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This happened about 5 years ago. I had just started to do sleepovers at my boyfriend's house. He lived in a 3 stories family house with brother on 1st, mom on 2nd and my boyfriend on 3rd. His dad was living with him at the time so we would stay at his mom's on the 2nd. She was at her boyfriend's house on weekends.

My boyfriend had gotten up and kiss me goodbye, he had a early shift at work. I rolled over on my side and was about to go to sleep when I heard someone walk into the bedroom and go to the jewelry on the dresser. I thought maybe it was my boyfriend coming in for something. I said "Honey" and was rolling over back to see my boyfriend when at the corner of my eye I saw a dark figure walk by me. I got really scared because I realized it was not my boyfriend. I heard the "figure" walk from the kitchen to the living room. I was too scared to follow it.

I quickly called my boyfriend and told him to get the house ASAP. He came home to find me under his mother's covers. He at first thought it was his dad coming into the house but he locked the doors. And there is no other way to get into the 2nd floor. His brother was not home, he was away for the weekend. This was not the last time we experienced something at the house. When I told his mom about it she said she had experienced things like that often in her house.

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