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My Grandparents' House


In the past couple of years my Granddad has passed on and most recently my Grandma has had to move in to care due to ill health.

This has caused the family to begin to clear out the family home in order to rent it to fund her care and being there again reminded me of an occurrence back in my early childhood that caused me to stay away from the house almost indefinitely, and to this day you would not find me anywhere near the place on my own.

It also brings me back to an early post of mine that mentioned that I would often experience unexplained feelings of comfort or unwelcomeness, not linked to how I may perceive my surroundings.

Back then my Grandparents' house would be the hub of any family gathering and, as all my cousins were of the same age, we would get together in the back bedroom and jump around on the bed or when we were a little older chill and play on the Sega.

I remember once, when I was quite young, I was in the back bedroom playing on my own and all the windows suddenly opened, a rush of air raced through the house and then slammed the windows shut. I jumped up in shock, feeling a distinct message that whatever that was it wanted me out, so I ran to my mum and clung to her until we left. Everyone else was in the lounge watching TV and had no reaction to the event so, being so young, I never spoke of it as I couldn't quite believe it had happened and battled with a natural explanation. However, when I think back even now, I know it was real and not my imagination.

I was scared enough to stay away from this house even until now, and always feel a presence watching me when I am in the hallway near the back of the house.

When I was a teenager, my sister stayed in the house whilst my Grandparents were away on holiday, she wanted me to go with her but I refused. Note even the promise of junk food and all night movies could get me near there. I remember that night the phone ringing and it was her saying she could hear noises like there was someone outside. The next morning she returned and never went back. I have never asked her what she experienced that night (maybe I will now) but I remember thinking she had had a lucky escape as the presence in that house didn't want her there.

I wonder if the new tenants will have similar experiences?

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sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-26)
Hi peterc, nice narration and thanks for sharing. But, I want you to ask your sister about her stay overnight in the house. Further, we require more information about the history and as Argette said if others had any experiences like yours or your sister's. That would throw more light on what is present in your grandparents' home. Also, please try to ask the new tenants how they feel about the house and if they have any encounters. If so, please post it.

I think you are sensitive to feel the presence of paranormal or entities. But, the inputs in the narrative is quite limited to comment upon further.

Regards and respects to you.

BitterSweet78801 (3 stories) (17 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-25)
Keep us posted if the tenants experience anything. I wonder if the ghost don't really care for visitors.
Argette (guest)
9 years ago (2013-02-24)
I'm sorry: I neglected to thank you for posting! But I was so curious, I forgot my manners. I've had a similar experience, so I'm just wondering...
Argette (guest)
9 years ago (2013-02-24)
I'm curious: How long did your grandparents live in the house? Are you able to learn anything of its history? Can you do some research - not only on the house's history but also in your own family to see if other's have had similar scares or experiences? Often what frightens one or two people will have touched others, but not everyone likes to share their experiences until others do. Sounds like you have an interesting mystery to solve...

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