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The following experience is just one of the many (what I believe to be) supernatural events (as always your thoughts are welcome) that I have experienced in recent years whilst spending time in Ireland.

As I am from an inner city area in England I don't really get chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city life very often so I find that when I go to Ireland to visit family and friends and generally escape- I finally get to unwind and enjoy being out in the countryside, surrounded by nature and I'm pretty sure that's what makes me more sensitive to experiencing strange events.

It was summer 2012, my then boyfriend (now husband) and I were staying at a house that belonged to a family friend. He had spent a lot of time there as a child and it is a lovely looking old house overlooking the sea, very dark inside but comfortable and I didn't feel uneasy overall but I disliked the bathroom and a lot of the paintings and ornaments oddly placed around the house. For example there was a statue of The Virgin Mary on top of the wardrobe in the double room which faced the entry to the bedroom which just seemed odd to me but each room had religious statues and paintings dotted around in odd arrangements- the arrangements I disliked-not the statues!

After our first night there we woke up to all the doors inside the house open- I noted this as I have a little thing about doors being closed and I obviously immediately noticed our bedroom door open from waking up that morning. However, on inspection a lot of the doors were easily unlatched and I attributed it to being an old house but it did just give you a spooky feel.

Another day, in the shower I noticed through the steamed up glass of the shower barrier what looked like a dark figure standing infront of the window. I wiped the glass to see if my boyfriend was there, but no one was, this reeeaaally creeped me out as the bathroom was the room I felt most uncomfortable in, always felt watched and a feeling of dread.

Other little things happened but the one that surprised me out the most yet also slightly amused me was the incident on the second night in after the door opening incidents. We were both tired and ready for bed so I started "closing down" and noticed the second spare bedrooms door was ajar and something unusual caught my eye. The two single beds each had a corner of the covers pulled back neatly as if they were to be used. They certainly hadn't been like that the day before and my boyfriend said he didn't do it and they were probably like it when we came. No one else had been in the house the week we were there and we were responsible for keeping the house whilst there, no cleaner etc.

We went to sleep in the double room and slept soundly, again in the morning our bedroom door was open but what surprised me and I have to admit -at the time- chilled me instantly was that the statue of Mary on the wardrobe was staring down at me and not facing the door as she originally was. Without taking my eyes away I reached for my glasses just to be sure and sure enough the statue was indeed facing me. As my boyfriend stirred I turned and nudged him a bit to wake him up and point it out but as I looked back it was facing the door again as if to make me look like a complete idiot!

I didn't mention it to my boyfriend until the journey home and he then reeled off a list of things he had seen but didn't want to scare me or talk about it while we were there. He had seen the dark figure in the bathroom and he agreed the sheets in the spare room were not like that when we arrived, he said he had woken to the sound of a man whispering his name two nights in a row with no one to be seen. He had a number of items go missing and turn up in their original place later-as I had experienced with a single shoe!

Now he doesn't scare easily but I'm a wuss at times and we sat telling our spooky story to his mom a few nights later and she told of her experiences of the house. It was originally owned by her mother's friend, an elderly woman, and as a child she reports seeing a completely black figure or man with no face start running toward her one day as she walked up the stoney driveway that led to the house on an errand for her mother. She turned and ran back home and her father marched around wanting to know what man had scared his daughter and no one could explain who the mystery black faceless man was, although other local people over the years revealed they had seen variations of the same at the house and land such as a headless black figure and another had said they had seen a black figure with glowing red eyes.

She also said that, in the ways many elderly people in Ireland still are, the household had always been a religious one and it would not have been acceptable for an unmarried couple to sleep in the same bed as we did. We are both Catholic and this did make me smile a bit that maybe the statue of the Virgin Mary turned towards me was the disapproval of a resident spirit, similarly the single beds left turned out for us as a hint to adhere to tradition! Creepy still now but looking back I didn't feel threatened by those events just a bit chilled. I think the dark figure is someone separate altogether though as in the bathroom I've always had the sense of urgency to hurry up and get out.

I've since stayed at the house again maybe a year later and the doors still opened and I still felt uneasy in the bathroom but neither of us have seen the dark figure in the bathroom since our first visit.

I've just realised how much I have written and I still have a few more Irish encounters I planned to mention but I will maybe do a "part 2".

Would love to know your thoughts/questions as always -thanks if you managed to read to the end!

27Flowers x

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MAS814 (6 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-06)
Where is part 2? I think this question itself is enough to portray how interested I am in your story:p

spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-05)
I like the unique name 😊.
I really enjoyed reading this. I invisioned this home, and what it could possibly look like. Seems comfortable and the way you have written this out is very comforting as well.

To have a resident ghostie, keeping you both busy by trying to figure it out, love it! And older home older residents 😊,older traditions.

Thanks for sharing
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-01)
Flowers, I also got the impression the looming window figure was completely different in every way possible. It reminded me of a peeping tom, erugh creepy!
27flowers (2 stories) (25 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-30)
Thanks guys, it makes sense that they would be judgemental and that's fine! I do think there was more than one entity at that particular house, the one that kept dropping "hints" -which don't get me wrong was creepy but looking back quite harmless and then the other one (bathroom). That one just felt darker as it left a feeling of dread.
The thing about ghostly encounters is you are always left wondering "Why?". What happened, who are the spirits, etc. The history is limited but there are plenty of hand-me-down stories of sightings of a dark shadowy man and the like, I'm sure some have been embellished as well along the way in the nature that is story telling and the Chinese whisper effect.

On a side note... This house was on the coast and from what I've heard people who lived in that area (North Mayo) were better off than those in more inland parts of Ireland during the famine but still saw its fair share of suffering (excuse that phrasing) but had better survival due to being able to fish and live relatively remotely.

I'll have to start writing up the rest of my Irish encounters but they are short odd-bod snippets in various places so won't be as long winded I hope.
Thanks for reading:)
-27Flowers x
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-30)
Hi 27Flowers,

I read your first submission last week and it went straight to my faves, I really enjoyed all the comments in that one as well. So I was pleased to find another submission from you. 😊

My thoughts are the same as yours on all fronts. I'm exactly the same with doors, have to close some rooms off when I go to bed, don't know why, just do. 😆
Another thought about the doors opening, perhaps this was another 'hint' to adhere to tradition. Maybe some old fashioned ghostie figured if the bedroom door is open you can't get up to anything unsavoury. 😉
ashar123 (6 stories) (168 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-30)
Yesterday also I read a same story where different paranormal incidents were interpreted as a disapproval of unmarried couple sleeping together, which can be a possibility.

The variations in the ghost reminds me of Oscar Wilde's "Canterville Ghost" 😆.

Thanks For Sharing, I will be eagerly waiting for the second part. 😊
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-30)

I really enjoyed reading this. I completely agree that someone was trying to give you the hint LOL
I love these kind of encounters that you shared and look forward to more


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