

I believe this could be a family and they are missing a son. So they picked you as a "substitute" for there never-born son. But I could be wrong.

If you need any help with stuff like this I can help. I am a gypsy so I know a lot about spirits. I will try to help with the knowledge I have about these experiences.

warlington (2 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-03)
hey! Thanks for sharing this. Did this all happen in one house? Because if it did, there must be some connection between the girl, the woman and the man. I'm pretty sure there is. They might have a purpose for making contact with you. ALL ghosts have purposes, they couldn't have picked you for no reason. But I say that it is better to leave the dead alone. If you feel something, ignore, ignore, ignore, don't be scared, they can't hurt you. If they do, physically that is, it might be a demon, you should consult an expert on these things. 😊

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