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The Man In The Kitchen


When I was about five we used to live in government housing (La Armada II). It used to be housing for the U.S NAVY way before I was born. So anyways, growing up I was the youngest out of five siblings. We each have had weird unexplained things happen to us over the course of us living there.

One of my experiences happened about two in the morning. I woke up thirsty so I went downstairs to get a glass of water. I got about halfway down the stairs when, out of habit, I peak my head around the corner to see if anyone was in the kitchen. I looked and I thought I saw my brother Mark standing near the stove and he was wearing a white t-shirt and some blue jeans. The same thing he wore today when he left for his friend's house. So I asked him, "Hey, Mark, can you get me a glass of water please?" He didn't move or even look at me.

So I asked him again, "Mark, can you please get me a glass of water?" still nothing. At this point I was starting to get agitated. When I heard my mom behind me ask, "Who are you talking to?" I told her Mark was here and he he doesn't want to get me a glass of water. My mom gave me a puzzled look and told me he had called her earlier to let her know that he was going to be spending the night at his friend's house. When she told me that my heart started racing and I turned around and looked back at the kitchen and the figure wasn't there anymore.

My mother called my dad to come check the kitchen to see if anybody had broken into our house. So he checked and the door was locked from both the knob and the dead bolt. My mom just brushed it off and my dad gave me my glass of water and rubbed my head and told me to go to bed.

And from time to time I would still see the same figure in the exact same spot not moving or looking around, so I just stopped going downstairs late at night.

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sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-18)
Hi JohnCano, I feel that what you see could be residual. If you had investigated about the history of the house, perhaps that could have given us some clues. You said that you saw it from time to time still on the same spot not moving or looking around. So my conclusion is that it could be residual. Do you still live in the same house? Or if you don't try to find out from the present residents, if possible, if they see the same kind of apparition even now. Kindly post us if you find out anything.

Regards and respects to you.


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