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Yunker's Farm Investigation


Me and two of my friends absolutely love ghost hunting, even if we've only gone on one investigation, which was over a year ago. This is what I can remember, from that investigation.

Yunker's Farm, a child's museum that's in Fargo where we live, has been known to be haunted by some of the kids and their mother who had died there. This was our first investigation, but we had seen enough ghost hunting shows to understand the basics. Right when we got there, things felt off. We all had gone there before, but the atmosphere just felt different for some reason. I believe that the ghosts may have guessed that we weren't just there for what the museum had to offer. I think they knew we were trying to go after them, to catch them on video or audio.

We immediately investigated our favorite site: the well that was hidden behind some trees. One of the kids who had lived there had fallen in and drowned. In this area, there have been sightings of a small girl, around the age of five to six, in a white dress. Also, there have been people claiming they've had difficulty breathing, as if there was something pressing against their lungs, not allowing them to breath properly. That was our first bit of paranormal activity. We were only able to go there for a few minutes at a time because of the difficulty in breathing. It only took me a few moments to realize what this feeling was like: it felt like being in a pool, when you're swimming under water and you run out of air, and your lungs begin to scream for oxygen.

Whoever that ghost was, I believe she, or he, may have been trying to show us the agony they felt before dying. While explaining this to my two friends, I saw a girl standing behind one of them, a few yards back. I froze up and stared hard at her, frozen to one spot in utter fear. Her eyes looked blank, almost completely white. When she began to turn and walk away, I sprinted after her, ignoring my two friends as they yelled for me to come back. She turned around a tree, and was gone. The entire time I had been using my MP3's camera to record everything. I wanted so badly to go back and check if I had caught this girl on camera, but I wasn't going to stop filming until our investigation was over, in case I missed something.

After this we wandered around, not really looking for any ghosts. After I had seen her, my two friends had also seen her, at different times. We just wanted to get out of there, for a breather. But, without meaning to, we found something rather interesting. A small doll house it looked like, but it was old and dirty. There were statues of angels and other figures there with words etched into them. For a few of them, the last words were the names of haunted places. These are the only words I can remember. The fear they had stricken into me will stay with me forever.

The words were WELL, HOUSE, and TRACKS. The well, where breathing is said to be difficult and you can see a girl in a white dress. The house, where the door leading to a back room is locked and unlocked, when only one person has a key. The tracks, where an apparition of a young boy can be seen. We didn't know if these were just coincidences, or if they were clues to where we should investigate. Either way, they struck fear into our very cores, unnerving us even more than the apparition of the girl had.

After seeing these, we decided to leave. The tracks were too busy to investigate at that moment, and no one is allowed into the back room of the house unless you pay to get in. While reviewing the video I had taken, I noticed something odd. After almost an entire hour dedicated to investigating, I only had a seven second video. It had been recording the entire time, from what I had seen.

I immediately wondered if this was a sign that the girl had used my batteries energy to show herself to us. The video, however, randomly disappeared from my MP3 the next morning. I didn't delete it, but it was gone. At that moment, I remember thinking, "Ghosts are supposed to be more active at night. We had all that activity during the day. What could be waiting for us in the night, if we ever go back there?"

Despite wanting to go back, we never did. But, in our one visit, we did prove that Yunker's Farm, was more than meets the eye.

This investigation took place last summer, in the month of August 2011, with me (Coltan) and my two friends, Will and Spencer. We are all 13 years of age, me being almost 14, and we are beginner ghost hunters who had an amazing first investigation. We are planning on investigating more in the future, and our next place to investigate, will be the Wishek Wolf House, which we will investigate in a few years as it's almost 140 miles away and we have no way to get there. We also have several more spots picked out for investigating when we're older.

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Shadowclaw777 (3 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-15)
Zzsgranny -
Thanks; I'll check out that site!:D

Cliney -

BrokenTree -
Well, that was over a year ago, so it was rather hard to remember some of that stuff. And MP3 camera's don't have lens caps, also, had charged my MP3 all night, so it was at full.
And alright; thanks for the tips, next time I know that we're not going to go in blindly like we had. That wasn't exactly our brightest idea. XD
BrokenTree (76 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-15)
I would like to offer a suggestion. You frequently stated that you couldn't remember some things which might have been important to the story. I suggest that you either take notes when investigating or use a recorder to keep tabs on what is going on. Whenever I read a story and the author says "I can't really remember." I stop reading. If you are admitting that your memory is faulty at that point, then how does it stand up for the rest of the story?
One thing I have learned when using video cameras is to stop often and review what I have. It will save you the grief of discovering that you left the lens cap on, your batteries have run down or there is a huge smudge on the lens.
I also agree with granny. You and your friends are very young to be poking around something you know little about. You also seem to be doing so without "protecting" yourselves first. I would hate to see you injured because you saw something that scared you so badly that you blindly turn and run away only to injure yourself doing so.
I would suggest that you take some time off to study and research what you want to do and then hook up with a legitimate paranormal investigative group so that you can learn some more.

Stay well.
Cliney1212 (4 stories) (121 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-15)
Shadowclaw...I really enjoyed your story and I have to say it was really well written. I hope you do get the chance to o back because I for 1 look forward to reading about your findings 😊
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-08-15)
Shadowclaw: One of the first things beginers need to understand is the difference between a "ghost hunter" and a "paranormal researcher"...So I suggest you make a list of what you intend to accomplish through your investigations, and be honest... If your intentions are to get some cool stuff on video, in pictures, or on recordings, then you're a ghost hunter... If you want to prove/disprove the existance of spirits in any given location and are willing to share your scientific data with the community (not evidence collected from the "Ghost Radar" for example), and also have the means/knowledge to assist in crossing spirits over, etc., then you can MAYBE call yourself an "investigator/researcher"...

Here are some tips for beginers:


You'll have to copy/paste the link to your browser, I can't get it to work LOL 😆

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