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A Mysterious Hand


I'm not really fond of telling my paranormal experiences, but after I have read stories from some of you, I've decided to join and share mine too, not just to share but also for me to now what was "that" all about (if anyone can tell me what is that)

The first paranormal experience or encounter that I had happened when I was in elementary. 5th or 6th grade, I don't remember. It happened a long time ago but until now, I'm still confused, what could that be, or who.

I was on my bed, I just woke up. It's nearly 10 o'clock in the morning. I was laying flat on my back. It was a bright and sunny morning. I could say because I have a window in my room. I'm wide awake but I don't feel like standing up so I just day dreamed, as I usually do every morning. Despite the sunny day outside and the air conditioner off, I still feel cold so I covered my whole body with a blanket, including my face (my blanket is a thin white cloth so I can see through it). I'm still laying at my back with my eyes wide open.

Suddenly I saw a light, just above my face. It's slowly forming a hand, in a prayer position. I was shocked but I'm not scared, not even a bit. I looked at it closely, (with the blanket still on) blinking my eyes to check if it's true. It was a small hands, but definitely not a kid's hands. It was feminine and a bit fat.

I thought, "It's just an imagination", so I took off my blanket. And as I expected, nothing was there, just air. I laughed to myself thinking I just had a wild imagination as a kid usually do have. I was just 12 or 13 that time. So I just ignored it and put my blanket back and to my surprise, it's still there. Still in a prayer position and at the same place, above my face. But now, it has something inside, something so bright that the lights are coming out of the pits of "its" hands. I was shocked, or should I say amazed or something? Because I didn't felt any negative energy or harm, instead, I felt somehow secured or something. I don't know, I can't explain the feeling. I stared at it, until my mom walked in my room and it's gone.

Anyone there who have any idea about that? I would be glad to hear from you. Thanks.

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lovebugs16 (5 stories) (43 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-31)
Hahaha! Nice one.

I think it was just reminding you to pray every morning:)
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1523 posts)
9 years ago (2013-01-25)
Interesting account, I feel it was more than just your imagination, because these hands appeared and then they disappeared when removing the blanket before reappearing again... Not consistent IMO to something still transparent from a dream prior... I believe children are more spiritually protected then what most adults are and guardians are usually our deceased family members like grand parents watching over us... But on your account, the light you saw is energy of something holy and the hands in prayer position makes me believe that this spiritual visitor was an actual guardian angel... You may never know the reason why they was there, but it was probably in nature of protection? Thank you for sharing!
rosemay (52 posts)
9 years ago (2013-01-24)
Laying on your back covered with a thin white cloth... Sounds like a burial shroud. Perhaps the spirit was praying for you?
RollingStonesGhost (19 posts)
9 years ago (2013-01-24)
Weakling,that would have freaked me out a bit I think. Just seeing the hands and with light coming out from them... Its definatly something out of the ordinary.

Maybe it was a Guardian type spirit that was just looking out over you and just checking to make sure you were ok.
At the age you were you were open to seeing the spiritual world as you were changing to an adult.

I don't think it ment you any harm. Maybe too if you do some research on your home you might be able to find something out about its history.

Thanks, I'm new here so I appologise,
MGJaneTV (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2013-01-24)
You said you were day dreaming and the fact that your eyes were open that time, I couldn't really say that was just your hallucination. Maybe it's a reminder from God that you shouldn't go away from His powerful hands. He could've showed you how to be close to Him and of course that's through prayer and following His rules while listening to His Words. You weren't scared that time but somehow relieved that is because in God's presence there shouldn't be no fear in our hearts but endless hope.

Hope I was a help. God bless!

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