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The first time that I experienced the paranormal occurred when I was 13 years of age to roughly 21. We lived in an old Victorian house and on many occasions myself and my brother would hear a young girl crying.

On one occasion while sitting on my bed reading while my cat sat beside me, I heard a girl's cry coming from the hall. At that moment my cat and myself turned our heads in the direction that the crying was coming from. I looked around the house and found nothing because I was alone with our cat. My parents were sitting outside and my brother and younger sister were playing with friends.

The only other incident was experienced by my brother, he was in the basement and he saw a woman dressed in a long dress standing in the corner by a closet. My poor brother ran up the stairs, he was terrified and pale.

I got married and moved and did not experience anything else until 3 years ago. My husband and I were looking for a bungalow type house because we wanted to sell our two story home. I, my husband and my two children went to look at a home where the agent was waiting for us. As soon as I walked in I had a very heavy, sad feeling. While we were walking in the hall we stopped at the entrance to the living-room and I asked the agent if anyone had died there and at that moment my son wrapped his arms around me and proceeded to tell us that he had just seen a man sitting on the sofa looking at the big bay window. My son was pale and started shaking. He described to me that the man was solid but he had a golden glow around his being. He was wearing a yellow dress shirt and he seemed obvious to our presence. The next day our agent called us back and told us that indeed a man died there by suicide. We quickly scratched that home off our list.

We did find another bungalow that we all loved and when we walked through the house everything seemed fine and peaceful. In our first year living in our home we didn't experience anything strange at all. During our second year we had renovations done to the house and this is when we started to experience strange things.

While I was in the kitchen my mixer turned on by itself and I was baffled by this because I had this mixer for many years and this was odd. A few weeks later I was in the kitchen cooking and my son was in the kitchen with me when the mixer turned on again. One night I woke up in the middle of the night and I heard a loud motor running, I woke up my husband so he could go and check it out. What he saw was mind boggling, the sound of an old fashion mixer was coming from my mixer but my mixer was off and there were many lights flashing on the back splash of the kitchen and around the mixer.

Does anyone know what this is? I will write again and let you know about the other strange experiences that we've had in this house. I didn't believe in ghosts but now I do.

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Amihet (5 stories) (94 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-08)
Thank you for all of your input. Yes, we did renovate and expand the kitchen. I did write another post a few days ago explaining our experiences further and it will be probably be on this website next week. I have tried to communicate with this spirit but I think she is avoiding me now. I was a bit harsh and told her to leave. One morning I woke up to the smell of fresh coffee and I thought, how great my husband made me coffee. I am the one who always makes coffee in the morning so I walked in my kitchen and there was no coffee. Another time at lunch I smelled pizza but of course there was no pizza. I think the spirit is a woman. We don't feel threatened but our cats are spooked.
MissusTodd (2 stories) (14 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-08)
During your renovations, did you make any changes to the kitchen? As the other posters suggested, perhaps the spirit is unhappy with or possibly confused about the changes. Not to make light of your situation, but my grandmother was the type of woman who didn't allow ANYONE to mess about in her kitchen. She did all the cooking and cleaning in there, and didn't even want anyone to so much as wash a dish, that is how serious she was. Perhaps the spirit was similarly territorial about its kitchen in life, and is displeased with anyone coming in to make changes. Not to write a novel here in the comments, but I also just thought that perhaps the spirit is curious about the "modern" mixer, since the activity seems to center on it. I doubt even a spirit could resist trying out some "newfangled" device, LOL. It doesn't sound like the presence means you any harm, so perhaps you could try talking to it. When the mixer turns on by itself again, especially at night, perhaps you could try saying, "Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us, and I doubt you mean to do it, but you frighten us when you turn the mixer on like that." Or whatever comes to mind. Please keep us posted on how things are going, and thanks for sharing your experience! 😊
miakittycat (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-08)
i don't think that this ghost may cause a threa to you but if it does id recommend holy water or salt. That normally works for other people that have ghost experiences! Hope everything gets sorted out for you 😉 😁
Seraphina (7 stories) (147 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-07)
The incident with the mixer turning on by itself is intriguing. This isn't really a dark or threatening action. I'm inclined to wonder if an entity who once enjoyed cooking and maybe even had a mixer she/he liked using, just couldn't resist playing with yours. 😉
Shady4u (2 stories) (188 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-06)
Hey there! It is possible that the spirits of the previous owners are still attached to the house and after you people got it renovated, it is possible that the spirits aren't that happy. Try to put up a camera or a video recorder to capture the activities. You'll actually have it confirmed then. Be good. Thanks.
Unexplained (2 stories) (122 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-06)
I've read that alterations made to certain buildings can trigger paranormal activity. In extreme cases it can freak the builders right out and stop them from working. Sometimes subtle things can set it off. There was a case once where a car collided into a building and that triggered poltergeist activity within it.

Not sure if some research into your new home may bring something to light? Previous owners who may still be attached to it?

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