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The Green House In Lihue


I moved to Lihue with my family from the small town of Koloa. It was me (9 years old), my little sister (1 year), my mom and my step-dad.

The house isn't isolated, it is in the middle of a little housing area and we were surrounded by homes. The house was built on a hill so there had to be stilts towards the back of the house to make up for the slope. Next to the house was a large perfectly circular hole in the ground. About a foot deep and about the size of a car. It seemed to have been there for a while since grass had grown on it.

Almost immediately, strange things started happening in the house.


We had a calendar on the wall in the dining room. One day I was talking to my mom in the dining room when the calendar fell to the floor behind me. We thought it was weird but didn't make anything out of it. Until I picked up the calendar and noticed that there were no tear marks from the hole from which it hung and the tack was still firmly in the wall. How did it fall? After that, the calendar would NOT stay on the wall for more than a few days. That would be the only time it fell while anyone was in the room.


I'm an extremely light sleeper. One night I was awoken by someone getting up to use the bathroom. As I laid there trying to go back to sleep, I heard my little sister's electric baby swing start to swing in her room next to mine. It was a hunky electronic thing that would whir and click with every swing. I called out to my mom since she was up. She came in and I asked if she had put Oriana in her swing. She said Ori was asleep in their bedroom further down the hall. I told my mom what I heard. She stopped to listen but it had stopped. It happened so often that I stopped telling my mom about it.


I was home alone doing chores and cleaning the house. I suddenly felt uncomfortable and got nervous about the weird things happening in the house so I called a friend. It helped ease my nerves as I cleaned. As I walked to the bathroom to put a towel away, I noticed one of Oriana's bottles on the floor of her room. I took note to go pick it up after I put the towel away. When I walked back to the room, it was gone. That's weird. I wasn't scared, only determined to find it. I went room to room looking for the bottle. It was nowhere to be found. My heart started race once I came up empty. I started to panic to my friend. I told her what happened and how I couldn't find it anywhere. As I freaked out I still kept going room to room, in disbelief that it was nowhere to be seen. I went into the bathroom and there it was sitting on the sink.


One night I was woken up by the sound of knocking. Like a fast rapping at the door. I casually said to come in. No one came in. The knocking came again. "Come in!" I shouted louder. The knocking continued. I started screaming for my mom. She came running in, "What?! What?!" "Were you knocking on the door?" "No." "There was someone knocking on the door!" She brushed it off as birds. For my sanity, I went with it. It never happened again.


I was home alone taking a shower after cleaning. My mom was due back soon. In the middle of my shower my mom came home and I heard her yell, "CASSANDRA! GET OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!" I turned off the shower with conditioner still in my hair, "What, Mom?" "Did you break your sister's crib?" "No." I wandered out confused. All of the bars on my sister's wooden crib had been pulled out. This one really rocked me. I was terrified! I asked my mom if she was just pulling a prank on me. I asked her if my step-dad was. No and no. Once she believed it wasn't me, she brushed it off and told me to go finish showering.

Later when my step-dad came home from work, they both fought with the crib trying to put it back together. They grunted and groaned as they tried to pry the bars back into place. Finally when they finished, they tied a ti leaf around it. In Hawaii, it's been said to ward off bad spirits.


One night I woke up for seemingly no reason. I readjusted my position and rolled onto my back. I looked towards the closet and there I saw a white silhouette of a man in uniform. He seemed to be sitting up high, like on a bar stool. He had a hat on his lap and badges decorated the front of his uniform. He looked straight past me. I looked to where his gaze seemed to be, which was the bookcase next to my bed. He didn't seem animate at all. More like a misty portrait. His body faded out at the knees. I laid there staring at him. He didn't move. I didn't want to put the covers over my head in fear that he would be right in front of my face when I removed it, but I couldn't stand to see him anymore. I lifted my knees to block him from my view, closed my eyes, and never willed so hard in my life for sleep to come. My mom asked me to try drawing him. I've never been able to draw so this posed a challenge. She asked for a detailed description of the badges. Most looked like plain rectangles but one looked like it also had an eagle's head.


This one terrified me the most. Imagine a square and draw a line through the middle except for a little bit at the end. One half was the kitchen and dining room. The other half was the living room. The dining room and living room are connected by a doorway. One night my mom was talking to my step-dad in the dining room when she felt something hit her back and heard a thud on the ground behind her. She looked down and saw one of her ceramic dolls that she collected. But the scariest part was that that particular clown WAS sitting on the TV in the living room some ten feet away. The clown was relocated to a shelf above the couch. It fell from the shelf a few times after the incident but never went farther than just a straight drop.

The neighbors (a classmate lived there as well) were doing a lot of gardening at the time and ended up having a lot of extra dirt. My family gladly accepted some to make their own tiny garden in the back as well as to fill in the random hole in the ground next to the house. The hole was dangerous and I almost fell because of it numerous times. The odd thing was that once that hole was filled, none of the strange occurrences happened anymore. We moved about a year later.

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DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-19)
Interesting accounts qohw2, the hole could be from many things so it is a little difficult to try establish what it was and why it may have been causing these things. Did any other weird occurences get experienced by your other family members or neighbours that you remember? These sound like the standard experiences people have when a spirit is seeking attention etc. Thanks for sharing.

ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-14)
thanksfor sharring this story. I realy don't know whart happened (about the whole). But maybe the spirit was trying to get sumebodys attention. Maybe there was anaccident there. Its hard to say. If you do some research on the propery you might find something. The whole may also have been somethinhg else. Lets say nobody died there or around there but there is something there. Lets say a haunted object. I dought this but if a ouiji board should be burried when you want to get rid of it then well ypou know where I'm getting at 😆.Im glad its all over and your haveing a normal life. Thanks for sharring and hope to hear from you soon and take care
Raftingirl (2 stories) (113 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-13)
Lots of interesting thoughts here - although, I'm sure you were terrified at the time.

Your comment about the size and shape of the hole put me in mind that perhaps there was a car buried there? Perhaps with someone inside. May have been an accident or planned by someone else, but knowing what the rains are like there, it would be bound to decay quickly.

If there was a person in that whole in any way, shape or form, you might have given them the proper burial needed to move on. Also, It's likely the ti leaf helped.

Nice to hear that you were not harmed in any of these events. Thanks for sharing your accounts ❤
Narella (guest)
11 years ago (2013-09-13)
What a creepy house! Being alone in the house during the bottle incident must have been very frightening. I'm glad the events stopped after the hole was filled in.
girlie (15 stories) (426 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-13)
I agree with EpicMox2410 is some areas (no offense to EpicMox2410 at all)
I think that maybe the hole, for reason or another, was attracting the ghost to your house. The idea that it could be two different ghost that had fallen into in hole and died is a good assumption, but I have a feeling that if that had happened, someone would have filled it up. Your house could be on the same land as some other building (like a bar) and that is why you had this experiences.
No idea if that helped or not. But yeah, that's my opinion on your story (great story by the way, I like how you separated the experiences, helps to make sure you don't run them together.)
EpicMox2410 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-13)
😊 hello I think I have something to tell you "first of all there must be someone dead or some incident happened because of that hole with the people who lived before you... Like someone fell in it, and the man with the uniform maby a navy because hawaii is an island he must be a guy to ride the ship or he must be a pilot a lot of tourists come to visit hawaii so he is guy rides the plane" 😨 then the your sister's chair moving and the crib and the clown so there must be a kid's spirit in that house he must have fallen in that hole. That in the uniform must be its dad and the calander it must have the date of the day when the kid fell in hole the dad die's...sort of 😕. Please reply if this comment helped you

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