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When I was 15yrs old my granny passed away at my uncle's house. About two weeks before she passed away, I was getting ready for school in my bedroom, looking in the mirror. Over my shoulder I saw my grandfather who had passed away eight months before. I never thought anything of it because I have seen many figures before this time that stay with me at all times, until I was told that on the day that my granny died, she told my aunt that he was waiting for her.

She said that she felt his presence frequently and would talk to him at hours at a time, bickering like they have done for years. On the day of her funeral, my youngest aunt was sitting in a recliner at my uncle's house, crying. I knelt down beside her and the area around her was ice cold. I instantly knew it was my granny for some reason. I felt that she wanted my aunt to know that she was there for her and to give her comfort. When my aunt was told of this, it helped reassure her during her grieving.

Then after I had my daughter, I was living at my uncle's house and every night you could hear my granny singing my daughter to sleep. My daughter would also look into spaces at times and gurgle like babies do when they are being played with (anyone who is around babies will understand).

One day my husband and I were sitting on our bed discussing something and on his thigh you could make out the imprint of a hand. I felt for some reason after I calmed down that she was showing me that she approved of my husband. At certain times you can hear different things in my uncle's house that let you know that she is still around. Usually it is when someone needs reassurance of some kind.

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MissAngelaA (2 stories) (11 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-12)
I know this was written years ago but I find this story lovely and very sweet. I hope your granny is still felt around and she will be your daughter's guardian angel forever
Abby (710 posts)
16 years ago (2007-09-04)
Dear Linda or ?,

Since in truth, you will be reading this comment, I will comment:

Ancestors are good to have around us in good and bad times. They also cannot be our crutches or co-dependent attachments, as we also must lead our own present lives for ourselves and by ourselves. They cannot lead our lives nor should they. They have already had their shot at life; and they cannot and should not even try to live their lives through us. Many times a human being will be surprised when the attachment they need to have removed is actually a relative or ancestor. Now this is a surprise 😲 --Abby

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