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Seeing My Little Sisters Before They Were Born


This happened when I was about 9 on my ancestral family property in the central north east Kimberly desert region. I am the eldest of 4 siblings. Before I begin, I need to explain that I am Indigenous Australian.

My Grandparents were taking the family to show us our Peoples' traditional land. It was a three day drive into the heart of the desert. The country was so rugged and so beautiful with herds of wild camels, emus and kangaroos. The camp was near the only permanent waterhole in the desert.

The nights in the desert get very cold and we were all huddled together to keep warm, my cousins and I. Now, my Grandfather would watch over us during the night and cover us with the blankets when we kicked them off or pulled for them in our sleep. My Grandfather was restless that night and the moon was full so you could see everything. My Grandfather watched this little dark skinned girl who looked about 6 years old with frizzy afro hair (none of the children had frizzy hair and we were all fair skinned) walk to my side and pull for the blankets to lay down next to me. Being used to making sure we were all warm, my Grandfather got up and covered up this little girl. He then went back to sleep not thinking much about it until the next day.

My cousins and I all running around, climbing trees, playing. My Grandfather realised that there was no child among us who had dark skin and frizzy afro hair. He didn't say anything to anyone else about the little girl with the fro but would see her most nights sleeping beside me and following me during the day as I played but no one else noticed her. I saw her peek at me from behind a big tree giggling, I ran to look and she disappeared. When I told my Grandfather he said, "I know. I saw her too and she sleeps beside you every night and follows you during the day. But don't be scared because she won't hurt you and she is trying to give us a message."

Two years later my sister was born with dark skin and thick afro hair.

My youngest sister appeared to me in our old house in Halls Creek W.A when I was watching television one afternoon. My youngest sister is a happy person who likes to play jokes and make you laugh. Now this was before my Mother was pregnant. I was at home alone in the lounge room watching TV when this little 6 year old girl wearing a long white dress runs out of my bedroom giggling, down the hall past me and ducks under the big blue tablecloth covering the dining table as if she was playing hide and seek with me. I jump up and run to the table, flick back the tablecloth to see nobody there. My youngest sister was born a few years later.

Thinking back now I know that these little girls were my sisters because I was not afraid when I saw them, and I felt as if I knew them. They also left me with a happy loving feeling.

I hope you enjoy my story.

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Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-05)
AJ1KENOBI, what sweet experiences.

Is it true that most indigenous Australians are born with the ability of 'second sight'? Or is it just what we have been led to believe through movies? 😕

Thank you for sharing your lovely narrative.

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