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A Sister's Love


My mother told me this story when I was in my teens. I loved hearing stories of the experiences my parents had with my dad being in the Army. But she told me this one was a little spooky and that it involved my older sister.

In 1963 my father got stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska. It was a big change for them. Both were only 18 years old, recently married and she was pregnant. Things were not easy for them, especially when Dad had to stay on base for weeks at times. Mom didn't drive and sometimes had to take the bus to her prenatal appointments.

Mom said while pregnant with my sister she sometimes felt that someone was watching her. She started having bad dreams of her dying during child birth.

About the time Mom was six months along the doctors got concerned. Her stomach was bigger than it should be and it was getting harder for her to even walk. She was stressed and agitated. Tests were taken but they found nothing wrong. Mom still seemed to be having a hard time with it. In April my sister was born, without issues, but Mom was exhausted and told them she still didn't feel well. The doctors put it off to the fact that it was a difficult pregnancy. That night in the hospital she tried to care for my sister but couldn't focus, was nauseated and had a fever.

Mom said she felt some one stroke her hair and heard her sister's voice say "It's alright, I will watch the baby." When she woke up the baby was asleep, and the doctor was asking her if she knew what day it was. He told her they found her in dire straits and a test proved she had a nasty infection and they almost lost her.

They told her they weren't due to check on her for two more hours and wouldn't have come in if it wasn't for the light going on. The thing is, it was broken, due to be fixed next week.

Mom also said she felt her sister stroke her hair and heard her voice.

My mom was 12 years old when her sister died at 17 of polio.

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ntzehn (2 stories) (5 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-18)
rajine thank you

I know that family comes back to visit and to help you, I have seen and heard it so many times myself.
Rajine (14 stories) (827 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-18)
Welcome to YGS, this is a really touching story I literally got goosebumps reading it because it's just a confirmation that our loved ones really do look out for us when we are at our weakest and most vulnerable, thank you for sharing your story with us.
JoJorocks (4 stories) (27 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-17)
Hi ntzehn

This is more sad and touching, than scary.
So sorry for your lost. Hope your sister is well now in heaven
ntzehn (2 stories) (5 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-16)
Thank you Mrs. Ramsay for your kind words. And I agree that polio was bad and took both young and old alike.

Thank you for saying that it's a beautiful story. I always thought it was one.
ntzehn (2 stories) (5 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-16)
Thank you lady glow, I also thought it bittersweet. I was thrilled to think that my mom's sister was still looking after her.
MrsRamsay (guest)
3 years ago (2021-02-16)
This is one of the most beautiful "ghost" stories I've ever heard. Thank you so much for sharing, I believe every word.

Polio back then was so awful, some of my friends and I were just talking about that the other day... It was indescriminate... It took young people as well as old. Yes, I agree, you might have an angel! Your mom sure did.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-14)
Welcome to YGS.

This is such a bittersweet experience. I'm sure your mother's sister was always by her side taking care of her. You may have a godmother in heaven.

Thanks for sharing.

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