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Not Everyone Left Woolworths


This is my first time so every one be gentle.

I once worked at a Woolworths' store, in Ilford anyone from the area will know where it once was and there was a lot of strange going-ons happening there.

I will only go into detail about the two things that happened to me, as everything else is second-hand information and I might not get it down right. My first experience was as I was sitting in the break room drinking a can of Coke.

I placed my drink on the table to continue to read my book. About five minutes later I went to pick up my drink only to see it spinning slowly on the table by itself. There was no way any thing normal like wind was doing this and to be frank, I'm sure wind cannot make a half full can spin!

The second and most freaky advent that happened to me was as I was working in the Cafe prepping up sandwiches to sell to the Woolworth customers.

I had just finish making up four of them ready to be cut in half and placed in their boxes when I reached for bread knife I noticed that, like the can a couple of months before, it was spinning! I called out to my boss to come over and have a look as I wanted a witness like I had for the can, just to prove to myself that I was not going mad. When she ran over and asked why I shouted for her, the knife stopped... Blade first, pointing at me!

My boss missed the spinning knife but she had no problems believing me, as she said my face went white as a sheet. After that I had to sit at the back of the Cafe as far from the knife as I could for about half an hour before I could compose myself.

As I said, these are not the only things that happened in that store, but they are the ones directly seen by me. The only other thing was as me and a friend who was locking the store up got the signing out book so the night team could go, we both heard someone working at one of the shelves. When we went to tell them to get their stuff ready to go, no one was there.

We checked with the guys waiting for us to get the book but everyone was accounted for, and it did not end there. As I was waiting to be picked up, I had my headphones on so could not hear anything when I noticed my friend had returned. I took of my headphones to ask why he was back, to get my answer before I even asked it... The store alarm had been set off, the motion alarms that were set at shoulder height.

I have some more stuff that I was told happened in the store. Some sighting, others strange smells or noises but all second or third hand information.

Whatever the truth, I believe that someone or something is still there and has not left the store when we closed and locked the store for the final time.

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beliver1980 (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-17)
just so you comment ashville and yes I have. I was meeting a friend late one night at his work place Ashdon Playing field in Woodford Bridge and a couple of his collegues were scared out of their minds.
Turns out the whole place is huanted but i'll concentrate on the store room. That night they heard bangs and saw stones thrown about. I laugh at it now becouse when I got involed in did the whole "is anyone here" thing there was a bang and everyone bar me ran for it 😊. Plus my mate on the second try of doing it proply said "if they is anyone here please throw some thing at michael (me!) " and since there were shot putts, discuses and javalins I was not happy 😆. But they did chuck a stone at me hitting my chest... Everyone elas was behind me 😐.
beliver1980 (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-17)
Ok let's start with the can I never heard your idea befor Mountaineer and its a good one but what would make it spin while it was hydroplaning?
The knife was round handled but I had not touched it for about 10 minutes befor I saw it spin.
And with the exits there is only one and you can not leave with out signing out and everyone was acounted for plus you could not re-enter the store as there is one entance after locking up (other entarces are locked and bared from the inside) and to go in you would need (a) key and (b) to get by me as it was raining and I was waiting in the door way. Thanks for these explanations but i'm still not convinced
Mountaineer (4 stories) (176 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-27)
The can was most likely hydroplaning. Water condenses on the outside of the can, which is cooler than the outside air, and gets the table wet. You pick up the can and put it back down, trapping a bubble of air between the can and the water, causing it to hydroplane and move. This is an eerie, but completely common and natural phenomenon. As for the bread knife, If it had a rounded handle and someone had just put it down, it might have spun like how you described. I see it all the time. How many exits are there at the store? Is it possible that the person you heard left through a different exit before you got up there? And then perhaps realized that they forgot something and reentered the store, inadvertently setting off the alarm? You were closing for the last time after all, which is a hectic event, so someone could easily have forgotten something, especially if they were in a hurry to leave. Plus there would be no coming back the next day to get your jacket.
Mabs_Sith_Lord (72 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-27)
Ah man! I miss Woolies so much! The pic'n'mix! The clothes, It was so unique... Damn the recession!

Sorry just veering off! Coming back to the story, I think there may have been a spiritual presence at the store you spoke of (yes - I have been to the one in Ilford you were talking about!).

There's a lot of history in some of the placees in London. I feel it may have been a spirit which made its haunt at Woolies. But the spinning aspect is very odd indeed! I think there's nothing to worry about though!

Interesting story and thanks for sharing!
ashville (3 stories) (42 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-27)
Hey believer, that sounds really frightening, the spinning part. I'm not an expert... But things moving randomly, falling, etc seem a little bit more "ok" than spinning (in my opinion). Creepy. I have been to the woolies head offices a few times here in South Africa, but have not seen or heard anything as of yet. Has there been any odd occurences happening around you outside your offices?

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