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I will tell you a story, I have a lot. I feel like people are always around me. My nan was exactly the same. She could see and feel and know when somethings up. I thought to add some stories and see what I have experienced or maybe I'm just crazy lol.

On a late night, I was maybe eleven or ten, I was really hungry and thirsty mum would have dinner at around 7 and our bedtime would be around 8:30. I would never sleep because (I still can't) I have the worse sleeping pattern. One night I went out to the kitchen and we had a window to the left and the fridge straight ahead and to the right I had a cupboard. I was standing there for awhile because I never feel like anything until I think about it. My mum left the blind open and, well it was dark outside, you could see everything reflected inside. I could see on the corner of my eye someone or something sitting behind me. I thought it was my brother cause the guy had curly hair.

By that time I turned around to talk to him, but no-one was there. My family was sound asleep. I now think it was my cousin but my cousin passed away a couple months before this he had curly Afro. So I just went to bed not telling anyone! I was scared.

Next day, I was cleaning out my room. When you move into a house all the stuff that the people leftover from living there or forgotten had gotten thrown out. I was doing my drawers and a nice picture was sitting there, it looked like the person I thought I saw. I freaked and chucked it out. I haven't experienced it again but I've a lot in my room. Like someone sitting in the end of my bed, my top cupboard opening now all the time.

I don't know whether it's just me or something is really there? Any ideas? Anyone experience this?

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Rozo (3 stories) (108 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-20)
Southerntk- I couldn't agree with you more on that, My fiance and I, have, I would say in the last 2 to 3 Weeks been noticing a lot of activity in our apartment, up to the point, where we are sitting in the living room and we both see and hear the exact same thing, at first it was Creepy and uneasy but I explained to her that they are not malicious, I mean I felt no threat, But I do have to state for the record, we are both seeing spirits, only way I can explain it is they look like the "water from the Movie abyss" like sort of a plasma, but you can clearly see details like size and lengths of hair, male or female.

Anyways back to my point, My fiance was home on Sunday night, I was on my way... And she says there were at least 8 different/seperate people in our tiny apartment... Even a lady combing her daughters hair... When I got back, within 5 minutes, I was already seeing and hearing them... My Fiance felt unsettled... So in the morning, when she left for work, I stood in the lounge and I asked out loud and politlely, for them to please leave now, LOL-- even went as far as giving them the day to chill and gather their things... This worked! Haven't had anything since. I also believe they are shocked that we see them! Sorry for the babble guys!
southerntk (4 stories) (75 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-18)
I agree, I have had similar experiences and at last I just spoke out and said go away and stop it. It was like once they figured out I could actually hear them, that was enough and I haven't heard anything or saw anything since here. I say they because it was definitely more than one spirit. You can't show fear of them. I think sometimes they are totally shocked we can hear or see them.
endangeredbutterfly99 (7 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-17)
my tv before it got replaced my tv kept on going to fuzz but I looked in the fuzz and it said I will not leave this is my territory that is what it spelled out... I suggest that if you ever see him again that just say his name then say if not leave me alone then post and tell me how it went 😳 ❤ ❤

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