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First and foremost, I am skeptical about ghosts of some sorts. I don't even believe that they exist. Yet there's this story that happened some time after we moved out to another city just when I'm in college years.

I can't recall how old I am that time, but we used to rent a house in Manila. We lived there for at least 11 years. Together with my four siblings, we spent our childhood to adolescence like any other typical kids that age. Unfortunately, money is a huge family problem during those times, and we kept on moving to different houses where we can afford the rent. Good thing is, this is the house where we stayed longer than anywhere else, but there's a trade-off.

The house has six to seven feet clearance and rough floor area of 20 square meters. There's a second floor, somebody else occupied the rooms above us. Aside from the five children living in that house, my mother and my grandparents are also living with us (it's a really cramped place now that I'm imagining it today, but hey, we're still young and small at that time, and we believed it was big enough for us). Rumors abound the part of the house we are renting, from mysteries to urban legends to the point where you're not going to consider any of them. But now that I think of it, there must be something in there.

The room we rent is below the lower room. Those who believe in Feng Shui takes this as a bad luck (like we're carrying other's weights). Truly, we always have financial problems back then and my brother suffered from leukemia. Our neighbors believed another - the previous family who also used to lived there have a dark history, so dark I can't give myself a try to consider.

They said that there used to be a murder scene right in the restroom spot. It wasn't a restroom yet in the past, but they said something evil lurks in that particular place. Fancy that, all of us have weird feelings whenever we use the restroom. Only weird feelings, no actual apparitions or such.

Then my grandfather used to talk to himself during midnight, only to hear that he's talking to somebody else. We asked him who he was conversing to, but he looks like he can't hear us (or just avoiding us). Then after some time he'll angrily shout and it's as if shoving an invisible being. He'll then point to us and say, "Paalisin nyo nga ang batang ito!" (Take this kid off my sight!).

We thought he's attitude is part of growing old, until my grandmother started doing the same thing. And it's a kid again. We can't tell for sure if he/she's the same kid they're talking about, but we were told that the kid is mischievous enough to "steal" my grandmother's purse every time.

My mother would also complain almost every day as to why some of her money would be gone from her wallet. She would openly say (as if she's talking to somebody) to return the money and she won't be mad.

Time quickly flew and we decided to move to another house. We're growing and we need space to breath. Thus we left that house. I thought the eerie stories would end up there - only to know that these thing would not stop at all.

Days after we vacated the house, the landlord has decided to renovate the entire place. Their carpenter immediately dropped the job after working for just three hours. When asked why, he narrated his experience in a straight-forward manner: "Ipapatong ko ang martilyo ko sa kaliwa ko kapag hindi ko ginagamit, kapag kukunin ko na wala na sa kaliwa, nasa kanan ko na. Iisipin ko pa sana na nawala lang sa isip ko kung saan ko pinatong, pero may tumakbong bata papasok doon sa kwarto. Madilim sa lugar na yun at isa lang ang pinto - nasa bandang pinto pa lang ako gumagawa kaya hindi ko alam kung saan siya galing." (I place my hammer to my left when I don't use it, but whenever I try to pick it up, I'll find it on my right. I'm about to believe that I must have misplaced it every time, until a kid suddenly ran into the room. It's a dark room and there's only one entry - the door where I am currently working on and I don't know where he came from). And to top it all off, it is broad daylight."

The landlord then decided to recruit more workers to speed up the renovation (at least they have company during work unlike the unlucky single carpenter at first). Even the landlord helped during the process. After breaking some walls and turning things over, they were surprised to see paper bills of different denominations, all torn up as if played on by an innocent kid.

They've decided to block the entire restroom with a brick wall and made it like a huge post. There haven't any persons using it now. Last thing we heard is that the house is open for rent for the fourth time. Previous residents said they can't sleep during the night when some kid continuously shout and bang the huge post as if from the inside trying to break out.

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Carolann1015 (1 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-22)
I think that the child there might not be harmful, so there might not be a reason to be too worried. I hope all goes well 😊
mrfear672india (106 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-20)
Did people resided there previously experienced the same or he came along with you.
Might have the child belongs to the people previously resided in that house who had died there after his death they shifted to other place.
But the soul of child could have remained there.

I think he is not harmful., take care

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