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While living with the father of my child I've experiences several haunting occasions. The first and scariest happened at the first house we lived in, eventually we all got enough and moved into the second house. I didn't not live there in the beginning but before they moved again I had for several months. At this point our daughter, who was born early, was a year old. She was just learning to walk and the house was pretty big and she loved the space to practice. They had been living in the house for an entire year and have not experienced anything. I would come to visit and unlike the other house, I didn't mind being left home alone until after they had officially lived there for a year and also after grandma died and julian (my boyfriend's youngest brother, 17) had been shot in the head twice and almost died. I began to feel presences and experience cold spots in the house (I'll post more stories about some of the things that have gone on later.)

My daughter was just learning to walk and she would walk back and fourth from the hallway to the back rooms and so on. I had been sitting in the living room one day and she got to practicing, it was a couple of minutes before I realized that she was gone and I went to look for her. I found her standing in the doorway to Tammy (my boyfriend's moms) room. She was looking up at something smiling and laughing, I of course looked around and saw nothing, tammy was asleep in her bed and no one else was home. I brought my daughter back into the living room. On several occasions, I would find her "playing" in the doorway to tammy's room and and finally accepted that she had acquired a ghost playmate, but seeing as how she couldn't talk, I will never know. I didn't think that this ghost was harmful but it still scared me and I never wanted to be home alone.

After a while my daughter was able to walk and run and one day her cousin Jamya was there and they were playing. They ran from the front living room to the hallway, chasing each other, laughing, just having fun. I was cooking and watching them from the kitchen. I noticed that they had BOTH stopped playing and where standing in the living room, staring at something, I looked and watched them both turn their heads, look past me and into the hall, they started to laugh again and followed after it. I called for jamya to come to me and asked her why they had stopped playing and what were they looking at? She simply responded "that boy, he so crazy" and laughed and ran off.

Eventually andrea would not play in Tammy's doorway anymore but instead had a fascination with the living room. We had two living rooms in the house, the front living room where the experience with jamya and andrea occurred was nicely decorated with photos, white couches, a bar, a chinese table, statues and such. No one was ever in there. The second was more comfortable and everyone gathered there. Andrea would just get up and walk into the front living room and always she would head towards the bar and open it (how she knew how to do this I do not know) but she would open it, and three times, would grab the wine glasses and break them. We eventually found a way to keep her out of it but she would still try.

Then one day while I was in the kitchen I looked out the window in the front room and saw someone in the kitchen behind me, it was taller than me and dark and walked past me and disappeared. I looked in the hallway and saw my friend William there, I asked him to come here and walk where I see this thing at. I watched him walking in the same direction as the spirit and knew instinctly that this couldn't not have been him because his reflection clearly showed him as he was wearing white and what I saw was black. Tammy also started to say she saw someone in that living room.

Finally one day it was just my boyfriend and I in the house. He was in the back room sleeping and I was watching tv in the second living room. I had heard a popping noise on and off and after ten minutes of it I went to check it. I found that it was coming from the laundry room, the dryer door was popping open. This was very odd because I was washing and drying clothes. I shut the door and restarted the dryer and walked out and was heading towards my bedroom to see if maybe jordan opened the door, when I heard it pop again, I walked back and the dryer door stood open. I asked whoever it was to stop playing games, I needed my clothes done, please, and I shut the door back. I didn't even have to start the dryer back this time it started on its own and I ran to my room and laid down with my boyfriend. After this I noticed that my daughter would go in the laundry room and started to play in there.

I do not understand exactly what is going on, why this ghost moves from room to room or if it's several different ghost or why my daughter feels so attracted to them, but I do know that it's creepy. Do you have children who play with ghosts?

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scaredshitless14 (2 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-20)
From my opinion, you might have a few spirits wandering your home. One maybe a little boy who runs around and is trying to play with your little girl and he might be the same one who was playing with the dryer. And there is possibly another one, the large one you saw in the window behind you. But I don't think its going to be a threat since there hasn't been any threatening activity, that I know of. Anyways, hope things turn out for the best.

Jasmin314 (13 stories) (210 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-03)
ok I know exactly why your dryer kept opening... And I used my common sense to figure it out. I don't mean to be rude because I believe your whole story. The dryer had to much clothes in it. Mine does that too. When I throw something heavy in it or a large amount of clothes, it pops open. The story is pretty scary though. ❤ Jazz
discodevil (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2008-04-10)
that's pretty freaky! But at least it doesn't seem like it would want to hurt you or your daughter. It sounds mischevious.
PrincessKatie (7 stories) (420 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-27)
hi I see ghosts but not learnt how to talk to them yet though. You should treat ghosts like normal people that's what I got told and you are suppose to talk to them nicely like you talk to other people. They look so clear and real. 😊thanks for sharing your story.
Abby (710 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-04)
Dear The_Sweetest_Thing,

Ghosts are humans who are dead and are also earth bound. It sounds like you may have one child ghost who is causing the mischief. Ghosts are able to freely move about homes by transporting themselves through 3D physical walls, and manifesting themselves by use of energy obtained by the living or electricals and electromagnetic fields. The more sensitive a human being is the more they will sense a ghost. Children have not yet had their sensitivity bred out of them by constant conformity and teachings through fears. They also still have their openness, dreams, trust and imaginations. This is why children are top candidates to sensing ghosts then older teens or adults.

A ghost should never be allowed to be trapped in a place. One should treat a ghost as if it were alive and if one is capable have it sent over to the other side. Ghosts and spirits have the same personalities they had as when they were alive. If they are good, positive and kind so shall they be out of body, as well as bad, negative and unkind and all other personality traits in between too.

On this site and sister sites are articles, comments and stories that will help you, as well as research the net, library, bookstores, local groups and so forth for further information and resources.--Abby
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-03)
My daughter use to communicate with an unseen spirit quite often. She would just be looking off into space and before she could really talk she would laugh and giggle and do that kind of baby talk they do to no one in particular. She use to love this one wall especially. Children are more open to the paranormal than we adults, as they haven't been taught by society that ghost and the paranormal aren't real. Their little minds haven't been polluted by society's judgements and they are more open to the experiences. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.

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