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Standing At The Door


This happened just last month. A few days of terror for my family and me. We were house- sitting for my mom while she went downstate for a short vacation. She told us that we could take her master bedroom because it was bigger and we could sleep our three kids in there with us. We told her ok but ended up not doing it because of the fact that it was her room and we didn't want the kids breaking anything. So we decided to take another room that was almost as big and already had a king sized bed and a baby bed for my youngest child.

My mom's house is sort of old and was previously owned by my sister and her abusive husband. So this place has had some bad vibes for so many years. My sister always said that she thought he put some bad curses or something in the house because of things she would see and how angry her husband would get out of the blue. Anyway, the room that we chose was always scary because my wife and I had experienced something strange in it during one Christmas about five years ago, but it already had everything and was very comfortable.

That first night we went to bed sort of late due to the kids being excited about staying the night at grandmas. So around Eleven O'clock we tucked the kids in and shut the lights off. After they got to sleep my wife and I sat on the floor near the bed and talked for a while. The room is near the kitchen so when the light is on we can see it under the door. Like that night. Because of the lights in the room being off, we can easily see the light. After a while, my wife looks over at the door and asks "Doesn't that look like someone is standing at the door?" I looked over and saw what she was talking about so I replied "Yes, but you know it's not". I was thinking maybe it was the uneven carpet that was making it look that way. So, after a while of talking we ended up getting up and stretching before going to the restroom that was also in the room. We got out quietly to not wake up the kids and began to put on our night clothes, or at least tried to because it was too dark to see everything at 100% but we could see a little. A few minutes later and my wife was dressed and already laying down next to my kids. I was still looking for a shirt to wear but couldn't find one that I had packed in my bag. So I went to closet that I had some clothes put away already.

Trying not to stumble over toys I get to my shirts and began to look for one. Just then with the little bit of light from the room I see something on the corner of my next to me. I turned my head and tried to adjust my eyes. Seconds later I see a form of a man standing facing me with his head down so all I could see was the top of his head. It looked like black hair and it didn't have a shirt on. I could not move. The arms of the "thing" hung down to its sides and the legs were partially spread apart. It almost looked like it was in a defense stance like it was going to charge at me. But, I did not move. I was in shock. Not too long after I began to realize that the figure looked like me. As if I was looking in a mirror. I came to my senses and turned slowly towards the bed at the same time looking at the bedroom door and seeing that the shadows that looked like a person standing there was gone. I went to my wife like a scared child and said "There is someone in the room". She jumped up and turned on the light. There was nothing there. The bedroom door was locked from the inside and the kids were still asleep. I was shaking up after I explained to her was I saw. I decided to stay up the rest of the night to watch over my family.

The next morning, I was trying to understand what I saw and make a logical explanation of the events but being me and believing in the supernatural I was finding my self-backed up into a corner about it. We could have packed our things and gone to another room but for some stupid reason we decided to stay. That next night nothing happened. I was the last one to fall asleep but only because I dosed off on the chair that was already in here. I slept like a baby. The third night, my wife and I were woken up by something that we heard in the kitchen. It almost sounded like whispering but we could not make it out until we put our ears to the door. Like I said before, the room was next to the kitchen. We stood there listening in the dark for a second before we both agreed that it did sound like someone was talking in a low voice. My wife was freaking out at this point and turned to the bed to grab her phone. I asked what she as doing and she told me she was going to call the police because we thought there was someone in the house. I went after her to calm her down before the whispering stopped. I went to the bathroom to turn on the light so we had enough to see with without waking up the kids then we put our ears back to the door. We heard nothing. Being in the room with no type of weapon or anything to go out there with to check out what it was, we ended up calling the police (I was trying to be tough about going out there but I was scared as hell). The cops got there a little while later and "scoped" out the place. The windows were all locked and all of the doors that led outside were all locked also. After the cops had left I called my mom and told her what we had experienced so far while staying there. She wanted to come back home but I told her to finish her vacation. I didn't want to be the reason for her vacation to be cut short. That was stupid of me.

The fourth night we did decide to stay in her room this time to be away from the other one and the kitchen. It felt more relaxing in there because it was so empty and it was brighter with the moon hitting the windows. We fell asleep once again. At around Three Thirty, my wife wakes me up and tells me that something was on the other side of the bedroom door. My heart stops right then. Just hearing those words come out of her mouth made me what to die. When I got brave I asked her what she heard and she said "It sounds like the door knob trying to turn". I woke up the kids this time thinking someone actually broke in. For a few minutes we sat quietly waiting to hear what we thought would have been people walking around if they did get in (the house is old so it has a lot of old boards that squeaked when you stepped on them). Nothing happened. We eventually fell back to sleep, I mean it could have been her imagination playing tricks on her.

The next morning was great, because we knew that we could leave the next morning. We left the house all day and went out to eat. We got home late and decided to try to get the kids to bed by Ten Thirty. We fell asleep with no hassle. It was around one in the morning when my oldest daughter shook me awake. She was sitting up in bed when I look over at her. I asked her what she was doing and without being afraid or hesitant and with the motion of her hand and finger she pointed in the direction and says "do you see her?" I asked what she was talking about, she then says "look, she's standing right there". She was pointing by the TV that was at the corner of the room. The moon was the only thing giving us light in the room so I really could not make out what she was looking at. I first thought she was asleep and to this day I think she was just talking in her sleep but I looked at her and said "what are you talking about? Get some sleep". I tried to lay her back down hoping I didn't have to rock her back to sleep. But as I put my hand on her shoulder she says "look, she's walking over here". All the while, pointing with her finger bringing it closer and closer to the bed. I got the chills when she was doing that. I didn't want to look. Right then my daughter screams at the top of her lungs in terror. The rest of the family jumps awake. We turn on the light and my daughter is trying to move closer and closer to us saying that "She" went under the bed saying that over and over. We just got up and got our things together after that. I called my mom and told her that we were just going to leave because of the kids being afraid.

I think she knew what was up because we had always had problems with the house. Like I said before, there was a lot of hate in the home from years past with my sisters abusive husband. So with all of the negative energy, I think it just built up to the point of chaos between our world and whatever the other world is that is bringing all of this. We haven't been back to visit since then, it's been a few weeks already. But I know we will try.

Thanks for reading.

Scott R.

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IrishGuy (30 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-12)
Your stories are very scary and some of the best I have read on this site. It seems your entire family are very open and sensitive to hearing and seeing spirits, entities etc always stay safe and may the force be with u!
Trix (14 stories) (407 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-05)
Hi ScottRuiz, wow what a scary interesting story. What does your mother says? Does she also share the same experiences in that house? I admire her staying there all alone by herself. She must be one hell of a brave lady staying there. If it was my place I would also cleansed it like Darkness suggest to get rid of all the bad energy. I think you can believe your child the way you prescribed it she did see it going under the bed and she called out in fear because of what she saw frightened her. Please give us feedback of what your mother says and if you solved the problem. That place might have some history also. Good luck and take care. Thanks for sharing. Great story. Trix 😉
bluesman87 (14 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-01)
yeah great story. Doesn't your mom ever have any problems there though?
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-01)
ScottRuiz: Sounds like a very frightning couple of nights. Exactly like you have already mentioned the negativity that was present in this home has caused all these events to happen. My opinion is for the home to be cleansed or blessed, whatever option ideally suits your mum best I suppose, that is if she wants to follow down this path. I'm glad you only spent the few nights there.

Thanks for sharing your story

robertar (223 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-30)
great story. Did your girl ever describe what she saw.

I had a similar experience as a kid. My sister and I had a rare slumber party in a tent/fort that kids make. I sat up in the middle-night, woke up my sister. I described to her what I was seeing, through the wall, walking on the street out front of our house. Sort of a man with a monster face, who looked at me when I told my sister that he was out there. My sister thought I was dreaming, I laid back down and went to sleep.

But I remembered everything I saw in the morning. It's possible I was just dreaming, but maybe people just see things sometimes that others don't- a spirit world? I don't know.

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