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Creepy Memories From My Childhood


This is not a singular story but a collection of incidents that occurred in my parent's house, during my childhood. I present them like this because each is too short and fleeting to be worth posting individually. So, here we go...

I grew up in an older home with a creepy backstory: it had belonged to a high school gym teacher who was exposed as a pederast after making overtures towards male students. He was dismissed from his position (though no criminal charges were brought against him) and later, if I recall correctly, committed suicide.

While he never appeared to me himself, I did experience a plethora of disturbing phenomena. The house was cloaked in an unnaturally 'thick' atmosphere, accompanied by persistent feelings of being watched, followed, and having one's thoughts read. Consequently, I would often peer over my shoulder, expecting to see something, and run up and down stairs. I don't know why, but this quality was felt the most intensely in two locations: the back of the basement (especially in the tool room/work shop) and the upstairs (especially my bedroom). Oddly, the first floor always felt fairly normal.

The first visual phenomena to emerge in addition to the general feeling of weirdness was what I now recognize as "shadow people". These included the diminutive running figures seen in peripheral vision, as well as an assortment of figures resembling the heads on Easter Island and one tall, looming figure I intuited was female. (Years later, my mother would admit to having witnessed these same appearances, albeit hers were gray and congregated on the stair steps).

The phenomena was most intense in my bedroom, where at night I saw a number of bizarre scenes. The first time I awoke in the dead of night to spot an emaciated, grey skinned figure with exposed bone tissue and viscera seated on the rocking chair in the middle of my bedroom, wearing tattered remnants of my father's clothing.

The next I saw a slideshow like sequence of images of a grim reaper figure and the Egyptian deity Anubis sipping tea together on a boat (!) as it passed through the Nile river. The most intense experience was a guttural, mocking laughter issuing forth from the far corner of my ceiling, which grew and echoed for several seconds until abruptly quieting.

These episodes, which kept me in a state of near constant fear and anxiety, declined in frequency until eventually ceasing altogether as I entered puberty. I would have one single "after the fact" experience when I was 14, in my bedroom, in which I heard very briefly a faint, tortured voice quietly call my name, as if it needed my attention.

In recent years, my father has admitted to feeling a sensation of darkness and dread in the basement work-room, where he kept his home maintenance equipment at the time. He's also asserted that one evening, as a small child, I saw something in the driveway through an upstairs window and was deeply frightened by it; I have no recollection of this, and he never saw the thing himself.

To ask bluntly, what do you think was going on in my childhood home?

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Mimi81 (203 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-05)
I think the reason the experiences stopped when you got older was because of the type of entities inhabiting the house. They were malicious entities that got their kicks off terrorizing a child. It wasn't as much fun when you got older.

The figures showed themselves to your mom because they enjoyed scaring women, though obviously not as much as scaring you. Your dad's experience was mild because he was an adult male.

You grew up in a home filled with seriously evil beings. I hope your parents no longer live there.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-03)
Hi...Oh no... Not the Illuminati 😜,

Well, if the legend of the gym teacher is true, or something similarly disturbing, it's likely the home was a magnet for negative entities. Entities could refer to anything from human ghosts, to non-human entities, to thought forms and kinetic energy. If conditions were right, for both home and occupants, all may have been present at one time or another.

It's interesting the activity slowed down once you hit puberty. It's usually the other way around.

The grey skinned creature wearing tatters of your father's clothing. Really not nice. Wendigo springs to mind, they're said to 'feed' on the energy of a host/victim. I think Wendigos feed on 'sexual' energy. Similar to incubus/succubus. I could be wrong about that. In any case, really not nice, if this is what you saw.
However, the fact it wore your father's clothing, albeit dishevelled remnants, might lean toward a thought form. A manifestation of situation or emotion. Were you at odds with him at this time?

The vision of the Reaper and Anubis, don't mean to trivialise your fear, but this vision sounded quite positive. As in two death entities at peace, sipping tea, on the Nile. Deep stuff; a vast body of water might represent spirituality, the sharing of tea could symbolise harmony and interconnectedness, the boat a vessel as in physical body drifting slowly immersed in spirituality. Sounds pretty cool to me.

The laughter coming from ceiling, again, probably not so nice.

It felt, while reading your experiences, that there was a fair amount of positive energy in your home too, which kept the negative in check. Just enough positivity that the negative forces were never able to get a firm enough grip to unleash what they likely intended. I surmise from the encounters being varied and sporadic.

Thanks for sharing and please, if you can, cleanse and shield that place!

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