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There Is Not Always An Explanation


I will admit that I have never been a religious or spiritual person. I tend to not believe it if I can't see it, and whenever something odd occurs I try to find a reasonable explanation to make sense of it. Over the years though, it has become harder and harder to try to find explanations for odd things that I have experienced throughout my life.

My first odd experience was when I was a little kid. For a while I would hear someone whispering my name at night. This didn't just happen once or twice - it happened on a weekly basis for about a year. My sister who I shared a room with at the time swore it wasn't her and said that she never heard it. I would sometimes hear someone saying my name over and over.

When I was about 9 I no longer had to share a room, and had my own bedroom. Some nights I would be woken up because my bedroom light would turn on. I slept with my door open a little bit, so I convinced myself my younger brother who sleepwalked would get up and turn it on, but I had never seen him turning on lights in his sleep, so I never had any reason to think it was him other than trying to convince myself.

There was also a time when I was 9 that I was having a bath with the bathroom door open. It was summer and so our front screen door was open. When I got out of the bath to dry myself I could see the screen door through the reflection in the bathroom mirror. I very clearly saw a pale boy and a girl standing right outside the screen door making eye contact with me through the reflection. Embarrassed because I was just in a towel, I shut the bathroom door and then got dressed. When I came out I asked my dad, who had been sitting in the front room which was right beside the door watching TV, who had been at the door. He said no one had come to the house, and he was right beside the window so there is no way he would not have seen someone walking up. To this day I can still clearly see the kids in my mind.

My dad passed away when I was 11 and we moved to a new house, but before we did there was one more thing that happened in my old house. I was sitting in my bedroom playing and all of a sudden my clothes on hangers in my open closet started moving. I ran out of my room because it creeped me out, but being the person always trying to find an explanation I convinced myself that a shirt had fallen or moved and therefore cause the hangers to move (although I don't know how that would make them all move).

Once we moved to our new house is when things that can't really be explained started happening to me. I can't explain why, but I have always gotten a creepy feeling whenever I go in my basement. One day when I was 14 I was home alone and was on the computer in our basement. All of a sudden my brothers' remote controlled skateboarder toy started skating around in circles behind me. The toy was off, and the remote was right beside it, so there is no way someone had come home and was playing a trick on me. The worst part was that in order for me to run upstairs, I had to step right over the toy. I can't explain this at all and to this day it still scares me.

The most recent thing that happened was last year when I was 22. My 8 year old dog has slept in my room every single night since he was a puppy. Last year I started hearing clicking noises in my room. I don't know how to explain it other than if you imagine what tiny fire crackers would sound like. I would be trying to fall asleep and all of a sudden there would be clicking from all sides of my room. I would hear click at the end of my bed, then the right side, then above me, then the left side, etc. It was not just normal creaking of the house settling. Sometimes it sounded like the clicking was right beside my ear. When this happened my dog would jump up.

At first he would just sit up for a while and then go back to sleep, but after a few weeks of this, more weird stuff happened. My room got really cold. I had to put on 2 socks on each foot and would still be shivering, which is so odd because I am one of those people who is super hot all the time. I also got an odd feeling when I would go in my room, like I was being watched. My dog then started refusing to sleep in my room. I would put him on my bed at night and he would run to the door trembling, eyes wide and looking all of the room, scratch at the door, whine, and basically act panicked until I let him out. I would let him out and then go back to bed. He would then scratch at the outside of my door, and when I opened it he would start walking away, then look back, then walk away again.

For those of you who don't own dogs, this bascially means they want you to follow them. It was like he was trying to get me out of the room as well. I would bring him into my room every night, and every night for 1 month he would do this and demand I let him out. After one month the loud clicking noises stopped (I still hear it sometimes, but not as extreme) and my dog started sleeping in my room again. Its one thing when you think you hear something, but it's another thing when your dog seems to be noticing it too.

Neither of my houses were old. Both of them only had 1 previous owner. I don't know if my experiences are ghost related, but they sure seem odd. What do you think?

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Lauren1989 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-31)
Thanks for the reply. The way my dog always acts does make me think that he is seeing something that I am unable to see.
Heartique (guest)
12 years ago (2012-08-05)
I completely agree with the dog thing. When I hear noises that are just completely weird and to me so unexplainable my dog stands up on my bed ears pointed just staring off into the dark then he would demand I let him out. I heard animals are sensitive to spirits, I truly believe this. Your story was great:) thanks for sharing!

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