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Demon Sitting On Chest


My name is Effy and a while back I've had a few "Demonic" Encounters in my house, and I have done a bit research, but not much...

But one night it seemed calm for once, I went to bed as normal and tried to sleep, on my back of course, due to I have to because of my shoulder is a bit screwed up, but it didn't seem very long until suddenly I felt this shudder up my spine, like you know when you're cold or something? But anyway, Suddenly my chest started hurting, as if someone was sitting on it? Or weighing me down. And I noticed I could look around, but it seemed that I couldn't get up, I wasn't able to, as if I was forced down, held against my will kind of thing?

No matter how much I tried? It felt like an erie... Unwanted and uncomfortable feeling ran over me, I can't explain the feeling, In words, or speaking, but after a while, suddenly I felt this cold feeling against my leg, it took a while until finally I was able to actually lift myself up, I felt like the breath was just completely sucked out of me and hurt to breathe, I ended up going into the bathroom down the hallway, I had a long sort of scratch down my leg? Starting from my thigh down to my ankle at least, but it wasn't exactly completely straight. And of course I was bleeding. But I have no way of explaining this. Or of what happened or what it could of been other than a demon?

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1sweetness (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-16)
I found this site a couple days ago, I registered today & started reading the stories hoping I could find some answers to my questions & hopefully find someone with similiar situations. As I'm reading your story of what happened to (your chest) I swear I couldn't of described what happened to me any better myself! However I also felt a tight hot squeeze on my neck & I was wide awake, sober & laying on my side, just as other occurrences that also happen during the day. Before I get touched by this thing I can hear & feel it coming. Its been about a month so I'm still usually terrified esp. During the day I'm confined to one room so I have no other choice but to endure & ignore until I move. It touches me almost everyday now, but twice it has hurt me. I even went to my doc. Because I thought I was loosing it, then told my religious mother not the best ideas. I hope for you and others that it is a condition maybe that can be treated, but if its something worse I hope we can figure it out & rid of it. ❤
speeddeamon666 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-19)
i believe you... Though a demon does seem a an angry spirit... Because demons are supposed to be evil... So it wouldn't just sit on you and rip your leg open... Its claw and maul you with sharp claws or something.
Jesus_soldier (guest)
12 years ago (2012-06-08)
Yeah, this is sleep paralysis that you experienced. I had this happen so much as a kid that it isn't. I didn't know they had a word for it until I came on here a couple years ago. I don't know about the long scratch though 😕.

Thank you for sharing
Oerath (30 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-07)
Most likely sleep paralysis. It's fairly common, but can be terrifying if you're not familiar with it. The scratch is also likely explainible by grogginess and something pointy, though that's not always the case. You do mention othe rencounters in the home though, so there may be more to it. Hard to say without more info. Even if you do have some other spirit in the home, a Demon is fairly unlikely unless you dabble in demonology or the house has a history with those who do.
shyenne (15 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-07)
In science, the term is Sleep paralysis[it happens when you're Sleeping in a face upwards or supine position, Increased stress and Sudden environmental or lifestyle changes, A lucid dream that immediately precedes the episode and Excessive consumption of alcohol coupled with lack of adequate sleep]. This happens during REM (rapid eye movement) this is the time when you usually remember most of your dream which occur or happens in the last 15-20 minutes of your sleep. In your case, since you have a scratch on your leg I guess that's a different story unless there's an uneven or sharp object near your bed or what not.
Just observe and take note if these "episodes" happen again maybe there's a spirit or elemental in your house. If it does then you must find a way to stop this before it gets worse.
Are you living alone? Hope not...
God bless


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