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This story takes place in Sumner, Washington in the year of 2001. I was only fifteen at the time that I experienced my first real and close up encounter with the shadow people.

Every night it seemed like I used to watch the movie Home Alone while going to sleep, you could say it was a nightly ritual and I could never stay awake for the entire movie. That particular night was the same as usual, I'd turn on my fan, pop in Home Alone, and fall asleep.

But something was different I woke up for no reason around two or three in the morning only to see two entities quietly standing on the right side of my bed. My TV was still on with only a blue screen and they were pretty close to it so I was able to get a good look. I didn't feel scared but I felt confused and I was thinking to myself, is this real? The beings were blacker than the actual dark, they were small like children, and they wore clothes. The one closest to me wore a hat and the other a dress or something with no other discernible features. So I assumed that they were dead kids from the 1800s that had lived in the area long before me.

Well these things noticed me noticing them and they started blinking in and out as if in a strobe light. Then in a matter of seconds they ran (blinking in and out) and dove into my closet. I remember not being scared only confused and disbelieving what I had just witnessed.

A few days later I started to tell my mom what I had seen in my room and she cut me off saying "What, the shadow people?" And I was shocked and like "You saw them too?" She's like, "Yeah, I see them in the kitchen sometimes but in more of a blob like form." We both laughed because it seemed ironic and silly that the blob one would be manifesting in the kitchen. And I was relieved that I wasn't the only one seeing things, but at the same time I became nervous about being alone in the dark and I still am to this day.

It wasn't until my mid-20s that I discovered the plethora of the shadow people archives on the internet. I didn't realize that so many people were seeing the same exact things that I had seen. Every once in awhile I still catch a glimpse or see one dead on (only for a few seconds) and it really makes me wonder why?

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Justjess (2 stories) (7 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-20)
Hi Mother of Beagles, OMG, that's so funny...LOl! That would have been scary to see that leotarded man breaking into cars! Come to think of it, they sell full leotard costumes for Halloween at WalMart. It would absolutely look like a humanoid shadow person though. I had to read you comment to my husband 😆 He was like"that would be scary too."
BeagleMom (3 stories) (84 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-18)
Hi Jess,
This is a really fascinating story! When I was visiting DC, 20 years ago, we stayed in the Foggy Bottom, that name alone made me feel creepy! I looked out of our hotel window to see a dark figure sneaking around down in the street. I immediately thought of shadow people! (We were on the top floor of the Guest Quarter Sweets.) Next day in the lobby I heard the clerk tell a guest that a man in a black leotard and hood was caught trying to break into cars parked on the street! I was sure I had an encounter with a shadow man! Lol!

❤ Mother of Beagles

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