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I can't say that my third eye is open. Somewhat open, I guess. I'm not like the kid in The Sixth Sense, at least I'm not wishing to be one. But in the past few years I have encountered a lot like ghosts and even demons. I even talked to God and dreamt of heaven and hell.

I started seeing and feeling when we were still living in Pangasinan. When my sister died I could feel her presence especially in my room. No, it was our room before she left. Lights would turn off, my bed would move as if someone just lied down on the upper deck of the bed and even heard of someone walking up the stairs.

The next morning after we knew she was dead, my mother was alone upstairs. She was in her room while every one of us was downstairs discussing what to do for her burial, then decided to go down after what she have seen. She said, "May galing ba sa inyo sa taas kanina? And we said, "wala. Kanina pa kami dito sa baba". Her face went pale then she said, "Akala ko may bumaba kanina kasi may nakita ako sa repleksyong ng TV babaeng nakaputi sa may hagdan kanina pababa ng hagdanan, nakatalikod,". Then we went crying again.

Within her 9 days of death, my brother, my uncle, our housemaid and I were at the living room playing some music just to kill the silence in the house. Suddenly, the volume of the radio was going down but no one was doing it. Then we heard a lady crying and it seemed like it was coming from outside the door. Her cry was all over the house. We were stunned, and then the radio was tuning up until her voice was gone. I got scared but at the same time I cried thinking that she couldn't accept what happened to her.

But her presence didn't stop there. I was in the bathroom cleaning up and then I washed my face on the sink. There was a mirror in front so after I washed my face I looked at myself in the mirror. At first I can see my reflection but slowly it turned to my sister's face. She was looking right at me. I felt like my head was getting bigger and goosebumps going up my head. It lasted for 5 seconds, I guess. Then I saw myself again. I was in shocked so I slowly opened the door and went outside then I just cried.

Sometimes I could hear someone crying before I sleep. I could also hear the chairs moving downstairs and even saw a guy wearing white in the kitchen! I thought it was just my imagination but when our house maid said that she saw it as well. Heck, our house was somewhat haunted! I could also see kids sitting in the stairs whenever I'm at the living room.

Our house was an apartment type, there were 2 and we were occupying the last door. No one lived on the first door since my uncle left. Our neighbors will say that there were a lot of people on the house. But I knew there was because every time I pass by, I could feel some presence and eyes were looking at me. The feeling was very heavy.

One time my aunt was washing clothes outside and we are very close so I kept her company. There was an old radio in the first door of the apartment so I decided to turn it on kill the silence and to lessen the heaviness coming from that house. I turned the light on and before I could turn on the radio I said "wala naman multo. Buti kung magparamdam." And I said it out loud. I guess they heard me, because after looking for a working station I felt that someone was sitting at the stairs. I saw his or her feet running up the stairs! I froze and walked out immediately just to realize that my aunt wasn't near the faucet anymore and went inside our house. I hurriedly went to the house and told my parents what happened. I was crying while telling them but they didn't believe me. From then, I promised myself not to challenge an unseen.

Here goes the scariest. Before I started my training in east wood I had a lot of bangungot. I've seen myself lying in the bed and the surroundings while I was sleeping. I hardly breathed and I couldn't wake up. I thought it was the usual bangungot just like every one else's, but it started speaking to me I and started to hear voices in my head.

I could see shadows whenever I went and then the guy wearing a black long dress and a bit tall was always present in my dream. He was always there telling me that he'd get me. I had a bangungot almost everyday even if I sleep in the morning. It freaked me out. I cried every time because I was afraid to close my eyes and I thought what if I'm not going to wake up anymore? What if he finally gets me?

I told my father about it. My father has some what have a gift and my mother experienced it too. One time, I was sleeping on their bed then my father sat beside me and prayed. He prayed the Apostles Creed and while he was praying it to me someone was stopping him. He had to pray it over and over again because it was breaking. My husband and I prayed it too but someone was really stopping us from praying. So I had to write it down and read it while praying. I would felt relieved once I have finished the prayer.

Earlier, around 4:30 am I woke up because I heard my husband talking in his sleep. I couldn't understand what he was saying not because he was murmuring but because he's speaking in a different language. At first I ignored, I thought he's just murmuring in his dreams but it started to scare me so I woke him up. I had a hard time waking him up but when he finally did I asked what his dream was all about. Then he said, "yung gumugulo sayo. Binabangungot ka daw ulit kaya nagpray ako ng Our Father." Then it hit me. He's striking again. But what really bothers me was my husband speaking in a different language when he was praying Our Father. He doesn't know any other languages rather than Zambal and English.

I'm not surprised that he's going to bug me again. I know he's still out there, waiting. And I know God is with us.

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valkricry (47 stories) (3194 posts) mod
8 years ago (2014-10-20)
No worries. I doubt that you are the first to think this site is only for their particular country/language nor will you be the last. 😉
abipumpkin (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-20)
When I wrote this I thought this site is only for my country. Sorry. When I write again, I'll keep that it mind. Thank you
lovebugs16 (5 stories) (43 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-12)
uhm. Can I ask what caused your sister's death? Maybe she was crying because she has some unfinished bussines or finding justice. You had a great story, my sister also experienced the same thing. What's zambal by the way? It's my first time to hear that such langguage do exist.

God bless!

notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
9 years ago (2013-09-06)
ah...much clearer now 😁 thank you for doing that. Now I can piece the story together
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4998 posts) mod
9 years ago (2013-09-06)
BaiAnina - thank you for translating this for us. I am the mod who edited/published the story and I hesitated over whether or not to leave it as is, or try and make the translations using an online translation link. I opted to leave the story as is with the hope that the o/p would translate when asked.

Thank you for stepping in and helping us out. It is much appreciated 😊
BaiAnina (3 stories) (25 posts)
9 years ago (2013-09-06)
Hi, let me translate some for the viewers 😊

May galing ba sa inyo sa taas kanina? = (Was anyone upstairs a while ago?)

Wala. Kanina pa kami dito sa baba = (No, we've been here, downstairs, all this time.)

Akala ko may bumaba kanina kasi may nakita ako sa repleksyong ng TV babaeng nakaputi sa may hagdan kanina pababa ng hagdanan, nakatalikod = (I thought I saw someone went downstairs, because there was a woman in white going down the stairs on the TV's reflection.)

Bangungot = basically nightmares that can kill you.

Yung gumugulo sayo. (Binabangungot ka daw ulit kaya nagpray ako ng Our Father. = the one pestering you. You were having "bangungot" again that's why I was praying the Our Father.)

Great story by the way 😁
notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
9 years ago (2013-09-04)
abipumpkin- I agree with valkricy. I, too had a lot of trouble putting together the story. No disrespect to you but if you choose to type out the message in pronunciation of another language, please keep in mind that many of us do not understand it. If you must do that, could you please translate it for us next time? Thank you! 😳
valkricry (47 stories) (3194 posts) mod
9 years ago (2013-09-04)
First and foremost, I am sorry about the loss of your sister.
Unfortunately, since you wrote a lot of it in a language other than English (is that Zambal?) I struggled with understanding what was going on. Could you or someone, translate what was said for me? I know "bangungot" is like a nightmare that you wake suddenly from with sleep paralysis, and many believe it could result in death. And I've made guesses at the rest, but Filipino is not my strong suit.
Many thanks.

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