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Tucked in by a Dead, Blind Grandma


I have had paranormal experiences since I was a very small child. When I was 17, my family moved from TX to NY. As it was still school time, my parents decided that I would stay with my elder sister to complete my school year before I moved with them into our new house. At nearly 30 years later, I can't say what their logic was to move me from TX to a small NY village for two months, then 80 miles away to another small NY village. Whatever it was, I was to stay with my sister, her husband and two children.

Her eldest, a girl of 9 or so, was on a school break and at some sort of camp. So, for the time being, I was to stay in her bedroom until they made room for me. The house was sunny, single floor, almost a ranch style. It was odd in that many of the rooms had a small walled off corner, with the walls maybe 3-1/2 feet high, no doorway, but a toilet & sink in this area. There was a regular bathroom with toilet, sink, tub, etc. And maybe 3 or so of these sort-of toilets. Weird, I thought, but never really mentioned it.

The house seemed your standard 1960's maybe basic house, nothing spooky at all. Without much information on the house, I went to bed that night. The windows were at least 6 feet off the ground and a streetlight shone in. I felt as though I wasn't alone, but put it down to nerves, exhaustion, a long day, whatever. I climbed into bed, lay down on my back, and pulled the covers up. The sense - no sound, just a sense - that someone was near my bed made me open my eyes. I felt someone sit down next to my right hip, saw no one, but the blanket bunched up as though weight crunched it down. Then I felt a small adult-sized hand gently touch my upper chest, right by my throat, then a cold hand patted my right cheek once, twice, three times. The hand went away and I felt and saw the edge of the blanket tug up a little further to my chin.

I was frightened at the time and didn't sleep for a very long time. When I did, it was peaceful, dreamless and comfortable. The next morning, I asked casually if my sister knew the history of her house. "Oh, sure!" She laughed. "Did Gramma tuck you in? She tucks Theresa in every night!" It turns out that the house had been a barn. A loving son converted it to a home for his blind mother, which was why many of the rooms had the mini bathrooms. The old woman had died in the same room I had slept in.

I chose to sleep elsewhere after that. I wasn't particularly scared of her, I was just a twitchy 17-year-old-twerp who wanted nothing and no one nearby. Typical adolescent behaviour. I look back and laugh now, as there was nothing but love and comfort in that visit.

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lian01 (3 stories) (65 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-24)
I wish I had a little old ghost lady to tuck me in! She's sounds really friendly, you're lucky to have had a nice calming experience. Thanks for answering my question!
Raven_CT (2 stories) (3 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-24)
Hi, Lian,
I lived at that house for about 2 or 3 months. In that time, Gramma seemed to stay mostly in the room she died. However... I got touched more than once, just sort of little pats like, "Oh, there you are, dear. How are you, sweetheart?" My niece was patted too, and thought nothing of it. Her younger brother, about 3 or 4, would laugh for no reason, then say that Gramma had tickled him. This was all done gently, without fear or malice. Just a loving motherly check-in on the children. My sister lived there for years with this interaction and never felt threatened. She thought it was neat to "inherit" another Gramma.
lian01 (3 stories) (65 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-24)
That's a really sweet story! It's good to read a nice simple ghost encounter. Did you have any other encounters there?
CearysAwesome (guest)
17 years ago (2007-07-23)
Wow...that's a sweet story about the son building the house from a barn for his blind mother... Nothing to scary about's okay though if you were scared because it's just a little shocking to be touched by a ghost. I would be a bit scared too if I were you. Don't worry about it :D


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