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When I was about 4 years old I lived in a big house with my Mum, my little sister (who we will call Ellie), my 2 big brothers (who we will call David and James) and my Dad.

Soon as we moved in, my mum could feel something wasn't right, but we moved in and loved the house. After a week of living there I made a new friend which I called Granny, everyone thought I just made her up.

We lived there for about month and things started to happen like doors slam shut on their own, stuff went missing. This one time my brother David was playing on the computer and one of my Doctor Who dolls (was lying down at the time) sat up and moved across the table that the computer was on and fell to the ground.

My Mum always asked me "What's Granny doing now?" I'd reply with something like "She's washing up" or "she's playing with the cat" (we did not own a cat). The one time my Mum asked the question and I got confused as Granny was cleaning the step like they did back in the day, but the step wasn't there. She was cleaning the floor outside.

I also used to walk around holding hands with Granny and my Mum said that it gave her goosebumps every time she saw me do it.

My Dad always teased me saying "Granny's coming to get you" or "Granny's coming". My Mum and I always told him stop because "It made Granny upset" or "Granny's angry". After he said that, in the morning my Dad would wake up to marks on him and one time he was bleeding.

We moved after that and nothing happened to us. I did feel like Granny was still with me. I don't know why Granny took a liking to be and I strongly believe that Granny watches over me to this day.

Thank you for reading and has this happened to anyone else?

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Jazzisepic (3 stories) (20 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-07)
Hi Kindly refrain,
Yes, I do feel as if she watches over me to this day, I don't she her as much as I did when I was younger but some times in the corner of my eye I see an old lady.
Thanks for commenting!
Kindly_refrain (16 stories) (196 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-02)
Hello Jazzisepic, I just read your story.

That is very interesting. Actually holding hands with a spirit and it (she) being part of your young life. Wow!

Do you see or sense anything anymore?
Jazzisepic (3 stories) (20 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-01)
Hi Manafon1
Yes I do have some memories about Granny I remember she had a pink and white striped top and a long skirt, I do remember playing out in the sand pit in my back garden as well. My mum asked me one day about Granny I said yes I do so we talked about her and then I thought to put it on Your Ghost Stories.
I find you stories very interesting.
Thank you for commenting
Manafon1 (7 stories) (717 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-25)
Hi Jazisepic--It has been noted many times that children are much more receptive to having paranormal experiences. Your account would seem to attest to this. You mention that your mother would ask questions about "Granny" that you would answer. I assume then that you must have some memories (at least vague) regarding her appearance. You don't give any description of Granny so I am curious if you have any.

I had several paranormal experiences when I was very young. I heard a man and woman arguing nightly for six months or so when everyone else in the house was asleep, saw an apparition of a woman shutting out my bedroom light and had an unseen hand gently rock my bed every night. I remember these things clearly. It will be interesting to find out if you have personal memories of Granny or only what your mom has relayed that you used to say about an "imaginary friend."

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