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My Ghost Family 2


The darkness vanished...

I saw the black mass float out the window and immediately felt relief.

Before I continue my story I wanted to tell you about this white light that I use to help me through difficult if not frightening situations.

I am my mother's daughter and she taught me from a very young age how to be strong and courageous. She also taught me about the white light and as long as I surround myself with its glory and pure love, I will be protected from harm.

I have used it when I was lost, scared, threatened and also for healing. This white light is abundant an unending.

The dark entity that resided in the garage has gone away all together.

I do know however where he lives. I have seen him or felt him staring out a window of an abandoned house that I pass on my evening walks with my dog Stewie.

I refrain from whipping him the bird because I realize that if he wanted to he could make my life miserable so instead I speak to Stewie and pretend I do not know this entity is watching us pass.

The cat is still living here and I now consider him part of the family. He likes to sleep in the spare bedroom on my antique crocheted bed spread. I kept blaming Stewie for messing up the bed then I realized that the bed is perfect when I put Stewie in his crate for the night and in the morning before I let Stewie out the bed is askew. I know not to blame Chewie as she was far past the age and way to chubby to leap into a bed without my assistance.

My house was tranquil... For a while.

Thanksgiving was almost upon us and I was getting ready to entertain the whole family. The days before were spent cleaning, polishing and shopping.

I was exhausted...

The eve of Thanksgiving I got some unexpected company. I just finished preparing pies that needed to go into the oven.

Stewie was sleeping in the middle of the kitchen floor and Chewie was curled up on her favorite chair in the living room. I turned around to open the oven door and I noticed a bottom drawer of my kitchen cabinets opening slowly. I stood there just watching it. Stewie also noticed it as it startled him and his paws were going a mile a minute in a panic haste to get out of the way.

He finally was able to skid his way out of the kitchen, as he left I heard a giggle.

"That was pretty funny huh?" I said as I put my pies in the oven (notice that I don't even get riled up anymore about these strange happenings.)

I took my apron off and poured a glass of wine.

I carried it into the living room and thought I should go and check on Stewie. I found him sprawled on my bed sound asleep with all four legs up in the air. As I approached him I heard the giggle again, so did Stewie and he rolled over. He started wagging his tail and going through his happy routine when he is getting some affection. I watched while he was acting like someone was rubbing his belly and he was giving dog kisses to thin air. "Stewie!" "What are you doing boy?" He immediately stopped as he laid there watching me and then straining his neck so that he could also check out something behind me.

I quickly turned around fully expecting to see someone behind me... No one was there.

Thanksgiving came and went without incident.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is always the day I start to get the house decorated for Christmas.

I headed up into the attic bright and early and started carrying down boxes of decorations. Wayne came up and helped me carry down the big tree box. Every year I say I am going to do less decorating and every year I still end up with 4 trees. One is a formal tree that goes in the living room, a pencil tree that goes in my sitting room, a real tree in the game room and an old aluminum tree that I decorate with Pittsburgh Penguin and Steeler ornaments that also goes in the game room. This is the tree that seems to intrigue my new house guest. Nothing like shiny illuminated aluminum to draw a ghost.

I came down the basement steps and I can see the tree straight ahead. I think I see it moving, I then see a hand touching an ornament. The hand is poking out from a white shirt sleeve. The hand jerks back as I approach. I expect to see Wayne as I walk through the door way instead there is no one.

I decided retrace my steps and look at the tree again to make sure it wasn't an optical illusion. No matter which way I look at it, I can't recreate what I saw.

The next morning I made my way down the steps and as my foot hit the bottom step an ornament came rolling out from the game room.

As plain as day I heard a young voice say "Oops!"

I picked up the ornament which was a hockey puck with the Penguins logo on it and walked into the game room, the temperature dropped as I approached the tree.

"You do know that this is not a real hockey puck?" I asked

"It's glass and it will break if it doesn't stay on the tree!"

Still nothing...

I turned and headed out the door to go to work, I then said

"Please behave! I will see you later."

I have had numerous things happen around the house with this particular spirit. He is playful, he likes to tap you on the shoulder, mess with your hair and he loves to play with Wayne's collection of NASCAR model cars.

Wayne is very particular about these cars as they are some what costly. He has them displayed in a cabinet and on numerous shelves around the game room.

He can spot if one is moved a fraction of an inch as soon as he walks in the room. He has them propped on miniature jacks so they can't roll.

We have many an argument over these cars being turned or in a different location. I tell him that it's not me that I don't even look at them let alone touch them.

Our arguments continued over these moving cars, until one day we caught the culprit.

We were sitting on the couch watching TV when we both watched one of the cars move about 3 inches as it came off its jack and rolled forward.

Wayne was shocked! I thought it was hilarious. He investigated every possible explanation for why that car would move like that and came up with nothing.

So the next 10 minutes were spent with Wayne giving ghosty a lecture about touching his prized cars, he said they were "OFF- LIMITS".

We have noticed that the cars have since been left alone.

I finally got a good look at this little fellow who I now want to call Johnny.

It was a snowy day in February, we were snowed in after getting a good 22" of snow.

I was in my kitchen cooking when I heard a commotion behind me.

I knew that Stewie was involved because I saw him flying past me but what I didn't expect to see was a laughing child about 9 or 10 chasing him down the hallway to my bedroom. The last thing I saw was Johnny flying through the air to leap on my bed. I quickly ran down the hallway to get a better look, once I got there Stewie jumped off the bed to hide underneath.

I looked all around and couldn't find any sign of Johnny.

I began to wonder about all the times that Stewie got in trouble for his behavior if somehow Johnny had been involved. Now when I scold Stewie, I make sure I include Johnny. At night when I put Stewie in his cage for the night I make sure I wish Johnny a good night as well.

I have tried to communicate with him and have had a few responses.

I know he and Stewie are great friends. I feel bad that he has been left behind somehow but take comfort in the fact that the few times that I have seen him he has been smiling, no laughing and that makes me smile.

I still have to holler at him once and awhile when he gets the dogs all wound up or plays with things in the house that are off-limits.

I tell him he can stay with us until his Mom or Dad call him home.

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Julesylou (16 posts)
8 years ago (2014-12-06)
I know it's been a while since you wrote this, but I've read a few of your stories and hopefully you'll give this a read. Your story made me happy and extremely sad.
Happy because you are a kind person but, sad because it's a kid. Have you thought of showing him the light? Perhaps he's waiting for people that have already passed on but he doesn't know/realize it.
I'm sure you have a bit of a connection with him, but, it might be best if he KNEW his options.
Also, I have a question... Did his clothes look old timey or modern?
NiNiNogginHead (33 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-24)
It's really nice that you accept these ghosts as part of the family. If I saw a ghost I'd run out of the house as fast as my legs can carry me. 😆
ghost_seeker (3 stories) (14 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-20)
Oh wow! I love your stories! You're awesome and you have so much respect for the spirits that reside on this earth. Take care and I can't wait for the next part!
virtualboy (1 stories) (18 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-25)
I'm with radish54, this story is great, (all of yours are) and it warms my heart to hear how you've just accepted him as part of your family. (The cat too!) He sounds happy:)
MooSkittlez (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-08)
Johnny sounds so adorable. 😁 My favorite part of this was the part with the cars. (: I can't wait for the next part.

~Jennie ❤
radish54 (1 stories) (51 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-07)
Added to favorite stories, and I can only add you to favorite posters once, although I wish I could add an extra gold star. Great, heart warming account. I like the way you interact with your ghosties, and thank you for passing along your Mother's wisdom.
I was interested to note that you saw the dark energy inhabiting an abandoned property. I've seen that mentioned here before, and that is intriguing to me. While there are homeless folks, there are abandoned homes sitting idle, I bet the darkness finds that fact inviting and amusing in and of itself.
Haunted_cleaner (7 stories) (23 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-02)
Hi Jav, Thanks for the positive comments.
I did get Johnny some toys, I wrapped and put under Christmas tree last year. (that will be in part 3) Stewie opened the presents for him 😉
I never saw Johnny with the cat, the cat is probably hiding from the chaotic duo.
Good luck with your game room! 😁
Take care,
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-02)
The last sentence brought a tiny tear to my eye. You are just too sweet for words lady. Plus, I can't get the image out of my mind of Johnny and Stewie running amok through the house. It's priceless!
Have you thought about giving Johnny a couple of toys of his own to play with? It might help keep him from messing with those that he shouldn't. After all, boys will be boys, and every now and then the temptation must be too much too resist.
Have you ever noticed if the cat and the boy interact? I am guessing they must be from two different times?
We do have one more thing in common (besides the foot thing). I also have a tree for my favorite sports team's ornaments. 😁 What's the use in buying them, which I cannot resist doing, if they don't have a special tree of their own for displaying their beauty? Plus, you have given me the push I needed to get my game room plans moving forward! 😁
Thank so much for sharing your ghosties with us!

Jav ❤

~PS~I like it that you want to flip the old codger the bird without ever doing so. Though it would be so hard not to!

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