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The Eerie Blue House


Let me start from the beginning. I'm Scarlet and as most young adults I wanted my own home. While still living with my parents I started looking for the perfect home that as in my budget. My parents supported me luckily. I would phone the real estate people all the time and would look at houses but I didn't like the ones I was seeing.

Finally after a few weeks of searching I came across the perfect little blue home. It was just big enough for 2 people. I showed my parents and they seemed pleased and we phoned the real estate people. As soon as I moved in I didn't notice anything weird but after a few weeks things got really weird. One night while I was watching tv slowly drifting away, I heard someone knocking on the windows. I went to check and opened the curtains but no one was there. I simply thought it was my neighbors wanting to scare me.

The next night I heard the knocking again and quickly ran outside to check but there was no one. I felt uneasy while walking in the house again. I sat on my bed wondering what it could be when suddenly I heard a bang that was coming from my bathroom. It sounded like the mirror fell off the wall and shattered into a million pieces. Again I felt uneasy. I knew I was not alone in the house. I got out of bed and started walking towards the bathroom, only to see that the mirror wasn't broken at all; it was still on the wall. I couldn't believe it.

I phoned my parents to come get me and told them I don't want to return to that house and luckily they were understanding and they could see I was truly scared.

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zetafornow (4 stories) (447 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-08)
The sound of shattering glass is very indicative of a haunting more specifically a harmful haunting. I am happy to hear you no longer live in the blue house but I am curious... Anyone else live there?

TalonWalt (3 stories) (69 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-07)
Wow! My very first paranormal experience was of a phantom broken glass sound, so this really hit home! When I was 16 I was home alone with my dog, sitting on the couch, having a snack, and watching TV. When all of a sudden I heard this loud bang, and the sound of glass breaking. My first thought was that someone had broken in, so I ran to the front door to get out of the house. My dog heard it too, and almost tripped me in his flight to get out of the house. (LOL! Not a brave dog!) As I touched the door handle to open the door, I remembered 2 things. One was that I had this huge mirror on my dresser. It weighed about a hundred pounds, it was supposed to attach to the back of the dresser, but it was too heavy to lift long enough to accomplish that. So we just angled it on the dresser, and used the wall to support it. The second thing I remembered was that I had just gotten a kitten a few days prior. For whatever reason, I thought this one pound kitten had knocked this mirror over on top of itself. So I went running to my bedroom expecting to find my kitten crushed to death. Only when I got there, nothing was broken. I then checked the whole house, and found nothing broken at all! When I went to check the kitchen windows, I found my kitten curled up asleep under the kitchen table. But that experience haunts me to this day, because I know what I heard, and know my dog heard it too! I can see why you called your parents to come pick you up. Because I remember praying my parents would hurry up and get home that day!
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-07)
Rookdygin has a house cleansing method on his profile page. If he doesn't post for you look at other stories for his name and click on it to get to his profile page.
In the meantime do try to find the history of this house. Is there a lot of
Quartz crystal in the soil surrounding your home, a lot of water? I ask this because either of these may hold residual "energy".
You could tell the banging to stop (be forceful) and say whoever is doing the banging to leave (again be forceful).
MissusTodd (2 stories) (14 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-06)
Sorry, I just realized you are in South Africa. I don't know anything about real estate guidelines in your country, but I would still think you should be able to find some information from neighbors or a library, etc.
MissusTodd (2 stories) (14 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-06)
I don't blame you for being scared! I think after the first night of the knocking on the windows I would have left... Of course I'm not very brave with that stuff, especially alone. Not to state the obvious, but is there any history with this house that you know of? I know some states require realtors to inform potential buyers of any death/crime history in homes. Maybe even asking the neighbors if they are aware of anything odd with the house (i.e. Other owners leaving abruptly, etc.). Perhaps if you look on others' posts on here, you could find Rook's shielding/cleansing method (not sure if the title of it is correct). Anyway, good luck and I hope you can find what you need to do so that you can be happy in your new home! 😊

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