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Little Green Gremlin


INTRO: At around the age of 5 or 6 I lived alone with my mother in New York City (manhattan). My mothers part of the family had a history of women who were experts in ghost, saint's, and seeing into the future. Currently my mother's half sister's grandmother is the last to practice such things and she lives in Miami Florida I have always wanted to ask her what I saw that day in my fathers house. At first I thought maybe I was dreaming considering I was so young when I saw it. I asked anyone in my family if they had seen such a thing and my uncle said he had seen it before. It would stare at him with small green eyes while he was trying to sleep and then vanished. I am now sure of what I saw because he explained to me what he saw, and it matched my description of the little Ghost. I'm posting this here to see if maybe someone else can help me understand a little more about the type of entity or ghost I saw.

STORY: It was around probably 9 or 10pm at night and my mom tucked me in for bed. The house was really dark and I asked for a glass of water. After I asked my mother left to the kitchen to get the glass of water, I waited for her and looked around my fathers room nothing had been moved since he left. While looking around something caught my eye. At the top of my fathers closet a swirling green misty orb wafted over my fathers large black boots. It had appeared out of thin air and I watched terrified as the orb constructed itself into what looked like two little greenish feet, then greenish pants, and then what looked like a small greenish jacket or vest top, finally the head appeared it had a thick whitish greenish beard and a pointed hat. He looked very vintage and old with beady eyes and wrinkles pulling at his pointed noes.

From what I saw it looked angry it resembled a gremlin or a gnome-thing. It opened its mouth but made no noise, its eyes were cold and it looked very indulged in my fathers shoes. He tried putting his feet in them but kept walking right out of them like his ghostly state couldn't allow him to physically wear my father shoes. He tried multiple times but couldn't put them on he became more and more frustrated. Finally he gave up and threw kind of like a small tantrum. From this point I can't remember if he saw me quickly and vanished or he heard my mother walking back to my room with water and vanished. Since then I have never seen him again.

From my uncles experiences with the Gremlin it would stare at him at night and even appear in his room whole he was trying to sleep. Each time my uncle would feel something staring at him and would look at him each time he did this the gremlin would move back a bit, But still glare at him very hard. My father lived with my uncle and slept in the next room but when I asked him about it he said he never saw it. I don't know if it ever watched my dad or he didn't notice it. I wonder if the ghost has left the house since that days and what ties it has to my family.

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cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-06)
I got the impression of a leprachaun too because of it's fascination with your father's shoes. However, the description does fit a gnome better. I think it's amazing that both you and your uncle saw the same thing and makes me think that maybe mythical creatures really do exist. 😁
Taylorman18 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-06)
This is very interesting I've never heard of gnomes being mean but at the same time folklore has always made creatures seem evil only to scare children. Gnomes sometimes have the tendencies to want objects I've heard they are very greedy
BadJuuJuu (guest)
9 years ago (2012-09-06)
I agree with the poster who suggested that it was a gnome. From what I've read about gnomes they like to work quietly with no one around. Maybe that's why he kept giving the dirty looks, he wasn't comfortable being seen. The reluctance to be seen seems like a common trait among fae.
Ephemeraismylove (4 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-06)
It's probaly a Gnome or Goblin of some sort I'm not sure if they hurt people or not but they are tricksters. From my understanding it's rare to see one.
khid (7 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-06)
this sounded more like a leprachaun... You noe, rumplestilskin... But glad that's over isn't it shiann? We had this kind of green goblin in malay, its called toyol. But they only steal money and suck on the victims toe only. Look it up too if your interested. Cheers.
Shiann (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-05)
Thankyou so much for commenting Jasmineflowers I am going to look into gnome like creatures at the library thankyou.
jasmineflowers (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-05)
I think this sounds more like a gnome. My uncle used to tell me about them as a kid. (apparently they're quite popular in Mexico Idk) he said his friend would see one and the little Guy would always want to clean his shoes. I was afraid of them honestly since some are supposed to be evil and kidnap kids if you're gullible enough to give them your name. Woooh.:)

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