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The Little Boy And The Footsteps In The Living Room


I have always been a little skeptical about ghosts, thinking they were just things that other people saw and I never would. But after reading about the experiences of some people on here, I discovered that a few of the experiences I have had were unusual and (I hope) worth posting. I'll write the two I chose in chronological order just to keep it a little more simple.

My mother had been with the father of my brother for a very long time, and since my biological father lives in Norway, my step-father's parents became very close to me and my sibling (our 'Nanny and Grandad').

A few of years ago, my Grandad passed away from cancer. We'd known he was ill for a little while, but my mother hadn't let us go to see him because she thought it would be too much of a shock for us (he'd been having chemo and had lost some weight and hair). So we just tried to keep him company over the phone, tell him all about our day, even the small things mattered to him. After he passed I felt almost inconsolable with the sadness that I hadn't been able to say goodbye properly, or see him in his illness.

Around a year ago I went to stay with my Nanny for a few days (she still lives in the bungalow her and my Grandad lived in). I feel like I need to keep her company, even though she says her little dog is usually company enough, and I do love seeing her.

As it got later at night, Nanny locked the dog up in her crate and we both retired for the night. Later on I was woken by the sound of shuffling footsteps, as though someone was moving about in the living-room. I went to the door to see if my Nanny had not been able to sleep and gotten out of bed, but all of the lights were off and the house was pitch black (there's a window in the wall of the hallway so you can see into the kitchen, and would see if any lights were on).

The noises were very clear, and not the kind of noises the dog (who was still in her crate) would have made. I was so afraid I went back to bed and hid under the blankets, eventually falling asleep. The noises carried on for around three nights until I left to return home, but in some ways I regret not going to see if it was my Grandad wandering about the living room, he did love it in there.

My second story happened last week after a house-warming party of funnily enough, a magician friend of mine and his wife. There was a bit of spirit contacting in this party, as it was full of spiritualists, Wiccans, Druids etc.

On my lift back I looked out of the front window, it was very late but I clearly saw a little boy running towards the car. He was a little distance away, but I could still make out what he looked like, blonde hair (almost like a bowl cut) a red and white t-shirt, and little jeans. He looked detached from reality... Almost like his feet weren't touching the floor, as though he was superimposed over the landscape I saw in front of me.

It took me a second to register what I was seeing, but by then he had vanished. I'm sure that if my friend who was driving had seen him, he'd have hit the breaks. I didn't mention what I'd seen, being sure it was all in my head. It was a lovely experience though, very out of this world.

I hope you enjoy my entries, I'm sorry they were so long! I'll try to remember other experiences I've had and post them soon. Xx

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kittyalice (3 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-14)
I think... Actually i'd have been more upset to see nothing. I wanted to say goodbye a lot so seeing him would have helped! He didn't really shuffle about the livingroom, no... He was quite comfortable in his leather chair which was why it was so odd! It made me so afraid and disconcerted because it wouldn't have been like him really, unless he was worried about something?
lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-14)
Hopefully these were both just residual energy and your grandad has moved on. It's kind of heartbreaking to think of him shuffling about alone at night. Did he have a tendency to shuffle around the living room when he was alive? If so, this would tend to support the residual theory. Have you talked to your Nan about what you heard? She might be able to shed some light on it. I wouldn't feel too bad about not going in to the living room to check it out. It's unlikely you would have seen anything anyway.

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