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The Pig


My father told me this story a few years ago about when he was younger. They lived in Waco Tx at the time out in the country. He told me about this pet pig he had out in the farm that his parents had. I would say he was about 14 or 15 at this time. He would tell me that he would come home and feed the pig and "hang out" with him in the barn area all day. He would even lay his head on its belly and they would both fall asleep for a few hours. This was when the pig was big but not a full adult. I have seen how big pigs can get and that would be scary to lay so close let alone the stench and rough hair.

About 3 years later, my dad got home and couldn't find his "pet" anymore. He waited for his dad to get home to ask him where he was. His dad told him that he had to kill him to put some "food" on the table. My dad was mad and could not face the fact of it all.

For the next few days my dad told me he wouldn't eat or speak to his dad.

One afternoon when my dad was just about to enter the driveway he looked over to where the pig feeder was and saw his Pig! He was pretty excited about it but knew his dad killed it. As he walked up to it, the closer he got to it he realized strange things. The pig never looked up at him as it ate. It was eating like it hadn't eaten in years. When he got close enough he saw that the eyes were staring at him and they were dark red like blood shot. The hair looked like it was burnt. He stopped in shock thinking it was going to charge at him at any minute. He then looked at the rest of the body to see that its back hooves were that of a horse. He didn't know what to think but felt like his heart stopped. He turned away toward the house. He told me he felt like he was running but wasn't. He never told his dad anything because of how strict he was. He would have gotten in trouble telling his something like that.

A few months later on a night they were all supposed to go to church, my dad told his parents that he wanted to stay because he wasn't feeling good. My grandpa said it was fine as long as he kept the old shotgun near him. He said ok and they left. After watching Tv for a few hours my dad then laid back on the recliner with the gun beside him. He fell asleep.

He was awoken by a strange feeling. He told me that he felt really druggy like he was still asleep. (Kinda like when your so tired and you get up to do something then fall back asleep. then the next morning you thought you were dreaming that? Kind of like that feeling.) He then continued to tell me that when he woke up he listened for something. He didn't know what but he was keeping real still and probably not breathing. The Tv was already off and the fan was still going but gently. He then heard in the distance a pig. But he had no pig. He said his heart started beating real quick and out of control as if he was having a panic attack. Just a few seconds later he heard like a knocking noise in the coat closet next to the front door just about 10 feet from where he was. He was scared but manage to fall asleep with the tv on about an hour later. He remembered that he was having a bad dream. Like he couldn't breath. He struggled to breath but couldn't. He then opened his eyes.

He told me that there on his chest was a small human/creature thing looking at him right in the eyes. The face all mangled up with a look of confusion on it. My dad jumped up pushing the entity off like someone shrugging a spider or something off of them. He then reached for his gun while the creature ran away like a chimp would back towards the closet. My dad already had his gun to his shoulders aiming for a good shot but remembered that he was shaky. Right when the door closed he fired a shot hitting the wall and the closet door at the same time.

He said that the gun he had could have blown someone's head clean off from where he was standing. He left the house until his parent got there from church. He had a lot of explaining to do about what happened. That's all I know of the story.

But I do believe in what he told me because he wouldn't lie about something like that. Many of you pass my stories as lies but I can assure you that with everything that has happened with my family in the past generations and with me now, I can believe something like that. But I do understand your thoughts and opinions for we are free to make our own judgments. It's hard to believe something if it sounds strange. Thanks. SR

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flamewithin (57 posts)
14 years ago (2009-02-24)
we to raised a piglet the runt of the litter we named her gertrude we had fun with her as well we even rode her back and my dad did the same thing killed her we were devastated. We never touched any of the meat that came from her.
Brownie09 (6 stories) (293 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-14)
Hi ScottRuiz, People who arer mad, depressed, sick, etc... Do become an easy target for evilness to make itself present to, because they are more vulnerable at the time.
Which you said that your dad was mad at your grandpa for killing his pig, and that he also wasn't feeling good that day. I don't know that is just my opinion. 😊
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
15 years ago (2007-08-31)
first of all, NO ONE should pass off your accounts as anything but what they are, your sharing of your accounts with us! I for one appreciatte the fact that you do choose to share your accounts.

how terrifying this must have been (and maybe still is) for your father! Has he seen either of the entites mentioned as he became older at any other time? Hopefully he made his point well known with the shot gun blast . He let the demon creature know it was not welcome in the house or near him.

maybe the evil pig looking entity and the human creature entity were actually the same thing but looking for some type of form to take hold of either a person or residence in to wreak havoc or cause distress?
ScottRuiz (7 stories) (13 posts)
15 years ago (2007-08-29)
SHANE - I was thinking the same thing. I think maybe it was a well an obvious demon of some sort. It was probably an easy "entry" if you will to get near my dad. And your welcome. I am glad you read them. Thank you for the comment.

ATHNEA - Yes. Pigs seem to be somesort of symbal for demons Ha. I don't know. People seem to relate when it comes to demons and pigs. Your aunt was probably high and was an easy target. My dad was too young to do that. Or maybe not I don't know. But smoking weed never was brought up Ha. THanks for the comment.

JANICE - I would like to not believe what he has told me. But I mean, life is a mystery and we are just coming out of our shell with what we can except and not. Some people actually get to experience the unbelieveable. It could be a bad thing or a good thing. Its really up to the host. Thanks for teh comment.
Janice (7 stories) (248 posts)
15 years ago (2007-08-29)
Hey Scott, who knows? I'm not going to be like "oh whatever, that sounds stupid, it's not true, I'm not going to believe you", because I wasn't there to experience what happened and there is no prove that it didn't. To be honest, I don't whether I should believe you or not, it happens a lot like also in the Amittyville horror story, the man of the family said he saw this pig entity thing outside his window, must've been scary but who knows? This could be 100% true 😉
Athena (9 stories) (222 posts)
15 years ago (2007-08-29)
Hi Scott, Just instinct here, I think what your dad said is exactly what he experinced! My aunt said that she saw a creature like that once upon sleeping, she was an adult, but also smoked mary j sometimes too. Would be creepy and the part about him not being able to breath proves the intent of the creature!
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-08-28)
Sounds like a nature spirit was paying your father a visit. Can't be sure as I didn't see or witness the event, but from the description that is what I would say it was.
Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.

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