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A Glowing Figure In The Night


This is a story based on true events that occurred only a few months ago.

I may never forget this short, yet amazing experience.

It all began at my friend Shauntel's house. In short terms, her family is familiar with the supernatural. I don't know much of the details, but I know this has influenced her as well. She's told me stories of bad entities living in her house, even in her room. But now her room is being protected instead of tormented, by a kindly ghost. This is how our story starts; I saw this ghost.

One night I was sleeping over her house, a few weeks back. Finally (very late, I may add), we went to bed. We were reduced to one bed, but we were fine with it. I slept on the edge of the bed, but I didn't feel comfortable the whole night. I felt as though something was in the room, like something was on the edge. Eventually, I fell asleep but I was awoken by something, an image, a ghost.

He seemed to be floating over the edge or he just managed to fit, but he seemed comfortable laying on the bed. He was tall, with his hands placed neatly on his chest. His head turned to me, his body covered in a light blue glow. I couldn't see his face or the clothes he wore, but the outline of his short hair was shining. You probably won't believe me, that a glowing figure was laying next to me, and this is no joke either. He was glowing brightly, so bright my eyes had to adjust to it. I was happy he was here, I was happy I was able to see him. For some reason, I was not concerned at all about the appearance of this ghost. I was totally at ease the entire time he was looking at me. I felt as though he may be smiling. I couldn't help but smile as well.

I know it wasn't a dream. It felt hazy, the whole experience a bit dreary, but I know it was real. I remember my thoughts of the event, I remember my reaction and turning my head back to my sleeping friend besides me. She was asleep the entire time. I also remember waking up in the morning and seeing he wasn't there. I had this familiar feeling, like when you wake up from sleeping with an older sibling or parent in their bed and you awake and they are gone. It's a strong feeling of loneliness. (Some people may know what I am talking about) As we were having breakfast, I told Shauntel of my experience. She nodded her head, replying that she obviously believed me and that I was the only one of her friends to ever actually see him.

My friend then told me of how she saw him in a vision, of his life and even how he died in pictures. But no one, besides myself, had ever actually seen him. Even there, talking about how strong the sensation of safety was almost brought me to tears. It was a happy, amazing feeling this ghost has brought me (not trying to sound too weird...) this feeling of protection and security. I wish to see him again someday soon, this young, kind soul.

He watched over me like a big brother, and I promise to him I will be his sister.

I also want to know more about this. Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? Do 'good' ghosts glow like he did, a light blueish-white? Was he actually good or were his intentions possibly feign? I would appreciate your comments or QUESTIONS if you have any. I will answer truthfully.

I promise this story is completely, one hundred percent true.

- Prometheus

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diane1301 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-25)
I have looked across many sites trying to find something similar to my own experience, to no avail. However I'm unable to publish my own sorry at the moment. But there was a man whose every detail was outlined in a strange bluish white light just after I awoke watching my son. Soon I'll publish my own experience but it makes me feel better to know that others have seen an entire full ghost with this light. Most just see orbs it seems. However I was scared it was pitch black except for this man. Waking up to that I was frozen and it unnerved me that he was watching my son like that.
prometheus (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-25)
Thank you guys for your feedback. My friend said that he lived long ago on some sort of farm/house work with his family. I'll ask her more, but sorry for the late feedback!: (
girlie (15 stories) (426 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-07)
do tell what you friend found out about his life. You mention it but didn't say anymore. I would love to hear it. Thanks for your wonderful story and I do hope you see him again.
Hitsugaya_Toshiro_ice (13 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-06)
That's nice! I believe you.
Maybe the glowing light is his aura? Some ghosts may radiate aura to secure someone or to tranfer their feeling to the living
Maybe he is convincing you that he don't want to hurt you, he just want you to realize through his aura that he is here to protect you. So, he radiate this gentle and calm aura 😊

May you see him again one day and have a nice life.

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