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Seeing Ghost Only Through Reflections


As a child I had experienced many deaths of people in my family or just people who were close to me. Before they died I always would get a feeling or dreams and images and from that I was always scared of supernatural things or ghosts and spirits and wanted to be ignorant towards it. My mother had died so I lived with my grandma and our rooms were next to each other. I have always been afraid to sleep by myself so I used to ask my grandmother to keep her bedroom door open and I would keep my bedroom door open too so that I could feel close.

I was however still afraid because with my bedroom door open, something could easily get in but with it closed something could already be in there and I couldn't get out. Either way, I was terrified and always slept with this one specific teddy bear I called Mr.Fuzz. It was the last gift I ever got from my mother and I kept that teddy bear for many years. I don't remember what exactly happened to it and do somewhat miss it but in its later years, it started to look different, somewhat demonic, so I don't mind it being gone, he'd been replaced by my boyfriend of the last three years before I lost him.

One night and of all nights it was Halloween, my grandma had a guest over and she had shut her door for the night. I had to have been ten or eleven at this time and I had left my teddy bear at my aunt's house by mistake so the fact that her door was closed and that I did not have mr. fuzz kept me from falling asleep easily and staying asleep.

Well eventually in the middle of my tossing and turning I had woke up because I heard talking. I originally thought that the voices were coming from outside my window and assumed that maybe there were still halloweeners outside. I was afraid to look out my window and see there were still halloweeners there, I didn't want to see anyone dressed up scary because I was already scared without that to put on top of it.

The voices stopped for awhile and then started again. I reluctantly decided to look out my window I thought maybe I would ask these people to leave me alone. I peeked out of it and saw no one yet the voices continued, I then thought perhaps it was my grandma and her guest talking, until I laid back down in my bed. Now my bed was directly across from my closet which doors were mad of mirrors. As I lay back down in my bed I saw the reflection of three people standing there... Looking at me looking at me. Needless to say it scared the shiat out of me, I got scared and ran to my grandma's room, she didn't hear my come in and so I laid on the floor.

I couldn't sleep... And I wouldn't sleep in my room for days until I got my teddy bear back. To this day I'm not sure if the figures were actually in the mirror looking at me or actually next to me in my room and I was seeing them through the mirror because from later experiences, I've learned that the only time I see ghosts is through a reflection of something, even though I do feel strong presences at times. Well needless to say, I moved my bed in a direction different from the mirrors and I never saw these three ghosts again.

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Lasieus (7 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-12)
any further details on how your teddy looked demonic?

i wonder at times if our plushies had souls to begin with, or do they have them because we injected part of ours into them or something like that.

because at times, I seem to think I notice my bears looking sad or upset or happy...
Abby (710 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-04)
Dear The_Sweetest_Thing,

If as children we were taught to be self empowered, to have self esteem, to know where to draw boundaries, and to believe in ourselves; we would have been less reliant on open doors to adult caretakers, night lights, favorite blankies, real animals, stuffed animals and so forth. If we were not taught by fear, to fear, we would have not lost our child's sensitivity within each and everyone of us regardless of age.

You have pretty much said in your story and other stories on this site that you have been sensitive to such paranormal occurrences throughout your life; so it is not surprising that you had an encounter as you relayed in this story.

It was quite interesting that you knew it within yourself to move your bed and change the outcome of the night's to follow. I think as an adult you have pretty much figured all of this out for yourself and now have your stories to share.--Abby
chunkygut1 (13 stories) (73 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-02)
What did you mean when you said your bear looked demonic?
What where the ghosts saying?
Good luck in the future -harry
meg (2 stories) (19 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-01)
Do you think it could have been your past relatives looking over you? It would have been very scary for you, but they might not have been there to harm you at all. I wonder what did happen to your teddy bear?

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