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What A Surprise Conformation


Let me start by saying I am a true believer in signs from our loved ones that have passed over to the next realm. I don't believe in God and such so I use realm as a way to describe the next phase of life. I used to believe but my faith was shaken and broken. And no one can give me a suitable explanation for my issue so it will never be restored. That is different story than we share here.

I recently started painting... I will admit I got some practicing to do LOL. Anyway, my mom passed 5/5/2020. She was all alone due to COVID. I still feel so bad about that. But her favorite flower was a daisy. Plain and simple but beautiful daisy.

The morning of 7/3/2022 I had gone to the gym and when I got home around 11 AM I told Alexa to play "Memories" by Maroon 5, one of my favorite songs by them. As I sat home alone and decided to paint a daisy and do it as an "in memorial of" tribute on it as well. On the painting, it says "You Are Kept Alive By Our Memories With Love".

When I got finished around 2:30/3:00 PM, I posted it on my Facebook page with a little "message" to her saying "I hope you like it"!

About 20 minutes later I sat there watching Fact or Fiction, my sons and I enjoyed when they were younger, and got the surprise message from my mom.

Now sometimes if someone on TV says something close to Alexa, she will "bloop" like she is turning on but never say anything.

This time Alexa came on with her "bloop' and said that was Memories by Maroon 5. Mind you again, I had listened to it about 4-ish hours before that. It is the first time she had done that.

I said "Thank you for letting me know that you seen and liked the painting I did for you, Mother"

What a nice surprise I had just when I needed it too.

I was going to add a picture of the painting but can not figure out how.

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RCRuskin (9 stories) (815 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-07)
An interesting and touching experience.

I'm interested to see your painting of a daisy as well, mostly because it reminded me of the song by Jud Strunk that involved a death. Https:// (And if that doesn't work, just search for 'daisy a day' in whatever platform you use for music. I'm sure Alexa knows.)

If you could post a link to the image on facebook, or if you have a deviantart account, not that you are a deviant, that's just the name of the website, you could post it there and give us a link? Thanks! 😁
Rajine (14 stories) (771 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-06)
Hi Piperasc

Just like you I also believe that loved ones who've passed on are always around us even though we can't see them anymore and they will give us little signs now and then or when we are at our lowest, to show us that they are still around and guiding us and giving us strength when we need it, all we have to do is open ourselves up to experience it.

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