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Residual Energy Or Something Else?


Many years ago I used to live in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. I grew up there, met a man in the military, got married, and moved into base housing. I was 19. I made friends with another military spouse, as we were both avid animal lovers and I was helping her raise and care for her rather large menagerie of small animals and do wildlife rehabilitation; mostly birds.

I lived in the old part of base housing- duplexes that were built some time in the 1930s. They were built before electricity was introduced anyway, because all the wiring, etc. Was on the outside of the walls which I thought looked like a mess. Anyway, she lived in another area where the duplexes were newer, cement block construction (by newer I mean probably circa 1960s). When I moved into the duplex with my new husband, I was secretly worried that our housing might be haunted, given that it is so old (and near to Pearl Harbor where lots of trauma occurred). Soon, after spending a few weeks home alone with my husband at work, I realized there was really nothing out of the ordinary and in fact, I began to feel rather cozy in my new place. It was a happy time for me.

My friends and I spent many nights awake late at her house when her husband was deployed. We had many things to do and talk about and we enjoyed caring for the animals together. She has turned her lanai into an aviary by spreading straw and bedding on the floor and I would often help her clean it. She also had a large white parrot that was very bossy and temperamental. Her house was always a fun place to be.

Except for the time when she asked me to feed all her animals the morning she would be gone preparing for the Merri Monarch parade downtown (a Hawaiian hula festival). I agreed to help and drove over to her house the morning she was gone. As I approached her house, something felt wrong. It seemed so dark inside the windows. I know she did not leave light on but it felt very dark for the daytime. But, I thought to myself, it was early morning so the light was not at its full brightness yet. As I opened the door, I just remember feeling scared as though I were doing something wrong or trespassing somehow. I told myself, "That is silly, she asked me to do this!" As I went to put the food in the cages, I felt as though someone was glaring at me or following behind me very closely. I just felt very nervous and uncomfortable. This feeling grew and I worked faster and faster, tossing food in bowls and closing latches as quickly as possible. I felt like there was a timer about to go off somewhere. I know this sounds weird, but as I moved faster I felt as though I were being chased, my heart raced and I realized I was sweaty and in full panic mode. I finally just ran out of the house feeling like someone was chasing me. I could barely lock the door behind me. In fact, I'm not sure if I did.

Later, I told my friend about the weird experience I had in her house and remarked that I never felt scared like that in all the times I had visited her before (which were many). I told her that I really felt like I was not allowed to be there and I explained the feeling of being "chased" out. It was like someone was just screaming in my face, seething with anger, and how there was palpable tension in the air. It was like a potentially violent argument was taking place and I was caught in the middle.

She said, "Oh yeah...that...I forgot to tell you about that. Honestly, I didn't think you would notice it." Um...ok. What was it?" I asked. She said that she felt it too when she first moved in when it was just her alone and her husband was gone. Then she said it was nothing to worry about and it eventually didn't bother her because she learned to deal with it. I asked her what she thought it was. She said that she had spoken to some neighbors about a "creepy" feeling in her house. They said that some years ago a man lived there with his wife (obviously...duh this is base housing, you only get that if you are married or have kids) and after many bad arguments and fights she left him (again, not that uncommon in the military). Although there was no evidence, I felt that this man had killed himself in the house in the back left bedroom. I told my friend this and she denied its possibility. She thought the negative feelings were probably residual from the extreme depression and stress suffered by the man.

She and I have both since moved so this is no longer a problem, and nothing bad every happened to her in her home. But I felt a strong sense of impending danger when I was there. I have always been curious. Residual or not?

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twelveam (74 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-27)
Shellie 1981 and geetha50,
This is a good point about this probably not being residual. For one reason at least, is because residual hauntings are something a person would SEE or HEAR mostly, but only a FEELING and no other factors WOULD justify something intelligent! Thank you for your input geetha, and again, best of luck to you shellie 1981. 😊
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-23)
I leaning towards what lsandhu said because the strength of the feelings you got. Of course, when you get a panic attack, it's really hard to come out of. But as you mentioned, you have been over to your friend's place many times and you never felt this kind of feelings. I think you are sensitive to the paranormal, so if it was a residual haunting, (1) you would have felt it at the different times you have visited (although, it might not be at the same intensity as when you were alone); and (2) if you were at your friend's house during the morning on other visits, wouldn't you have felt this residual haunting?
lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-22)
It sounds like awfully strong energy to be residual, but as suggested by twelveam, there could be something about the building material or some other aspect of the surroundings that has magnified the energy. I feel as though if it were an actual presence, other things would be happening in addition to this creepy feeling. I, too, am curious about whether the animals reacted. If they didn't, I think this supports the residual energy theory. I also wonder whether your friend continued to experience this creepy feeling whenever she was alone (that wasn't completely clear to me) and if so how exactly she "learned to deal with it". One thing that supports the presence of an actual spirit is the fact it sounds like it only happens when there is a woman in the house alone. Maybe that's the one circumstance that sets off an otherwise quiet ghost, which makes sense given the background story provided by the neighbours.
BadJuuJuu (guest)
10 years ago (2012-11-22)
Like twelveam, I'm leaning towards residual activity. I'm curious though about if the animals reacted? Since she had so many with her rehab work (❤ wildlife rehabbers btw, they take on a lot of responsibility just out of love) I wonder if any of them reacted. Or if they had gotten used to it as well?
twelveam (74 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-22)
Hi Shellie 1981, This is an interesting story and DOES make you wonder. I tend to say that the "feelings" in that home most likely are residual, because everything you described about that situation had no "INTELLIGENT INTERACTION" with you or your friend. My question would be what materials were used to build the walls of that duplex, because theory is that certain elements present in the stone or bricks used to make the building can "record" or "store" energy as in this case, if this man did kill himself there... (and I believe you are probably correct about the room WHERE it happened since you have such a strong "gut" feeling about it.

If it were me and I was very attimate about knowing the cause of those feelings, I would do some research about that area and find out any history on the structure and even about what kinds of natural building materials were used in or around that location.

Good luck to you and I sincerely hope you find the answer you are looking for!
Argette (guest)
10 years ago (2012-11-21)
I have heard that strong emotions can be left behind and can influence a sensitive person. I'm no expert - I'm here to learn - but I had a very similar experience in a WWII building that was located on the campus where I went to college. It's gone now, but back in the late 80s, it was used as a research lab. I used to work on a computer there from about 3 to 6 p.m. Once in a while. I felt very uncomfortable there, not like there was a presence, but that the building did not want me somehow. I was happy when the project ended.

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