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The Cold Bedroom


At the time this happened I didn't really perceive it as something paranormal. It was such a minor thing and it wasn't until afterwards that I realized it was kind of spooky and unusual.

Around the year 2000, I was missing friends who had, for various reasons, moved from Southern California and would fly up to the Bay Area fairly frequently for weekend visits to their homes. It was fun to spend time with them and see how much their lives had changed.

Allison had married Bobby, who had two grown daughters. The girls had all but moved out of their home in San Jose. Lindsey was away on a trip to Russia and so I stayed in her room. There was a large window in her room that faced south and there was always a breeze blowing the curtains around. The room was always very, very cool, almost chilly and at the time, I just put it down to the nice cross-breeze and enjoyed the air-conditioned feel of it, though the weather was very hot and stifling that summer and the rest of the house was fairly warm.

It was almost time for me to return home when I got to talking to Allison about it. I told her I found the room almost too cold, but that I didn't feel frightened or uncomfortable. She agreed but she got a sort of closed-mouth look about her when I mentioned it, so I didn't push the subject.

Now I wish I had asked if it was always so cold, even in winter or if they had measured the temperature, had there been seances held in the room or had there been a death or suicide in there or what?

Come to think of it, her brother-in-law died from an auto-immune disease shortly before, but I thought he had gone to a hospice setting. It was still a very painful subject for them all at the time. Since we've lost touch I'll probably never know, but I think about that cold, cold little room from time to time and I just wonder.

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H2olily (5 stories) (157 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-25)
Allison is a very brave, go-getting person. But she would be uncomfortable talking about what she felt was "family business" though. And I'm just sharing my actual experience, which seems weird to me in retrospect. You don't have to believe me. It was a hot, hot summer and the rest of the house was stuffy warm, which I don't mind, I hate A/C. Just that one room was cool as a sub-basement at all times, day or night. Could easily have been natural causes.
Night_Vampire (19 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-25)
I agree with sds here when I read this story it not seem to be like anything"paranormal" there might be some natural reasons also to explain this "coldness"

sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-25)
Hi H2olily, to be frank I don't think I relate this particular coldness of the room to anything paranormal even though coldness is felt on occasions. But without further information and with your friend not sharing any of her experiences, if any, with you, its hard to believe.


Lakota73 (5 stories) (108 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-24)

Maybe your friend did sense, from time to time, strange occurances in her house, but decided against speaking about it as she didn't want to admit her family home was haunted or thought perhaps to speak of events would encourage further incidents.

It's a shame you all lost touch as perhaps she now may feel brave enough to discuss what you experienced.

Interesting story, though.

Lakota73 😊

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