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I want to share my experience with various ghosts that visited my house. In my First post I want to share about my favorite one that was in my house for about 18 years. We are 6 in my family. My grand parents, parents, myself and my sister. My dad bought a land and built our house before 20 years.i.e just after my sister was born. Before that it was a farm land.

Everything was okay since my sister was 5, after that she used to tell that she is seeing stuffs like some girl walking or someone making noise. We didn't believe her. Some 11 years back my grandmother saw a teenage girl wearing a black dress walking from one room to another and disappeared. But she didn't tell us since she thought that we won't believe.

After few days, my mom saw a little girl walking towards the same room and disappeared. She told my father about this. My grandmother also told what she saw. My father called my uncle who is a psychic. After inspecting he said that the little girl and the teen age girl are one and the same. The ex-landlady of our land was buried beneath our house particularly beneath that room as she wished to do so after her death (it's a natural death) before a long time. She loved that land so much, therefore she is still wandering there. Then he asked us to do some rituals. We did that and everything went well after that.

After few months myself and my sister were all alone in our house studying for our exams. Suddenly we heard a breathing sound very closer to us. We couldn't see anything. But we could hear that clearly. I told my little sister in our kid's secret language not to get panic and be as we didn't hear anything. Slowly the breathing sound increased and it seemed much nearer. We started chanting some prayers and the breathing sound became louder and louder. After a while, the sound suddenly stopped and we felt something moving away very faster.

Everything has become a common thing. We weren't afraid since we knew that it has been there for a very long time and it didn't hurt anyone. We started calling her 7th person (as a family member). Few days later. I and my sister was sitting outside our house. An old lady came to our house. She called "Bhagyalakshmi! (girl's name) Come to me! Don't be here!" My mom came out and asked her what she wanted. She didn't replied and she went out suddenly. After that we didn't feel any presence in our house.

Now I have few questions

1.can a ghost change it's appearance like whatever it wants?

2.Both the times it was seen it was wearing my dress. (trust me! I wasn't there) why it did so?

3.My uncle whom I said psychic felt some one trying to kill him by pushing him down hardly, when he came to our house after he made us to do the rituals. If the ghost is able to do so why didn't it hurt us?

4.why did it made that breathing noise? It was like it wanted to get our attention. Did it want to communicate something to us?

5.Who is that old lady? We haven't seen her before and after that incident...

Anyway we still miss our bhagyalakshmi.

Feed me with your comments! Meet you again with another incident

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speeddeamon666 (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-19)
maybe the old lady who came and called the spirit away wasn't even living either...
Bluerose19 (3 stories) (164 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-13)
Please don't say things like 'we miss our Bhagyalakshmi'...!... 😐...What if she comes back...? (though she didn't harm your family members but you did say that your uncle felt it pushed him to kill right...?) We all can conclude from your story that it was only after the old lady came shouting that name that the 'spirit' in your home disappeared... That lady must be someone related to the spirit of the old lady in your house who could not disobey her 'call' and so she left... Hope you all are living in peace now! Take care...
shyenne (15 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-07)
The ghost is wearing your clothes? Hmm it's possible if it's a doppelganger (German term for Double walker) and of course it looks like you but if you say it's really a ghost, it doesn't look like you and it's wearing your clothes hmm I don't know about that. As far as I know, most shapeshifter are not a human soul (correct me if i'm wrong) these are spirits or elemental that not like ours. On the other hand, the old lady that you're referring to who owns the land before and still lingers, there are cases like that when a dead person loves his/her property too much, they don't want to let go.
Try to watch the movie "the others" it's kind of like that...


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