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I Think It's My Father?


My dad died back in 1981 when I was 18, suddenly from a massive heart attack. We were just shocked beyond words. About 1 week after he died strange things occurred at our house. My brother was 16 at the time (nothing happened to him) and my sister was 14. She and I were the only ones who heard things all the time.

After his funeral, I was laying in bed, still awake, when I felt a hard jab in my rib cage. I was on my side and I felt this come from behind me. I was terrified to turn around, but I did and saw nothing.

Just to backtrack, the night before our dad died, my sister was crying in her sleep and woke up to a wet pillow. She said she didn't remember the dream, but just felt incredibly sad for some reason and didn't know why she was crying.

We lived in a Chicago neighborhood and all of the houses are close to each other and have gangways between them. Every night, whether it was spring, fall, winter or summer (this went on for several years) we would hear my dad's walk through the gangway. I knew his walk, pace and the sound of his shoes. We would look out, but nobody there. Our dog would go crazy too. It's like she would hear her name, and suddenly run upstairs to my bedroom. But she seemed happy to see whatever it was.

The oddest thing of all was one day in the summer, my sister was going with her boyfriend's family on a sailing trip on Lake Michigan. As she exited the back door to go out in front, right in the center of our gangway was a fresh, dead, whole fish. Like a trout. It was a hot summer day and where would a fresh, whole fish come from? Laying dead in a fresh puddle of water. I think it was a warning, because she got violently sick on the trip.

We eventually all married, and my mom sold the house. But I truly believe my dad was taken so suddenly, that he hung around for awhile watching us. Can anyone give me their thoughts on this? I would greatly appreciate it.

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cakelehde (4 stories) (13 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-10)
The same thing happened to me as happened to your sister. My grandfather went into the hospital for surgery back in the early 70's didn't seem very severe to the family. I knew that night he was going to die and laid in bed and cried all night. The next day when we heard he had passed my sister asked me why I wasn't upset and I said I knew he wasn't going to live and had already cried. Of course I was still grieving but somehow I just knew beforehand.
callthewind (17 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-10)

Thank you for your story, congrats on your first publication and I am sorry for your loss. I know it is hard.

It is agreeable that your father stuck around and visited for awhile since his death was sudden. He probably jabbed you because he was curious about his capability in the new realm and wanted to see if he could get your attention. 😊

You said his presence lasted a few years. Did it stop before you moved out?

I feel for your sister's experience. Waking up to find she had been crying in her sleep the day before your father died to me is a blessing as it, in a way, lessened the emotional blow of the incident.

Peddeler35, I feel for your loss and premonition as well and hope you are in a good place. As a spirit I would most certainly want to visit the place (s) that were happiest during my earthly life. What a lovely thought!
peddler35 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-09)
Your story is almost a mirror image of my life, my dad died suddenly of a major heart attack in 1980 when I had just turned 17. The only difference is that I knew weeks before he died that he was going to die. There were no signs or symptoms; I would just wake up at night thinking about his impending death. For years after I would wake up at night to see him sitting on the corner of my bed, nothing was said, I think it was his spirit just "letting me know" he was watching over my Mom & myself. I can not help but believe spirits are all around us and I don't believe any are here for bad reasons, I think they are just visiting where they were happy. Just my thoughts on it, but if you were a spirit, wouldn't you want to re-visit the places where you were happiest?

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