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Paranormal Experiences As A Child


I have a few stories of small encounters that I thought I would share. All of these happened when I was a child, and some I remember as young as 4 or 5.

When I was little, I would often see, hear, and even do things I cannot explain. There were times I would hear my name being called, sometimes it was from a voice I did not recognize; other times it was the voice of my parents. When I went to see what my parents wanted, they would say they never called me then returned to what they were doing. I was too young to understand what was happening, so I was rarely frightened. One day I realized something odd was going on when I was watching cartoons during the day. I heard my dad's voice in a WHISPER call my name in my ear. When I turned, there was no one there. My dad was on the other side of the house, so I knew that if he whispered my name I wouldn't have been able to hear it. Even as a small child, I knew this was odd.

On several occasions I would hear scratching under my bed. My ear would be pressed against my mattress, and I would hear a single finger (or claw, or whatever ghosts have) scratching at the bottom of my bed. I was a few years older at this point, so I was old enough to be frightened. I tried to convince myself that maybe it was a mouse under my bed, but it was a very loud, slow scratching so I knew it couldn't have been a mouse... It sounded very firm, like it was trying to get my attention.

One night, I was a bit older, about eight or so. I remember seeing someone who I thought was my brother go into my mother's room. I had to ask him something for whatever reason so I quickly followed it and walked into my mother's room where I saw the figure turn into the master bathroom. I waited for the light to turn on and the door to close so that I knew my brother was "busy" but nothing happened. I turned to my mother (who was on her bed watching TV) and asked, "Did Matt just come in here?" She answered no, and I quickly walked in and looked into her bathroom. Nobody. Not even the window was open.

Another occurrence I remember was during the day. I had gotten home from school and I had let the outside dogs in the house to cool off. I had crawled under the table to where one of my dogs was laying down so that I could play with them. I was sitting on the ground, under the table, and not even a minute passed when all of a sudden I saw in the corner of my eye something move. When I looked, I noticed the long cord of the wall phone was stretched out in mid-air. It was as if somebody literally had the cord by two fingers and was stretching it out. It only happened for a second or two and then the unknown force let go and left me wide eyed. I sheepishly called out, "Hello?" but no response.

Now the next thing I am about to tell you, I am not sure if it has anything to do with the paranormal, but looking back at it, I am not sure why I did those things. Going back to when I was a small child, I remember I used to hurt myself. I don't know why, and I remember feeling pain but not being bothered by it. I remember one incident where I was sitting alone in my room in the middle of the night and using a pair of sharp scissors to snip off pieces of my skin on the top of my hand. I still have a little scar on my knuckle to remind me of what I did. When I was slightly older, I remember I had used a fork to dig into my leg until it was deep and bleeding. Again, I don't know why. And again, I know I felt pain, but I didn't cry or seemed bothered by it.

As I grew older into my teens, my experiences stopped, and it took me awhile to realize what I had experienced as a child was paranormal. As I didn't really know what to think of it at the time. I was to young. I haven't had another experience since.

Although my question is, why is it that children are more sensitive to the unknown and then most of us lose it as we grow? And why did I hurt myself like that when I was little?

Any comments or questions are appreciated.

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RollingStonesGhost (19 posts)
10 years ago (2013-02-01)
KatieBear,thankyou for your kindness in your responce. I guess it is natural as a parent to worry when you here of a child weather it be yours or anothers. I've always been very senstive to others and ok sometimes it got a bit much to deal with. But if I had been able to help them as I have sometimes have, that's what matters. I guess once your a Father you never stop... And I'm only young with young kids... Its probably one of the reasons I'm so close to my kids.

Hope your time is a bit better now your no longer in the house. The cleansing will be good if you come across anymore trouble else where. As I see "Rookdygin" has been on here posting his cleansing... Its definatly worth the work. As I recently found out.

ROOKDYGIN: Thanks for posting the cleansing. Its helped a friend of mine and her husband... With my help. (Will post that as soon as we get it levelled out)... Many thanks new pal...

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
10 years ago (2013-02-01)

Look no further.

Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete)

Day one: Open all curtains window and doors with screens installed, let fresh air and sunshine into the home. Have all closets, cabinets and other 'dark spaces' open so that as much natural light as possible can enter those spaces. After 2-3 hours take a broom and 'sweep' out each room (this is symbolic and you do not have to really sweep) focus your thoughts on sweeping (pushing) out all negative energies / entities /thoughts. Close home up after completing each room of your home... Please do not forget your garage if you have one. (Optional) Light incense (sandalwood or Dragons-blood works well for me) and let aroma fill the home, and/or play a tape that contains your favorite Church/Positive, Upbeat (songs that give you good thoughts) songs before you begin sweeping.

Day two (or three): Once again open all curtains, windows and doors. Take a White candle (Optional) to the center most point of the home, sit on the floor and place candle in front of you. Light the candle (visualize a white ball of light) and then focus on the flame... Visualize the flame (white light) filled with positive thoughts, energy. (Say a prayer at this time if you so desire... Ask for cleansing positive energy to fill the candles flame/white light). Hold this 'image' in your mind and then visualize the flame (light) slowly expanding outward, visualize it filling the room your in, every corner and 'dark space'. Continue to visualize it's outer edges pushing away (burning away) any and all negative energies/entities out and away from each room in your home. Once you have visualized this flame (light) filling your entire home, picture it expanding to your property lines. Hold this image in your mind for a few moments then visualize 'anchoring' this flame (light) where you are sitting which is the center most point of your home. Once you have done this. Take a deep breath, relax a few moments and then blow out the candle. (If you didn't use a candle just let yourself relax a moment or two.) "

Now you can create a shield for yourself using the 'home shield' technique but instead of focusing on your home visualize the 'flame' simply surrounding you instead of your home... Best time to do this is after a nice shower using a rosemary scented soap (rosemary is good for purification and protection.)

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.


KatieBear (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-31)
[at] RollingStonesGhost,

Thank you for your comment and compassion! It's nice to know that your fatherly love and instinct reaches out to other people. I also had a hunch that the reason that I hurt myself was because I was part of some sort of possession, but didn't realize it at the time. I actually don't live in that house anymore. But even though I grew up and wasn't sensitive to the paranormal, I have no doubt that they are still there. I'll defiantly look up "Rookdygin"! Thank you for the recommendation! I'll be checking up on your profile to see when you post your story! Take care, and hopefully you'll see my responds.
RollingStonesGhost (19 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-31)
KatieBear, You had me really saddened when I read about you cutting yourself and stabbing yourself but not knowing, why? That sent chills down my spine. As a father myself It broke my heart to read this part. The reason you don't know why you did it could be that you were in a trance of some kind. There are some nasty spirits out there who take great pleasure in hurting the living... They almost see it as a easy laugh for them... It's just not a laugh for those they hurt. I'm so sorry that you had to endure this. Totally heartbreaking and just plain non-understanding to why spirits would be so cruel to such a young person who can't understand why this is going on.

I think there was more than one spirit involved. One that made you hurt yourself who was nasty. And another who did the little show off things like the pulling out straight of the phone cord. This one is only trying to get your attention and isn't so bad.

I hope you don't have anymore bad trouble from them... Maybe you could do a cleansing on the house.

A poster here called "Rookdygin" has a brilliant one. You could ask him to email you a copy as he did for me. Its really brilliant. I'm going to post a story soon about how it helped me and some friends once we have done more work on their house as we've just started on it.

Thanks, Jesse.
Shylaw (9 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-31)
I think I have the same thing as you do... I'm a pre teen and do exactly what you do. Expect my paranormal is different... Things move in my room. I hear whispers in my ear telling me things I can barley understand. I feel someone watching me while I'm trying to sleep... And at night just like you I harm myself and I don't know why and I don't feel any pain so this is just really confusing... Do you know what I'm sussposed to do...?

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