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The Floating Girl


This incident happened a year ago, when I was still a student at a local university in a small town called Kampar. Kampar have tons of paranormal activities going on because it used to be a tin mining town during late 19th century, where many have lost their lives while working. But now, Kampar is a fast growing town due to the University and College which have successfully brought in thousands of students from all around the country. The outgoing night life of each students might have reduced the ghost sightings. But it doesn't mean they have left. Many of the student have claimed they often have a feeling that they are watched even when they are alone. Some have also saw some humanoid figures floating in the middle of the nearby lake at midnight.

My experience happened one late night. I slept early that night since I have an early morning class the following day. I had a pretty messed up dream that night. At first, I dreamed about being whacked by a few guys, and then being dumped in the lake. Then, the dream changed, this time, I was sitting by the lake, with a friend, and all the sudden, I could see a girl in the middle of the lake. She was moving towards us. All this weird dreams woke me up, but that's when the real nightmare begins.

I slowly opened my eyes. I was sweating even though the ceiling fan was running. Then to my shock, I saw it. I saw a girl, probably still in her 20's, floating in front of me, but was moving from left to right. I didn't get a chance to look at her face, but I thank God I didn't, because I have no idea what could have happened if I did. She was floating from one wall to another. The moment I saw her, I couldn't breath. I was breathless and scared at the same time. I saw her, in her white top and a black skirt with white dots, go through the wall on my right. The moment she was completely gone, that was when I could start to breath. I was so terrified, I took my phone, wallet and left the room. It was exactly 3am when I left. I waited at the nearby McDonald's for the sun to come up. But, that didn't stop me from staying there in my room, because after all, I don't have anywhere else to stay. That was the only one time I had an paranormal experience there in my rented room.

Thank you for reading and sorry for the long post.

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dinosaursabre (2 posts)
7 years ago (2014-12-17)
Hey thila I just wonder if you're still here. Haha I know which university and lake you meant. Actually, do you know there was a suicide case at the lake? I happened to saw your post and sign up just to reply your post.

I was a first batch student in the university. May have know you too. Haha anyway, the suicide case was during my foundation there. It was a girl too. Anyway, from what I know, this ghost girl has been making rounds around the housing area. May I know the number of the house you stayed? My Indian classmate's housemate encountered it as well. She was walking down the stairs and the lady ghost pushed her down the stairs. Luckily she was a few steps from ground floor and suffered a sprain on the ankle.

From then on, they put a Hindu god altar in the living room and no more incident occur after that.
pinkparrot6202 (41 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-23)
The experience is very different but also very interesting, the girl could be something spiritual to you, probably she was important to the past or maybe going to be. I'm just saying that. Anyways good luck until you find out (:

thilakking (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-21)
But the weirdest thing is, she only showed herself to me only one time during the 3 years I was there. Plus, the senior citizens in the town tells that the lake mentioned was a man-made lake, caused by all the tin mining activities. There haven't be any missing person or murder case in that town for several years. So, its still a huge mystery though. I think I saw her maybe because I woke up at the time she was just passing by. Not sure though. 😐
Andreaa11 (54 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-20)
It sounds as though this girl was trying to show you something in your dream. Perhaps she was murdered in the past and her body never recovered because it was dumped into the lake. Also its fascinating how you said people see figures floating in the lake. I find it very tragic that she is not at rest and also interesting that she chose you to show herself to. Perhaps you are sensitive to the paranormal and she felt a connection with you. It is a shame she cannot rest and she chose to reach out to you and was not successful. Maybe her bones are resting at the bottom of the lake waiting to be recovered. You should do some research to see if there are any cases of missing girls/women in the area.

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