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My Father's Hometown 4: My Hand Floating


This was happened on the first 6 months of our stayed in the house year 1998. We used to sleep on the second part of the second floor where the big old mirror was. My sisters slept on two combined bed near the wall with a single sliding capiz window. If the window was opened, you could see the staircase, the terrace and the altar below. I, the only boy, used to sleep to the opposite with my own bed and beside a single sliding capiz window. We usually laid facing the mirror. We could see outside the branches of Jackfruit tree.

One night, my elder sister (the 3rd sibling) told me to sleep beside her. She placed me near the wall. On that time, I was not sleeping yet but I just closed my eyes and my sister was reading a pocket book but she was facing where my other siblings was, I felt something strange on my right arm. I know that my right arm was laid straight while my left arm was on the top of my tummy. But my right arm was so cold and fells like it was not lying on the bed. Then suddenly I opened my eyes and a blinked of a second, my right arm slapped my face. I was confused if my right arm was floating in the air. Then I noticed my sister was looking at me confused too. She told me that why did I lifting my arm straight in the air. I told her it's nothing. There's a mosquito flying so I tried to slap it. And when she returned on reading, I became scared and restless because it was confirmed that my right arm was floating in the air. Even though until now, I never told to my siblings especially my sister why my right arm was floating.

Thanks for reading.

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unknownymous05 (12 stories) (16 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-27)
Hi Miracle,

I don't know if I was relaxed that time. I know that I was about to sleep and I just closed my eyes but totally awake. But well, this was all history on me and I want to share it with you.

Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
5 years ago (2018-11-23)
unknownymous05 - I understand what you are talking about with your hand floating. Mine do that when I am completely relaxed. My feet and legs do too. There was a point when I honestly expected to float off my bed. I'm still hoping to 😆

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